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Name: Moog city 2 - Minecraft Volume Beta

Type: Port

Sampled: Yes


MIDI: (this is the only midi i found similar to the original)


From the best of Daniel Rosenfeld. I wish someone ports this masterpiece.
Well, when i use this patch in my rom:

There is no change on it, i patched it on another rom, it was still the same! Can someone explain me how to fix this error?

By the way, here are the images:

My rom hack with the patch

The other rom i patched

I hope someone finds a solution!
I have the file on ExGFX1FA, after i open Submap Layer 3 GFX (#lm{l3gfxby}), wich slot i use? (Lg1, Lg2, Lg3, Lg4)
I have seen many rom hacks that in the main overworld, after passing a world it changes the music. A example i can give you is the New Super Mario World 1: The 12 Magic Orbs.

I don't know if its a patch or an OW Sprite but i hope someone knows it and how to use it
I have seen so many rom hacks with hdma, and i want to use it on my rom hack. I've seen so many tutorials and no one of them work.

I hope someone helps me!
Moog city 2, One of the best of the minceraft menu, and the creative mode songs, I dont think that porting it will be hard, we have a Super Monkey Ball 2 port that sounds identical to the original! Then why not Moog City 2? Or Aria Math? Thats dissapointing...

Oh we also need a re-arrangement of the kitiku mario ost, it has some of the most hidden gems to me, like the ones from Wild Arms.

For the ¨Great¨ Finale, Aiport Infiltration From the Toy story 2 game and the Spongebob Squarepants: SuperSponge ost, both from PS1, someone made the ost from the first 3 crash bandicoot games, thing that makes it more unbelievable
I cant believe no one wanted to feature Diving from Waterworld, ported by KKevinM, is one of the best pieces of music the SNES could have! I tought it was already featured.

I would also like to feature the mountains theme of Asterix & Obelix, from the best of Alberto Jose Gonzales ported by Hadron.

Hope i didnt broke any rule #smw{:TUP:}
There are some users that have a background in their comments, can someone explain me how do i put a background in my comments? I hope you understood me!
It is possible to remove the thunder sound effect when i make a non-rainy overworld replacing valley of bowser? These keeps annoying me and the worst part is that the music i used for that overworld replacement is not compatible with thunder sfx! I need some help!

I hope someone explains me how to remove these!#wario{:D}
The first game i played from the super mario franchise was nothing more and nothing less than Super Mario World.

I played it when i was 5 years old back in 2009 in ZSNESBox, a zsnes adaptation for the 2001 xbox. This is also the first game i could complete and the first game i have in 100%
Well, here is my list:

Roblox: I never played the era when it wasnt bad, but that is not the point. the point is that everyone is an asshole with the new players, including me. I remember a guy that started to call me cry baby for no fucking reason. The word 'Clickbait' fits perfectly to describe this game. Bad minigames, a community filled with big babies, admins with mental issues, etc. I regret trying it.

Also dont forget the exagerated prices there

Club Penguin(mid2014-2017):This game started to suck since mid 2014, since that time a game about penguins and puffles became a shitty-ass pay to win, the developers gave priority to members and showed their middle finger to the non-members, thats the main reason i stopped playing it (2012-mid2014 was the time i played it). Btw, Parties became dissapointing and the game sucked so much that memberships in my country passed from 20.000 to 350.000. For some reason Club Penguin closed. But for some reason some persons loved it ignoring the bad facts

And CPI doesnt needs an explanation, it explains itself

Grand Theft Auto I & II: The less memorable GTA, every aspect in the first one are gross, i only died because of the bad controls. The camera distracts me so much and makes it harder than it needs to be. Some people find them Classic, not me.

GTA London is a copy-paste of GTA I

Yoshi's Island DS: THE WORST NINTENDO GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN! I didnt like the concept of adding new baby versions of the characters, they should appear in other game related with YI, the new bosses dissapointed me so much. But the only good fact is the music, i found it decent.

It was not hard making an adaptation like the GBA one

To end this list i will put some dishonorable mentions:

Doki Doki Literature Club!


DOOM (2016)

God Of War

FIFA and its rival PES

And that's it for now
The Resident Evil Movies, i never found a person that likes them. Only me and my dad.
There is a cartoon that you like to see, but everyone else hates?

In my case it would be Camp Lazlo, i have seen so many persons that say that is bad. i dont know why they consider it bad.

What's yours?
Since i didnt found a post mentioning this abomination, i will mention it:

My Gym Partner Is A Monkey
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