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I Love the Slopes a lot for some reason. Some people don't like them though..
I'm learning how to use Lunar Magic and I'm currently working on my first ROM hack. I noticed there was a weird slope change, same with the ground edge near it. Is there a way to revert this? This is on the Title Screen Page.
Sorry for replying a day late, I took the advice and everything is fixed now! Thank you so much for the help! Things just gets so overwhelming with Lunar Magic sometimes.
I'm currently working on a hack for a Tribute of a podcast that uses the song of, "Sound for the Supermarket" Karl Jenkins - Mr. Lucky (They play this song all the time). I've tried to get the sampled version to try on AddMusicK and I've followed tutorials and I've had no luck unfortunately, even carefully following tutorials (I work better visually and one tutorial I've found on YouTube is outdated, I've also read the one tutorial on the one form but it seems a bit confusing to me as I'm worried I'll screw something up, I've spent months on this hack and I don't wanna mess up anything too important).

I would love to use this song but it's been so frustrating to try and add the current one.

Track Name
Sounds for the Supermarket Vol. 1 (Karl Jenkins - Mr. Lucky)


Audio Reference YouTube Link

Note Data Reference This one is the sampled version.

The other Midi file, I'm not too sure if I can find an exact one, but I found this and unsure if it would be accurate? It does play the song as it sounds so I figured if it could work as a midi reference.

(Sorry that I can't make just the words itself as a clickable link as I'm still trying to learn new things here).
I feel like Re-Requesting something kinda feels like spam. I got something from Modbot and I'm disappointed. I deeply apologize if I sound sensitive about it, but I strongly feel if I re-request it, it could be spam at some point.
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