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AAH No. not the magician thing. My friend absolutly hated this! I am gonna cry now. Some pages are really screwed up. Please, look into the kindness in your heart and stop this. Marioo would be sad...

guess what?


There I made my point.

Most people are doing this right about now. :(

oh. lets all do that! We will show smallhacker(If i have my info correct.)

Not really Jirachi.


If I were to add a layer 2 to a Lemmy boss, would it turn out glitchy?

Actually I overreacted a little (way more than that) to much. Its ok, but only for a few days.

I mean c'mon, whats worse:

The word filter or a bad hair cut that everyone and the world could see and make fun of you for the rest of your life?

On SM 64 I like to record Ma!rio's head moving around and mess the tape up. (Slow Motion, Fast Motion, High Pitch, Low Pitch, Two at the same time, etc.) Lots of youtube videos do that.

No, dont give him the coke! You dont know what danger youve got us in!

Just kidding.

Told you so. Anyway, lets see something. A story shall we?

Once apon a century, Mario drink a Pepsi along with Yoshi, Peach, and Luigi (also known as weegee) talking about custom music and asm. The end, because mario tripped over a block and Count Bleck poisened someone.

I cant help this:

Yoshi Block Yoshi!

There, Im done ! :)

EDIT: Oh my bad, sorry Count Bleck. It wasnt you. It was Luigi-San! Should we book him?

When he dies, his dying pose legs appear at the top. Is there a way to fix this?

Yeah, because DIET Makes it less dangerous (riiight...)

no. its blah blah blah blah, Yoshiro. You forgot the extra "blah"

Ok. When I decided I needed a new start, I decided to do a redo. Here is my improved skills. This is an edit of Yoshi's Island called "Lush Hills". Red = Secret Exit Paths, Black = Normal Exit paths.

Share your opinions and tell me any problems. (besides its a little blocky)

Is it possible to do Non-playable characters without via spritetool.

Ill post a screenshot.

Also, Penangbenny's solution works. Just make a new room for Lemmy. Its not glitchy when I do that with layer 2.

Originally posted by Buu-Huu
Check the box on the top to enable ExGFX insertion. Now, click on FG3 and you can choose a file. </b>

Confused starting here. I dont understand the above quote. I click FG3 and a dropdown menu comes. Theres no EXGFX 60. I am using the SMAS SMB3 Doomship FG.

Unexpected end tag (</b>) at 195, expected </div>

lol typo. I meant ExGFX 80. Yeah, sorry about the typo.

EDIT: I see something a little simalar. FG3: 80. If thats it im an idiot.


Hold on.

Checking... Checking...

Hold on maybe I found it. FG3: 80 anyway I see nothing with "ExGFX 80" anywhere. That is the closest Ive found.

Edit: Heres exactly what it says. FG3: 80 (100208)

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