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Originally posted by MercuryPenny

2) A number of the people who would actually be kind of cool hate me and various other users for reasons I cannot decipher, in particular Ladida is the most obvious one that comes to mind, though leod and Medic express distaste in me.

Originally posted by Mr. GreenThunder
Stupid trend of people making fun of people for hacking a game and this game being SM64 which just makes you look like a huge retard in the end if you think it makes you look cool because if you didn't know they've already start leaving the site and going elsewhere and yet a bunch of people responsible for it think of why they feel "disconnected".

I'm sorry to hear that both of you have some issues with users on the site. These both bring up a very valid point of hostility within the community, and we as a site should have a discussion on how to improve this.

However, if we could refrain from calling out specific users and/or making hostile posts such as seen within these two quotes, that would be fantastic. Posts like these, unfortunately, will not facilitate the thread and are more likely to lead to conflict. Our intention is to improve the community, not cause more drama to destroy it.

Dax's above post is a very good example of what I am, and I sure the staff team is, looking to see. Thank you to everyone who is stopping by!

Originally posted by K3fka

Right now I see only one reason other communities would want to migrate to SMWC: reliable hosting. By moving here, they are now subject to rules and regulations of a completely different community, and they don't interact with most of the site's userbase.

I'm not sure what we can do to encourage more interaction between different "groups" like this in the community, but I'd like to see that happen.

This is a really excellent point, and I have thought about it myself with a lot of issues on what a good solution would be. I wonder if veterans of a new community show off great examples of what their game's hacking has to offer might encourage more people to branch out and involve new communities more.

Originally posted by aj6666
Another problem is the increasing amount of shit threads in the site. And no, I don't hate fun (and I've already seen that robot a lot of times, so I don't need to see it again, thank you), and I know this is mostly personal, but things like these don't amuse me in the slightest, especially when they're not even if the right forum. Most non-serious/semi-serious threads in General Discussion are fine, but if your thread doesn't fit in GD, it won't fit elsewhere. At least this problem is being taken care of by the staff, which is good.

Another good point, though I feel as if this has been improving significantly during the last few weeks and is becoming less of a wide-spread problem and more of user-specific problems. Care to offer your thoughts on that?

Originally posted by Agent Q
You guys type way too much.

Thank you for your excellent contribution to the thread! (Please refrain from making posts like this. Thank you.)
Originally posted by Face
I fully agree with Losoall and HuFlungDu that anyone complaining about drama here is most likely bringing it upon themselves and instigating it in the first place; then, are upset that they've found themselves in the middle of it with no idea why.

I can agree with this in some places, but disagree with it in other places. Being in the center of drama is usually a result of being involved from the start due to your own actions, but we have definitely had cases such as "GigaGate" where trolling has caused a massive drama pileup, or cases such as "Pantsugate" where the clash of opinions causes a split community in a fierce rivalry with words. In the latter case, "not being involved" would have been contradictory to the aspect of getting involved with SMWCP2. Drama just has to be handled differently on the case-by-case.

SHOWER THOUGHT: I feel like the staff is gonna snap one day, and when they do, it's going to look just like this.

As for the hallucination discusion, I've experienced a few, some recreational drug induced, some not.

I always find it to be an interesting experience, especially one natural (i.e.: not drug induced) hallucination I experienced: I saw one of my good friends get hit by a car, and when I turned around to promptly completely and massively flip my shit to the other friends who were with us, he was standing with them, healthy as could be with a confused look on his face. It was such a weird experience, and I find myself wondering how it happened.

Also...I've never really posted here. Hope I'm doing it right.

I've always wanted to visit the Netherlands, so much that I'm planning to study abroad there two semesters from now. The place is beautiful, and it's something I need to experience with my own eyes.

Welcome to the new Public Relations!

I'm NoelYoshi. Some of you might know me around the forums, but you might not. I've been hacking for about eight years, and been around the community around six and a half years. I've been around the IRC for a long time and know quite a few of you from there.

I'm here to excitedly announce the new Public Relations, which I like to think of as a community management team! We have a lot of goals, including but not limited to:

- Improving general in-site affairs
- Gathering community feedback
- Being both a point of contact for and bridge between the community and Staff Members.
- Planning events such as Level Design Contests, C3s, site-wide collaborations, and other events
- Rebooting and/or improving site extensions such as the Radio, Social Media, and News channel

Feel free to use this thread as a place to ask questions about the new team, as well as tell us what you want to see in our course of action. We need feedback from you all to be the most successful we can be!

Rules for this forum are the general forum rules, which you can easily access on your sidebar, right under IRC (which you should check out, if you don't already)!

I dunno if this counts, since it's not about me and isn't a message, but someone keeps registering as K3fka all over the internet. He doesn't know why. I find it absolutely hilarious, but it's actually pretty annoying and dumb.

As for me, a few days ago I got a text from a random number asking me to bring a stalk of corn and a rope home. I was at home and it definitely wasn't my parents. I told them "okay" just going along with it, and they told me to not forget red paint and dog food. I don't know what was going on with their family, but it just left me confused.

I doubt it's someone stalking me, probably someone just texting the wrong number. It happens all the time. Will update if anything else happens, though.

...also, aroused? alright olo

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