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Did you know that Yoshi only speaks the first time you get him AND it needs to be on the Yoshi island submap?

I did not, so I've now built myself a lovely world map and Yoshi message but it won't appear as I'm not on the Yoshi island map.

My question- How do I get Yoshi to give his first message while not on the Yoshi island submap? (I'm on the large overworld map)

Thank you!
I'd like a vertical level that does not have any horizontal scrolling

I'm currently using "Snes Registers and Level Modes" - 0A

Thank you!
If magic falls down the hole the fireball kills mario just about the green lava. if Mario goes in the pipe he will spawn above the hole, fall down and the fireball won't be there.

Why is this happening and how can I fix it so the fireball spawns when Mario goes in the pipe?

Also sometimes I get a fireball when using the pipe, other times I do not :/

I'm currently using the header "Snes Registers and Level Modes" - 0A

I'm having trouble inserting these mushroom house interior graphics into my level properly. The graphics files don't follow the usual naming conventions and its lefts me a little confused (I'm a bit new)

Any help would be great, I've read graphics insertion guides but if you have another guide that might help that'll be swell. Complete idiot step by step instructions would also be most welcome lol

the file I'm trying to use is below

Thank you!
I'd like checkpoints that dont set off a sound or sparkly graphics when collected, as I've made the CP graphic itself clear/empty.

I'm using the retry-v2.06 patch, and also I like to have many of the CPs on-screen at the same time to make sure the player hits them.

why? because its a troll hack (Grand Troll World 2) so it's a bit weird)

I've tried using this code but it seems to crash the game when used with the retry patch. thanks!

org $00F2E9
db $00

org $00F2D5
BRA $01
Kevin's suggestion to reapply the retry patch has stopped it from crashing and now my CPs don't have a visual effect.

however, the CP sound is still there. maybe the easiest way to get rid of that would be to remove the sound effect from the rom as only CPs play that effect. I dont know how to do that tho, so I still need help. thank you @kevinM <3

I'm not sure how to 'For the future just keep the edit at $00F2D5, since the other one (don't make Mario big at the midway) is already included in retry.'
I'm looking to make mecka koopas wake up much sooner, or better yet right after they are throw. any ideas?

Name: Choco Mountain - from Mario Kart 64
Type: Port
Sampled: It's up to you

Sheet music:


M64 version:

I don't know if this is feasible and might be asking too much.

If it could also be sped up a little that would be grand. Thanks!
I'm looking for a few tools I can inserted into select levels

1- A solid block that (disappears or can be moved thru) after x seconds.

2- Something that teleports Mario after x seconds

Thank you!
I mean that the block will act as a solid concrete block for x seconds, and will then change in some way so that mario could then move thru it.

Mario wouldn't have to wait to stand on the block or anything like that, it would just disappear after a certain amount of time had passed

Thanks BlueToad
wye thank you, I am actually looking for the counter to start counting when the level starts so that would be perfect.

Any ideas for that or should I get onto the Requests forum?

Thanks again
I'd like a solid block such as a 130 that (disappears or can be moved thru) after it has been on screen for x seconds (or based on the level time if that's easier)

to clarify, When the level loads there will be a solid block viewable on the screen I would like that block to disappear after a certain amount of time has passed. this does not have to be a visual change, it just has to allow Mario to pass thru it after x seconds

2- Something that teleports Mario to another level after x seconds

Thank you!
thank you  K.T.B.

I have changed my request to clarify. I hope that makes better sense. I'm bad at explaining things.
Teleport Mario to a level when level timer reaches zero.

Block or UberASM.

I want to teleport Mario to a level once the timer reaches zero. Either the level timer or some other timer. I'd like to be able to edit the block/uber so that it's only used in certain levels, and so that I can define which level it sends Mario to.

This should also ovoid killing Mario. Perhaps if it is activated when the timer = one this might be easier to program.

Thank you, much love <3
Disable Mario Powerup Animations


When Mario grabs a power-up he instantly transforms without the game momentarily pausing. It'd be nice if the powering up sound effect remains, but that's not necessary.

Basically an Uber version of this-

This has already been claimed.
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