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Hey everyone

I'm a big fan of Super Mario games since 2006, i also like creating levels too. from other mario computers games like Mario Forever/Worker since 2010. i register a year ago sorry for the late.
I wonder if anyone know how to fix the Layer 3 BG from moving to the front when getting the Goal Tape/Score adding. Besides disabling it with Minimalist Course Clear by Lui37, wiiqwertyuiop

Hey everyone! I wanted to fix SMWCP, and I kinda seem to fix almost everything then I ran to this problem at the end. On level 24: Peach's Castle at the credits scene of the game. The screen seems to flickering every second due to huge ExAnimation in the BG/FG. And it's only doing this on accurate emulator and the console. Lunar Magic v1.82.

And also I'm too nervous to let 'S.N.N'. know that I'm fixing this hack.

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