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What is being talked about is very true, I have noticed this the year and a half I have been watching SMW on twitch.

The only solution I came up with was to not follow some of these streamers due to toxic twitch chat, which is truly a shame because some of these people are very genuine nice people, but no twitch chat means no twitch career which means streaming games for a career isn’t viable... adapt to twitch or find a job.

I plan on releasing a kaizo hack in the near future and it will be my first (probably only one). This topic has honestly been on my mind because I don’t quite know how the community will handle it and the scarier thing is if my heart can handle people criticizing something that took me well over a year to create. I’m a very prideful person and sone person crappying on my game who has never opened lunar magic to begin with will seriously get under my skin. It’s scary and exciting.

I have thick skin, but I’m also a very sensitive human being... I’m an introvert and I’m artistic. It’s a difficult thing to work around

I have a daughter, she is my pride and joy, if anyone took a shot at her it would set me off the deep end really fast. I could imagine people who don’t have kids take this situation in the same manner due to hours and hours of work just getting crapped on by a nobody... it’s your pride, it’s your work, it’s you.

This problem exists and naro wasn’t wrong to bring it up, unfortunately a large chunk of the community who fuels this issue won’t know this conversation is happening simply because they don’t Know these forums exist.

My suggestion is communication with the streamers, TW and Ldad do a fantastic job keeping twitch chat in line. That’s why they are mods. These big streamers don’t understand their level of influence on the community.

That’s my 2 cents
Yeah I feel like ports from hotline Miami and more ports from crypt of the necro dancer would be an awesome add in the our current list of cool tracks
As someone who would be considered as part of the “majority” and an active all around kind hearted human being, how you guys dog pile on naro makes me not want to be a member of the community.... aside from the revenge comment everything he said was simply his own opinion and to me it didn’t seem like any act of anger or spite

I’ve never hated on an African American homosexual or transgender... o in fact have many friends of these groups in real life.....

As a straight white male with a child I can say I have seen stuff on this website that has personaly offended me as that “demographic”. I also know friends within that “demograph” who have straight up left the community for stuff people have said against them... I’ve been mistreated too. So if you want to put a zero tolerance policy like this please treat all users equal when enforcing it

Thank you
Might want to check and see if you can do that third jump by just going really fast you may not need all 3 platforms
You guys should do this with terraria as well I love that game
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