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Pretending that the status bar looks like it should, how is everything?

- Wish: Grant any of my wishes after a little delay? How could you pass this up? I feel like choosing this one is overpowered, for real. The other moves are just for instant abilities without the delay.

- Magical Leaf: Nameless can agree, magical leaf is a great thing to have at all times. ;)

- Calm Mind: Being able to be calm myself instantly at any point is a god-tier ability in my eyes.

- Lucky Chant: I can improve my luck in any situation? Sounds fantastic.

Other than the fact that I'm pretty sure that Nameless is actually Snoop Dogg, I don't believe so. You never know, though.

You gotta be careful in your judging, lil bruh bruh. Nameless just got hella wronged.

Besides of that, though, congrats to everyone. Some of these are really great! It's pretty cool we brought back a contest from so long ago to see modern ideas applied to it.

I'm enjoying my satan anniversary very much, thank you AJ.

Jesus christ.

I was one of THOSE.

Glad that got fixed (I think? idk, someone confirm or deny), holy shit I apologize.

To all the drama that's going on: I think that if you take something incredibly serious on a Super Mario World hacking website that it can actually cause you grief, it is time to step away from the computer and contemplate what is actually worth getting upset about: a quick joke stab or actual, important things in life? Instead of banning someone who makes a joke or "roast", instead of getting all bent out of shape about it, just make one back, ignore it instead, or let the offender know that it was unwarranted in a peaceful way that doesn't cause a massive shitstorm. Just my two cents, but then again, you know what they say...

And as an added bonus, Dr. Seuss is a literary genius.

To hopefully get the thread back in a healthy state, I've been reading To Kill a Mockingbird recently. It's one of those books that everyone says, "you haven't read that yet!!!?!? Read it now!", so I figured I'd get on that. I'm actually really wrapped up in the plot, which I'm happy to say isn't overrated.


This is a very interesting project. I think that a lot of Super Mario World hacks do not break the mold, but you have something really special going on here. Please, keep this up! I'll be watching this thread.

Hello, everyone! Thank you for visiting my C3 thread today. I am happy to announce the progress of DEEZ NUTS for your use in SMW hacking. I have some very high quality SPC previews available for you.

Welcome to DEEZ NUTS.spc
Nuts House.spc
Your nuts, underwater.spc
Final Nut Boss.spc

Come back for more of DEEZ NUTS!


Honestly, I appreciate this as I don't like a lot of available hex editors. This one looks and seems really efficient, especially since it is geared towards the SNES. Good work.

Originally posted by Falconpunch
Submap for world 4 of my hack.

It's a bit broken in-game because of that stupid glowing yellow/red palette animations I wish I could shake off...

This is actually dope, I love the way it looks! Do you have it animated in-game or anything?

Originally posted by Spinjumper
So instead of working on the 4th level, I did this.

Gonna change the font, probably.

This is something really nice as well. To be honest, it's kind of nice to see your work around. The site really can use a new up and coming hacker and I think you really fit the bill. Your graphic style is on point and from what I have seen, you pay a lot of attention to aesthetic detail which is something I always appreciate seeing. Your level design looks nice too in what I've seen from your thread, just dropping this tidbit here.

Sometimes, there are things that happen in the world that give me a lot of hope. This is one of those things, and I'm extremely pleased with this decision. This is a good step towards a more equal United States!

Honestly, there's a lot of chill time you could create with such a thing. Pause time and relax while the world is yours to explore. It could give you great time to do things you've always wanted to independently do, and great time to think and experience emotion in solace.

Jewel theft and bank robbery would definitely be a thing I did, but random acts of kindness would be a thing too; probably because somewhere I'd have to balance out the greed with the good, I dunno.

I prefer indica as well, Ergazoobi, but I definitely agree that sativa has its moments and merits. I enjoy the chill aspect of it, and I find it a better match for my mood in general.

My favorite kind of trees is definitely a harder question, but I've always enjoyed Blue Dream every time I've had it visit me, so that can be an answer.


A lot of people are getting familiar with a very popular moderator, RaidenTheQuick. Fast to capture our attention and love with his record-breaking quick rise to power, friendly attitude, and general laidback attitude, he made an expedient impact on the community.

However, our researchers have found that RaidenTheQuick might not be so fast. In tonight's Super Mario World Central: Exposed, we reveal the shocking scandal that may truly reveal that the only thing Raiden was quick on, was to plateau.

After his second post, he went from rags to bitches as he was deemed overlord of the Yoshi's Island moderation, initially shocking many people and winning over the dominantly-female population. One user on the scene, who, when prompted for response of the initial event and asked to not be named during the investigation, replied, "Literally, who?" It wasn't long afterwards that he started to visit the Internet Relay Chat, commonly referred to as IRC, where he proceeded to gain the coveted operator status that many new users look towards with a gleam in their eye, others with fear, and others with corruption claims of spite. We have record of his first post, which caused the Super Nintendo world to stop at a standstill and size the situation:

[17:38:42]RaidenTheQuick: hi

...and after three minutes of unnerving silence...

[17:41:53]robertozampari: one day complete life become megaman

It was an incredible conversation that allowed him to integrate into the forum community channel full of promising, intelligent, and meme-opposed users.

However, some of us here at the station have been keeping an eye out on RaidenTheQuick, and we have found good promise.

Studies we have launched with one-hundred-percent accuracy show that RaidenTheQuick isn't so quick anymore. The graph below demonstrates his rise to power over his existence here at the forum:

As you can clearly see, RaidenTheQuick has been rather slow to progress any further than moderator; yet, he keeps "TheQuick" in his title. Is this a ploy to fool us all?

Seeking to find out this answer, we sent one of our top field agents, Andrew, commonly known here as Ergazoobi, to find RaidenTheQuick and get some answers. The results will suprise you...

Top 13 Photos That Will Make You Loooooooove Raccoons!!
Advertisement by Buzzfeed, Inc.

Ergazoobi met RaidenTheQuick at approximately 7:00 PM Canadian Standard Time. Under the disguise of friendship, the two had plans to see Melt Banana, a j-Pop band that plays calm music designed to stimulate the inner ying and yang. After taking one beautiful, albeit slightly blurry selfie at the concert's end, Ergazoobi (on the left) did not hold his questions back.

Click here to view a text transcription of our interview.

Our investigation is not over, but Ergazoobi is reporting a strong pain in his cerebral cortex and an aversion to light. Intoxication Specialists speculate that alcohol may or may not have been a factor.

!!!This section has been redacted from the report for suspicion of high treason!!!

--The Conclusion--
Our field evidence, hard evidence, and great use of imagery and symbolism conclude nothing other than the fact that RaidenTheQuick should be known as nothing other than RaidenTheSlow. File a staff complaint here immediately!

Article Credits

Article Author: NoelYoshi
Field Agent and Article Support: Ergazoobi

Captain of Office Morale: Nameless
ZSNES Advocate and Opinionated Memer: eXcavator

I can understand a lot of your feelings, Ladida. I hope that it is alright for me to both respond to your feelings and throw some of my own in as well.

(Just to clear things up for anyone who think I might hate the site, I actually really like the site and care for it. You wouldn't think there'd be any confusion there, I legitimately don't know how you got that.)

Super Mario World Central is a place that I have loved visiting for the six years and change that I have been here. It's been a nice place to see prosper, and we definitely have made a lot of progress in that amount of time. Hacking, and this community both, are incredibly different times, for better and for worse.

I have made a lot of friends here that I am always incredibly thankful for; I talk to a specific group of users on the daily basis, to the point where I consider each of them friends. Some have extended the site and became people who entered my life. Azurik is an example of that, and is a great person I wouldn't have even met without SMWCentral. The site can definitely foster some amazing friendships, and I'm glad that you have made your own friends, Ladida. I definitely consider you a friend.

Hopefully, everyone has made their own friends!

Drama, however, is something that this site always has plenty of.

While we've had a million "dramagates", Pantsugate was an extremely heated topic. In every sense of the word, it was a disaster. I definitely remember the anger felt on the subject both on irc and the site. Drama can be at its absolute worst when being in this community, and I can only imagine how it must've been even more hell being at the center of it. It didn't end in the best of ways, as there is still edge around the controversy, and that is extremely unfortunate, especially since it is causing feelings for users like Ladida's. I know that what he posted isn't just applicable to him; a few people I've talked to feel the same way, even myself at times.

As a community, I feel as if we could benefit from analyzing exactly where it went wrong. A lot of people mention the creation and actions caused by the poll on the situation, a lot of people mention the personal insults that were dished out through the irc channel when people didn't agree, a lot of people have their own reasons. In general, more careful and professional actions from everyone would go a long way in stopping a future catastrophe such as this one. I believe that people who are strongly opinionated in a debate should be more calm, collected, and responsible with their opinions. Staff members should use more analyzation and distancing from the situation to stop another issue such as the poll from happening again.

Will we all be able to be completely civilized? No way in the pits of hell. However, can there be effort to be civilized to stop escalation of the issue and the by-product of alienation? I believe so.

And, Ladida, when you imply you are not a valuable member of the community, I feel as if you should take all of the things I mentioned in consideration for yourself. Add into the fact that you've accomplished a lot of great ASM, some for personal use and a great deal for the community, you have made your mark on the Super Mario World hacking scene, so do not feel irrelevant. You are appreciated, by your friends here and by the users who are able to use the contributions you have made. Do not forget that.

The feelings of alienation are incredibly understandable. It helps to just stick with your friends and make the best of everything. That's what I do, and I welcome you to do the same. Everyone will not agree with you, and you will not agree with everyone, but it's important to stop yourself from feeling ill from this. Do not feel as if you have to change as a user, because (in the most cliche of statements, but it's incredibly applicable) everyone is best as themselves. So try and keep your head up.

EDIT: I'm kind of tired, honestly, so everything I meant to say may not have came out right. I'll probably have to come back to elaborate and clarify.

(This can be considered the extension of this thread.)


This thread is for intelligent discussion on the questions listed below. All three of these questions are very important during a time where staff members are considering a lot of site-related changes and improvements. Let's help them out by having a good reference.

* In what ways is Super Mario World Central's community and upkeep successful?
* In what ways is Super Mario World Central's community and upkeep unsuccessful?
* What changes would you suggest to help eliminate the negatives and increase the positives?

I just have a couple rules for this thread to insure that it doesn't evolve into a massive bitching thread that cannot be used for any good:

Rule #1 (The Golden Rule): Everyone has a different opinion. Make sure you remember this, and respect all other users during this discussion.
Rule #2: Explain your stances in your posts. If you feel a certain policy is successful or unsuccessful, explain why as well as you can. This will help facilitate discussion as people will understand why you feel the way that you do.
Rule #3: Keep your posts realistic. Don't suggest, for example, that everyone receives op powers. Likewise, don't exclaim that the site sucks because you got banned.

...and that should be it. Discuss as you please! Do not be afraid to quote, discuss, and pose questions to other posts here. It is encouraged!

EDIT: Don't want to air everything out here in the public? That's alright! Let your staff know here!

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