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Okay, so I replaced the "Miss!" sound effect with this sound here: https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=7828 But now on the "-Nintendo- presents" screen it plays the beginning of the Bowser fight music. Anyone know why?
Thanks, I got it to work. The problem was that I had clicked one of the arrow buttons. I thought they meant selecting the next song up/down but now I know they move the song around. Thanks again!
So in my castle level the beginning of the level there is two yoshi coins. In the following section through a door all the yoshi coins disappear. The section has the slow auto scroll, and layer 3 smashers. Can anyone tell me what's up with those yoshi coins?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, this is my first hack
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Probably an item memory issue. Go to #lm{MARIO69} and make sure both rooms have a different item memory index.

Works, thanks! Why does it do that? #tb{:?}
Alright, I'll keep that in mind
Hi I need help again #tb{:p}

So I used YY-CHR to edit GFX01.bin but it only fixes it in SP4=4.
So how can I make in all SP4s? I think it has something to do with ExGFX but I don't know
Here is what I do:
1. Edit GFX01.bin in YY-CHR
2. Save
3. Click #lm{insgfx}
4. Check but it only works in SP4=4
Originally posted by Darolac
Not sure about the problem. If you edit GFX01.bin and reinsert it in SP2, where it belongs, the problem should be fixed whatever you koad in SP4. Could you be more concise about your problem here?

Is there any way to "reinsert it in SP2" that's not the way I'm doing it?

Edit: This is it in SP4=20
Originally posted by Ninja Boy
May I suggest using the fix patch for this sprite. It has a Vram issue when left alone that can cause issues but this also includes info on how to use SP2

All is see in the asm file is something about switching the
ORA #$0B
ORA #$0A

But when I do that it just switches it back to a flopping fish for all SP4s
So if I switch it to
ORA #$0A
It will use GFX0A?
Thanks it works now, but blue koopas kicking shells looks like a vine for a bit lol

Wasn't gonna use em anyway
How can I disable blue koopas kicking shells?
Thanks, both methods work but is there a way to make it jump inside the shell?
When I get time up the death and overworld music speed up too. I tried adding #option TempoImmunity to the death theme like in the original one, but it didn't work
Alright, thanks again
Still doesn't work. Here is a screenshot to make sure I'm doin it right:

The song I'm using is this: https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=7828
Still Won't work. Here's the whole thing:
Originally posted by NextTactics
Try moving [$F4 $07] for out of channel #0.
In this way:
$F4 $07



Thanks for replying, but it's still playing fast
Nevermind I have now noticed that it is working
I changed the word "SPECIAL" in the overworld editor, but it doesn't change in game.
Dang it, forgot about that lol

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