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Tip: Entering a door or pipe, activating a P-Switch or grabbing a star, completing the level, hitting a message block, and dying will cause issues on the title screen, such as causing musical glitches, or trapping the player in an endlessly-looping level.
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Sup guys, hope you all are doing well. I'll start this thread to post wip of the 1.1 version (for resubmiting).
Since Ldad rejected the 1.0, for obvious reasons, I've been working and editing many stuff, all the issues and weird things.

I'll post some Lunar Magic screenshots of some changes I did, so I really appreciate your comments, constructive criticism, or whatever you wanna say.

Here's a couple of major changes:
(detailed changes will be in a txt file, only available for mods when I resubmit the hack).

First of all, thanks to KKevinM for helping me with the main issues of the hack (Disabling L/R scroll, and the counterbreak).

- Thwomp boss of first castle removed, and replaced with a vanilla big boo fight (spawning blocks with L/R) on a line-guided platform along with three line-guided saws.

- I decided to keep Fryguy [boss of the second castle] (sorry guys). Now, he's faster and stronger. Removed all the other sprites and generators.

- Fishin boo boss (boss of the ghost forest) removed, and replaced with a custom big boo fight, along with two "fishin drybones" (same here, spawning blocks with L/R).

In a couple days, I'll post more changes and level redesign screenshots.
Here's some level changes.

Level 02 (Water section and free mushroom removed)

Level 03 (Cape level redesigned, specially second part after the checkpoint. Not hard, but different than the previous one)

Level 04 (Added the red shells section, before the vine block)

Level 07 (Some graphics modified, removed the second checkpoint located right after the pipe)

I'll post more changes a couple hours later.
Hi guys, hope you all are having a nice day.

During the second half of January and February I've been making my second kaizo light hack. I haven't decided the name yet, but I have 12 exits already done. The hack features vanilla physics (except in boo fights, which have L/R spawning blocks patch), also there's some of custom palettes, and a bit of custom graphics (foreground of castle level).

Here's some screenshots, a little teaser. I hope this hack is finished during first days of March.

I'm open to any comment, suggestion, or criticism. I'll post a demo video soon.

See ya!
This is a simple idea for an underwater big boo fight. Isn't the definitive version. It can varies, or change completely.

Here's a little teaser.

I'll thank you any comments, suggestions, criticism.
See ya guys!
It would be frustrating if the rejection log wouldn't exist.
At my point of view, the rejection along with the appropriate log is useful to improve the things that were the cause of the rejection.
Por acá. También hablo español.
January 31, 1993
The title doesn't convince me too much, tbh, but the hack looks very promising (at least seeing the screenshots). I will probably play it when you release it. Keep going dude!
I can playtest your hack tomorrow. The only thing, I'd like to do it on stream, if you allow me to do that. Otherwise, I'd test it off-stream probably on sunday.
Basically KiloMinimo said everything I was about to say. I'll play the newer version today. On stream.
Congratulations to the new staff members!
Congrats to the new admins!
There are two reasons of my username:

Alex is my irl nickname. My real name is Alexander.
The "X8" comes from a bad joke with some friends. I don't like Mega Man X8.

That's how my username was created, very original...

And, my pfp, I think is pretty obvious. I'm a fan of Mega Man X series (Not, X7 and X8).
First modern game that came to my mind: The Messenger. This game has a really cool soundtrack.

Songs from old games: Alundra, Chrono Cross, Brave Fencer Musashi (PS1 rpg games).
In my own experience, I was overwhelmed during the creating process of my previous hack, in which my mental health was criticized about "reasons". I can accept some people don't like my levels and ideas, and critize them, but when the thrash talk comes out (from whatsoever corners) and it get rid of all your motivation by comments like that, is something hard to deal with it. I know, this is a hobby, this is for fun. I keep that.

The Twitch thing is something appart which complements in a bad way all the situation, in general.
(sorry if I'm replying late this topic, don't know if is still open).
My process is something like:

I create some screens (6-7), add some FG, some obstacles and sprites, test the thing several times, modify sprites position and adjust FG position. Then, I get rid off the entire thing, start again (no jokes). I think most creators have the same experience, and then, they ended up fleshing the ideas onto something better than the very first sketch.
I did read some comments in #kaizo in which some creators felt bad about their hacks, which were played by some streamers (I want to clarify I'm not talking about mods who stream their moderation process), due to chat reaction to streamer frustation (they directly thrash talk towards creators as a human being).

I think marathonx stated well the situation, and what we are talking about here, is what we can do about it. Probably the answer was, is and will be: NOTHING.

Note 1: My experience wasn't on a Twitch chat. It was directly to my DMs on discord.

Note 2: I also want that tower.
Probably the situation isn't clear at all and the title of this thread doesn't help to give hints of what this topic means, since we don't have too much context here to state most important things:
what is the matter?
what is the solution?

I want to say, I know I'm not the most talented creator or the most experienced one, and I already know if I'm quitting of romhacking probably most of you won't realize (don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the popularity I have or the impact I make on the site/community, that's not the thing).

I literally have no reasons of came here and lying about my experience (this is answering of why I say the previous paragraph).
I think at this time giving names or exposing people is meaningless, since this happened to me months ago (early days of April), and the context is the following:

The situation I experienced was about my second hack. First drafts of this hack were completely different than the approved one. It was more obscure overall, palettes were darker and cold, and the music was more sad or melancholic (it hadn't bangers), it had kind of obscure dialogues in message box (was trying to make a fictional story of Mario, searching for a redemption or forgiveness of his love, who was betrayed by him (tentative for a sequel)).

Since that and having the levels almost finished, I looked for testers. I picked like five-six people, but three of them gived me feedback, and one of them told me I should get help (about the messages boxes... pre-assuming the story was a real thing that happened to me), I shouldn't launch my dirtyness in a hack, and ironically he awared me the kaizo community will ridicule the hack, having this kind of messages box.
Couple days after that, I was lurking on a twitch channel and I read some comments about this (it was people I don't recall the names but they were talking about this damn hack), and after that, I received like six messages on discord of six different people telling me I have to look for a psychiatric therapist, that I'm mentally unbalanced, and shouldn't kind of be a part of the site having mental illness (I couldn't take screenshots cause all those people deleted the messages and their accounts, so I cannot say whom was).

Aside of feeling bad of that, I thought why people takes time to throw dirts comments like that. Am I guilty by not telling the tester how bad I felt about that, or am I guilty by not stating in the draft the story was fictional? or both?

Again, putting concrete evidence of that at this day is meaningless, since it was months ago. It was a bad experience, but I learned things from that. I don't have the privilege of knowing most popular or talented creators and I don't want to be arrogant and speak for them, I just stating my experience. If you think this reply is vagueposting, sorry, I extremely sorry, but that's all I have to say in this thread
Try to familiarize with most significative functions of Lunar Magic (bypassing FG/BG and sprites graphics, Tilesets, Layers scrolling, Map16 editing).

Afterwards, you could try GPS for custom blocks, Pixi for custom sprites, UberASMTool and Asar for patches. All those tools are used in a similar way.

Make sure to read the Readme.txt file on each block, sprite or patch you download and you want to apply in your hack, and always make sure to have a backup of your hack. You don't want to lose your progress in case you broke the hack applying something incorrectly.
Originally posted by BWGLite
So, I can't use true vertical levels in my hack since I'm using Custom Powerups

I think that's an issue with custom powerups in general with vertical levels. I had experienced same issue in a contest level I built.

I'd recommend to use horizontal level with same mode as a vertical level (for wideness and height) but this will work only if you don't use Layer 2 sideways scrolls.

Probably you can ask for an update or something to the developer of custom powerups.

Btw, sorry for replying too late.
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