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Like this but as an uber -

The original creator has claimed this already, but asked that I asked on here so it gets shared around
I deleted some tracks from my list to save space and deleted the castle intro music, which means the game now crashes when I enter a castle.

I could disable the entrance or use different music in that slot, but I'd like to get the original music back.

With that music being copy-writed its not available on here, so is there a way to get it back?

I've searched thru all the koopa sprites twice and can't find any SMB1 koopa troopas. the ones that turn into a shell when hit.

This surprises me, am I missing something? Is there some easier option or another sprite that acts the same way already in the game?

I guess I should just request this myself but figured I'd ask around first in case I've missed something.

Many thanks
Title: sprite activated on/off block that activates when it gets hit from any direction.

Function: I'd like it to activate the on/off state when hit with a falling mecka-koopa that is falling down onto it (or from any direction if that's easier)

Type: Block or sprite.

Extra: If it's a sprite I'd like it to be invisible. Mario should not be able to activate it himself

Many thanks!
kool, nice one Kevin <3
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