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First off, the only patches I have installed into my Rom is the SA-1 Patch and a couple custom sprites. Now, I would like to use my own custom mode 7 backgrounds similar to the following video:

Most of the patches I've used such as the easy mode 7 patch usually lead to the game crashing in various ways. Due to my limited knowledge of asm, I ask if there is any kind of patch/uberasm i can use to easily create this effect. While i'm not skilled enough to know how to load a level into mode 7 and patch the mode 7 graphics, I can do simple tasks such as changing the speed of the mode 7 scroll or rotation. Mode 7 is a very impressive thing for hacks and it would be great if people could find a simple way to insert them into their hacks without learning a ton of asm beforehand.
Thanks, I'll find out what the problem with the mode 7 patch is. I'm sure it's an error on my part. Question about the layer 1 to sprite tile conversion though. If the floor is now made of sprites, does that mean that the ground is taking up space in the sprite video memory or is it using a different method. If that didn't make sense, you know when you have too many sprites on screen some of their tiles start to disappear? I figured having so many tiles on the sprite layer would cause some of the sprite foreground tiles to flicker or disappear. Although this wasn't your project I figured you might be able to have more detail into how this functions.
Peter Griffin Here! You know what really Grinds my Gears? The SA-1 Chip! As far as I've seen from it, most people use it for an increased amount of sprites, and not much else. Although I have seen things such as SA-1 Powered 3D Models on the SNES (Which is FREAKIN' EPIC!), most people only use it for more sprites. And most of the time, SA-1 can be kind of a hindrance. Some emulators do not support it, and the only flash cart that works with it is the SD2SNES, which is way too expensive for most. What I'm asking here is what other creative things can be done with the chip? It is just as powerful as the SuperFX chip after all, and I hate to see the chip get underutilized.
That too bad, just like that that one time my wife Louis got kidnapped by Elephants!
Originally posted by MrWizard
I would like to see people actually fixing the sprite engine without using any cheater chips. One guy tried that but got banned before he made any progress.

define "cheater chip" my good sir
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