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I'd like to claim 3-9's level slot. I'll be back for more claims soon.

--> Gameplay teaser viewable here. <--

- focuses on shorter, more difficult areas and quick gameplay
- features an area-based retry system (made by worldpeace125)
- to-do: timer and "best time" to encourage speedrunning
- demo tbd

I wanted to work with something I hadn't really experimented with, so I decided to fool around with the Kirby bomb blocks that were floating around the block section. They're pretty flexible, and I've enjoyed using them.

And, most importantly, hi.

(Note to self: Never try to make a thread at like 5:30AM.)

Originally posted by Nao
This is amazing so far! It really feels like Super Meat Boy. Is this going to be a full hack or a 1-level-thing?

Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Is it going to be a full hack with other gimmicks or something short or sweet? Either way I look forward to seeing more of this.

Originally posted by leod
Looks really cool, how long do you plan on making this?

I want to do 4-5 main "levels", along with 2-3 hidden "levels". I don't want to make it too long to where either myself or the player will lose steam and interest, but not too short to where there are a lot of missed opportunities for design and variety. Right now, I think it's looking to be a 4/2 ratio.

Originally posted by levelengine
Where did ya find that door that is in fact affected by the force that Newton discovered that holds us all down?

Right on the site! I think it was Davros' old door sprite.

Originally posted by Koopster
I'm not sure what your plans are but I think a single level with no map and a sucession of themes (with more lives given) would be super cool, but that's just a little suggestion.

I originally was going to do this, but I decided against it because I want to have some hidden levels. The OW use will most likely still be minimal, though. I dunno, I might go back on my word and try the single level approach.

Originally posted by Frost

an oldie lol

Thank you to everyone for all the comments! There will be definitely more to come.

(also known as There's A Lot Going On)

Hello! I don't know if anyone might have seen my small C3 post, but I was working on something. Due to college and having to work full time, I haven't really done a whole lot since then, but I do have a more updated video to show, along with information about gameplay.

Mario Mash
* Focuses on smaller mini-levels, allowing for variety of concepts to be used (and also more quickly, so that it hopefully doesn't get too tiring or repetitive).
* Features a re-spawn system (thanks to Worldpeace125) to allow for faster (and more, yet fairly, challenging) game-play.
* The main game will be five levels long, with each area (typically) having three different sub-levels.
* The game will be rather difficult, but the main goal is fun!
* Eventually, there will be counters for Current TIme and Best Time, encouraging players to find the quickest route through the non-linear levels and the best strategy for the more linear areas.
* A promise to search every custom music database and only use the best of the best!
* Oh, yeah, and there's no Spin Jump!

AMAZING PLOT: ratchet ass Princess Peach is missing again, dumb bitch always getting kidnapped and shit smh

Here is updated footage of one of the sub-levels, Razor Rooftop. It focuses on avoiding grinders and destroying Bomb Blocks to conquer new paths.
- The final room in the video is a beta concept. The "camera ray" is supposed to look like a laser, and it can be blocked by sprites (as you may have also seen before in Janked Up Mario Party). I was attempting to create an introduction room for the gimmick, and this is what I arrived at. This room isn't finished, but I wanted to show the concept off anyway since it's part of what I have planned for the following sublevel.

You can view the video here.

I have a few bugs that need to be worked out right now, and as I said, life is hectic, but I plan to release a demo around Winter Break (November/December) The demo would, in theory, have one full level (so, three sublevels) completed and fully playable.

Any comments, ideas, criticisms, etc. are welcome! All I ask is that your post isn't a giant fucking mess too illegible.

Oh, by the way, major thanks to Worldpeace125 (amazing content creator and inspiration) and GreenHammerBro (who has created a lot of great toys in the Custom resource sections), I didn't realize how many of their available resources are incredibly cool and useful. Definitely show them some love!

EDIT: By the way, again, huge "ayyyyyye fam what's up" to all old users who might remember me from like hella forever ago, and a more formal hello to new users who have no idea who the fuck I am!

excavator, no, Nicholas was an amazing friend. He was one of the first friendships I really formed here, and one of the longest to last while I was still a super active user. I caught word of this while at work and was stunned in tears. I'll never forget the times where we hijacked the radio for Barkleyfest, got to know each other in our small IRC family, the many times where he helped get me out of shitty moods, or the many other conversations and jokes we shared over the years about a wide range of random shit.

I just can't believe he's really gone. Rest in peace, you won't be forgotten.

Hi! I was trying to use the old Timed Lift sprites by Davros in order to have versions of the vanilla platforms with different time amounts and speed. When I inserted them into my ROM, the platforms do not behave correctly and instead hurt Mario while being spin-jumpable (for all intents and purposes, just like the Magikoopa's spell sprite). I was wondering if anyone might know why?

I am using leod's Better Platforms' patch, and I believe this may be related. Thank you!

I just wanted to say hello! I haven't been here in like three years so for those that somehow remember me, we back baby πŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‰πŸΎ but for everyone else, it's nice to meet you! My life was kinda crazy for a while and I had no time for SMW anymore, but I've found more time and so much cool shit has happened in terms of SMW development recently and I have a new interest / passion again. So yeah, that's it, thanks for coming to my ted talk. Hope everyone is doing well, staying safe, and all that good stuff!

legitimately one of the prettiest and most unique smw level styles I've seen, great work! can't wait to see more.

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