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Hello, I'm new to hacking and I wanted to insert some custom music into my rom hack. But for some reason, whenever I do that, all of the music in the rest of the game gets mixed up. For example, the Ghost House theme becomes the castle theme, and the Switch Palace theme becomes the intro theme. I cannot find any help and it is driving me crazy. Any ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it?
Also, I'm using Addmusick.
Originally posted by Giftshaven
This is what Addmusic_list.txt has by default:

01  originals\01 Miss.txt
02  originals\02 Game Over.txt
03  originals\03 Boss Clear.txt
04  originals\04 Stage Clear.txt
05  originals\05 Starman.txt
06  originals\06 P-switch.txt
07  originals\07 Keyhole.txt
08  originals\08 Iris Out.txt
09  originals\09 Bonus End.txt
0A  originals/10 Piano.txt
0B  originals/11 Here We Go.txt
0C  originals/12 Water.txt
0D  originals/13 Bowser.txt
0E  originals/14 Boss.txt
0F  originals/15 Cave.txt
10  originals/16 Ghost.txt
11  originals/17 Castle.txt
12  originals/18 Switch Palace.txt
13  originals/19 Welcome.txt
14  originals/20 Rescue Egg.txt
15  originals/21 Title.txt
16  originals/22 Valley of Bowser Appears.txt
17  originals/23 Overworld.txt
18  originals/24 Yoshi's Island.txt
19  originals/25 Vanilla Dome.txt
1A  originals/26 Star Road.txt
1B  originals/27 Forest of Illusion.txt
1C  originals/28 Valley of Bowser.txt
1D  originals/29 Special World.txt
1E  originals/30 IntroScreen.txt
1F  originals/31 Bowser Scene 2.txt
20  originals/32 Bowser Scene 3.txt
21  originals/33 Bowser Defeated.txt
22  originals/34 Bowser Interlude.txt
23  originals/35 Bowser Zoom In.txt
24  originals/36 Bowser Zoom Out.txt
25  originals/37 Princess Peach is Rescued.txt
26  originals/38 Staff Roll.txt
27  originals/39 The Yoshis Are Home.txt
28  originals/40 Cast List.txt

This is the correct order of the original songs. Chances are that the order of the songs may have shifted around when you tried to add/change one of the songs in your list of songs as K.T.B. mentioned. When you add local songs, it's best to add the songs at the end of the list of the original songs after 28 originals/40 Cast List.txt

Yeah, I did reset the originals several times, but I never thought about resetting the list file! Works now! Thanks for the help!

I honestly don't know how it got mixed up, though. I probably messed it up unknowingly.
So I wanted to use a Ninji in my level.

It's invisible.

I also used custom versions of the Ninji.

They are also invisible.

Even if I have the correct sprite settings for them, they will not appear. They ARE there, just not visible.

Originally posted by Thomas
First things first, is it invisible in Lunar Magic, or only in-game? If it's invisible in LM, it's probably a graphics thing; make sure you have the correct graphics files for the Ninji in either #lm{gfxby} (sprite GFX set 0E) or #lm{sgfxby} (set SP4 to 0E).

If it's only in-game, then it's probably a sprite limit issue or OAM conflict. If you can still actually interact with the sprite as if it's there, that'd indicate an OAM conflict; you can try fixing that with this patch and setting the sprite memory setting (under #lm{sprhead}) to 08.

Otherwise, it's probably a sprite limit issue, in which case you just have too many sprites spawned at the same time for a new one to spawn.

I need to work on specifying my problems better. Nevertheless, installing the patch made it appear! Thanks for the help!
I'm having issues with GreenHammerBro's Screen Scrolling Pipes. Since I patched these patches (below), the pipes have been broken (they worked previously), giving Mario right and upward momentum instead of transporting him.

I cannot remove these patches with Lunar Magic's restore feature; even when I load a point before I installed them, they still exist.

Do I have to start over, or is there a way to get rid of them? Alternatively, are they the problem, or did I do something else wrong?

Better Powerdown by MarioFanGamer
Item Box to Player Position by HammerBrother

Also, I've also installed Ultimate Screen Teleporter by MarioFanGamer and mario90, which could also be a problem. I don't think there's any other things I've installed that could have caused this.
I would appreciate if some people would help test this demo. It's a normal traditional hack with 1 world and a lone extra level so far, with 10 exits and 8 levels.

Some other things:
•Raccoon Mario instead of Cape Mario
•3 Star Coins in each level
•A boss
•Custom sprites and graphics (though most not by me)
•A new overworld with custom graphics mostly by me
•A custom palette for nearly every level


(I feel like this is too many screenshots)
Here's a link to the patch. Thanks!
Not sure if I'm supposed to respond to this, but thanks for testing my hack! Some response to the problems you found:

Originally posted by KiloMinimo
First of in the Title Screen, you can see few squares floating near the "W"

I didn't change those graphics, it's a problem with the original. Will fix.

Originally posted by KiloMinimo
Here these decorations in the underground sections are quite weird

That's because I made those, and I'm no artist. I don't know what to change about them, though.

Originally posted by KiloMinimo
In the second level, if you let the beetles fall here, the game has a little slowdown

My fault for not using SA-1. Guess I'll have to remove some beetles.

Originally posted by KiloMinimo
On the first secret level, if you die you can't reenter it, you just get softlocked on the "Mario Start" screen

Yeah, I set the midway point to warp to a level 1 copy on accident, and I set that level's midway point to warp to itself, which removes it entirely. This is an issue with levels 1, 3, and secret 1. Surprised I didn't catch it.

Originally posted by KiloMinimo
Later on you find this vine, that just cuts the ground making it cut-offy

Couldn't come up with a better way at the time, but I'll just change it to a rope or something.

Originally posted by KiloMinimo
In the castle right at the start, there's a Chuck that will attack you really fast

The idea was that the player would jump and find out you could stand on those hanging things. I probably should move it to the left so the player has more time to react, though.

Originally posted by KiloMinimo
That's it! When you release the next version just PM me! #smrpg{y}

Oh, I was gonna release this as a demo once it was tested and the bugs were ironed out, but I could probably finish another world or two.
Question: What qualifies as a "partner?" Are they a partner if they just help come up with ideas? If they give suggestions? Or do they have to physically help with the level?
I noticed that the Layer 3 graphics files are already inserted into the rom. Do we need to remove the unused ones before we submit our entry?
Here's a train level! Hopefully this isn't terrible now. Added lots of platforms to make the level feel more dangerous.

This level, as well as the wheel design is copying taking inspiration from a level in Rilla Roo's New Super Mario World 2: Around the World because I have no creativity whatsoever. Also, it's cold. Haven't even made the hot part yet.

Here's some choppy gifs and screenshots of the level (the gifs are old because I was too lazy to update them). Also, this level goes left because I can of how the background works.

Some feedback on the level would be greatly appreciated.
I like the theme here! Some of the oranges are just floating in midair, though.
Bit of a dumb question, but does "Not Used" count towards one of our 4 songs? Should I select the last song in the list if I plan to use it?
Looks fun! What's the song here?
Well, no one played it. Should have expected that. I'm gonna try and make a new post and see if that helps.
Entry's basically done now, the main download button above should supply the up-to-date version. But here's it again anyway.
Some screenshots of the new hot section:
Thank you for the constructive criticism! I'll try and address these issues to the best of my ability.
Originally posted by Counterfeit
The fire part, I am struggling because it's a little harder to keep track of the fact I can't interact with the Bowser fire or shells, and the Bowser fire non-interaction is making me more dismissive of the jumping flames that can hurt me. This is what makes the level harder for me than it seems it was intended to be. I think those Bowser flames belong in the BG so that the fire towers and jumping flames are front-and-center rather than obfuscated by the Bowser flames.

This was an issue that I tried to deal with by making the fire slightly darker, though it didn't seem to help much. I do think it looks better by removing it from the foreground. For the shells, I wasn't sure what to do, so I changed the frame and made them upside-down, as seen below. I hope this helps.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
I think the contrast between the light grey hills, clouds, and the red sky is very strong and my left eye is hurting a little bit trying to play. Try any lower saturation combination of mahogany, sepia, and mauve (especially for the clouds) tones for your background that would be more agreeable with the red and browns dominating your level without becoming monochromatic... I am thinking similar colors to what you have for your grass/rails for your sky color, but after-the-fact altering your rails to look white-hot and grass to look charcoal-grey to keep it colorful.

I had trouble understanding what color you meant by "white hot." I ending up going with a light pink, which does make the rails look like they're hot. As for the background, I went with sepia. I'd say this is less hard on the eyes.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
I'm not feeling there's a strong element that makes the level especially fun however. I did not get a feel that it was progressing in challenge or expectations of the player. The visual theme, namely the "where", is what is outstanding and unique. I think where this level might stand to benefit most strongly is the way of moving between train cars: your fire Pokeys and your turn block bridges can provide more diversity to that, as well as the consideration of Parakoopas and P-switches forming block bridges to get you between far-separated cars. There is a lot of potential to be explored here for the design to complement your already creative theme.

Yeah... the level doesn't have very good flow, but how am I to change it at this point? The contest ends in 6 days, and I have to leave town until Sunday on Friday. I'll try my best to make the level actually fun to play, but it might be tight. Also, having both decorative Koopas and sprite Paratroopas might be confusing. Glad you liked the theme, though!
Alright, new update, new platforms, tried to make it feel more dangerous. Hopefully the level is good now, as I don't really want to update it again. Download button above has up-to-date version.
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