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Hello, it's yogui, the creator of Super Mario Océan. (hum... it's my first post in this forum ^^).
Thanks to play my game, and thanks you to try to translate my game. Maybe I can translate my hack and resubmit it!

(note 3)Téba island and Tého island is a play on words, because Téba it pronounced like that "t'es(tu es) bas" (you'r down/low), ans Teho like that "t'es(tu es) haut" (you'r up/high). And I have no idea how to translate that ^^. Maybe by "Yurdown" and "Yup", or "Yulow" and "Yuhigh".

And in the text of the "Epreuve 1" in french, I made a spelling mistake :p. It's "plein", not "plain". So it can be "a secret world with a lot of mistery".

(note 5) "bautée" non exist. I fail again. The real word is "beauté", beauty. So yes, in english the island can be called "Island of Beauty".

Originally posted by Kernigh
I believe that "sa" is the possessive pronoun (its/his/her), so I wonder why "sa" is before the adjective "bizzare".

Heu... another mistake, sorry. I wanted to write "ça", but... I made lot of typing errors, sorry, I never do that again.

I can help you translate the other texts of the games if you want.

PS: Sorry, it's hard to translate, and more if there are spelling mistakes ... sorry again.
Yes yes, sorry, I fixed that...
Hum, for my new hack, I would read by someone competent spellers.
Hey, hello everybody. It's me, yogui. I never post on the smwcentral's forum for talking about my hack, but since it's the C3, I think I must do this (I don't want to be eaten by flying munchers).
And sorry if I do mistake, my english is not perfect.
In this thread, I will talking about the two hacks I created (yes, I created two hack at the same time): Stellar Adventure (a 8bit like hack) and Super Mario Versus Bowser New Army (there is the first demo on the hack section).
I will not posting demo, just screenshots and video.
Here we go!


Super Mario Versus Bowser New Army

Story: If you have played the demo, you will know the story (Bowser kidnapped the princess again). After "defeating" Bowser, he say "If you want to save your princess, you must defeat my 4 generals". So, after that, Mario will go on the top of a mountain, with four stars teleports. These will teleport you to the world of a generals, that you must defeats for go to the Bowser castle. And you can do these worlds in the order you want.
The name of those worlds:
-Flower field
-Star beach
-Mysterious forest
-Ice land


Flower field, a world with lots of flowers and scrollings.

Star beach, a lot of water levels.

Some levels from the Flower field (yes, there is a lot of graphics from Yoshi Island).

What's happen if I hit this ON/OFF block?
See here:

A very old video, one of the first level I made of this hack. But I don't remember I posted that here, so...

That's all! Sorry if I don't have much thing to show, but in reality I wasn't really motivated for this hack, I don't know why. But be sure, I will not stop it! I will finish it, I promise that.


Stellar Adventure

Story of creation (useless, you can allready go to the screenshoots): It was on May or Juin 2009, I searched some good platforms games on the NES or GameBoy that I have missing then I was young, and I downloaded the Megaman games on NES and GB. After playing these, I say "seriously, why I haven't played those awesome games before?". So, I have got an idea to make a SMW hack with NES graphics (because it rock). And since Lunartoad doesn't wanted to make a Kid Adventure 3, I started to create this game (but a little after, he realy decided to make a KA3. I was happy).
That's how this hack started. Also, I doesn't wanted to make a game with Mario, I wanted a new character, but I suck at create new graphics on yy-chr, so I have ripped a character from a GB game and had a little editing.
This game will have 20 levels or less. Not a long game, like most of the NES games, but a cool game, like most of the NES game. :P And this game will have two ending (because secret ending is awesome).
I think it's enought, let's go to the screenshots and the video.


Hamer robot, yeah!

In the city...

An electric central. Be careful, the electricity on the ground will hurt you.

A beach level. Do you like the ExGFXs?

Oh oh, I remember that game...

This video show the introduction of the game(all the texts are in french, but I have tried to make a translation, look in the description of the video to see it) and some part of levels while I play a cool and fitting music.


Now I'm safe for the flying munchers. |-O
Do you like my C3 participation? :)
(I love the gooey smileys. Good job smwcentral 8> )
I will participate to the Vanilla Contest (whoua, my first contest of smwcentral). And I don't post very often (my last post was for the C3).
Anyway, I have a good idea for my level (a little/a lot inspired by a game).

With exanimation of course.
I can also help because I'm french and I have Super Mario Advance 2 in French (all the text are translated in SMA2 exept the special text like the Ghost House sign, Time up, Mario Start...).

Je peut aussi t'aider car je suis français et j'ai Super Mario Advance 2 en français (tout les textes sont déjà traduit dans le jeux à part les textes spéciaux comme le signe à l'entrée des maison fantômes, le Time UP, Mario Start...)
Yes it's boring and overused, but if you make a Vanilla hack, you don't have the choice, the final boss can only be Bowser (or a Big Boo :P).
So much map16. So much frame for hexanimation. And so much other awesome stuffs... O.O

But, I think of something really stupid. What's happen if you use a new option in lunar magic 1.70 (like use a BG in the map59, create an hexanimation with 32 frames or use a BG in multiple map16) and then open the rom with an older version of lunar magic?
Who, better than exepted. 12th place is a good place, I'm happy. :D
Congratulations to all the winners, see you in the next contest. :)
This is awesome.
I also had this idea long time ago of making Mario with an awesome face, but I never finished it (this was like this: ).
Good job, and good luck for finish it. ;)
I enter to this C3, but I don't have lot of things to show. I don't do this for escape to the munchers, but just because it is the C3, and since it's a special week which only occurs every six months I can make an effort and make a post about my project.
Also, googletranslation helped me for make this post. Sorry if there are some mistakes.

First, look my old thread:
And now I will talking about my current hack, Stellar Adventure (Super Mario versus BNA is not abandoned).

I didn't used lunar magic a lot during the last 6 months. I wasn't very motivated. And I'm sloooww at hacking. If I was a pokemon, I'd be Slowpoke. Since I haven't created new levels, I gonna describe all the level I've done / I want to do.

The main story have 4 world, with 4 levels each, and the additional story have 7 levels.

World I:
Level 1: Forest (level's name are not set)

The first level (and first time I show a screen-shot of this level)

Level 2: Road to the city

Yes, you go to the city.

Level 3: City (low)
This isn't finished. In the video it's the day but I gonna change and make this level the night.

Level 4: City (high)

With a boss battle at the end.

World II:
Level 5: Abandoned power plant

With lot's of electricity.

Level 6: Sewers
No screen sorry. You go through the sewers and come out of the city to reach the beach.

Level 7: Beach

A level with water.

Level 8: ???
I don't started this level because I don't know if I gonna make this level a underwater level (swim in the ocean) or a level on a boat. What do you prefer?

World III (not the II or the IV, the III):
Level 9: Jungle

This is starting to become hard.

Level 10: Mountain

Yeah! Climb the mountain, and attention to strong winds.

Level 11: Cave
Nothing to say, not started.

Level 12: Volcano

World IV (the last):
Level 13: Ancient temple
By following this monster, Stella finds himself in a temple at the very least strange. What happens here?

Level 14: Secret base
Under the temple is a secret base full of robots and machines.

Level 15: The last level
In this level, you will face all the robots you encountered before, and fight is creator.

Level 16: No, THIS is the last level
You will know the true story in this level, and fight the real final boss.

Yeah, you think it's the end? No, there is a additional story, with 7 levels.
3 bonus levels, levels largely inspired by famous levels from famous games (Dark Castle from Kirby Dreamland 2, Airman stage from Megaman 2, and this: )
3 extra levels, which incorporates levels of the main adventure but much harder.
And the very true final level with the real awesome true great ultra final boss !!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all. I don't have anything else to show.
Good bye, see you in the next C3, and I hope my game will be finished next time.
zKiP: I did'nt used HDMA. And I think it's possible to do that on NES without HDMA too. :P

Teff007: No you'r right. There is no statut bar, exept for the hearts.
Because I think statut bar is useless for my hack. :)
I vote for entry 6.


Or entry 3.
Ouais, ça va être sympa.
J'espère que cette fois j'aurais pas de problème avec ma connexion wi-fi. :l
Translation: Yeah, it will be fun. I hope this time I will not have any problem with my wi-fi connection.

Originally posted by prince700
EDIT: Right, does anyone now what the clock is in Sweden then? =)

There is no time difference between France and Sweden.

Current hack progression: 80%

Not complete (last MAJ 27/10).

Original post down here:

Yeah, hum, hello, I am yogui, and I want to present you a game, my game, that I making.
No, I don't give up Stellar Adventure, I just take a break.
I got the idea to make another vanilla hack because they are easy to make, and also I have made lot of levels who have never been published (because they were levels from a contest that was cancelled), and I want to publish them, because they are cool level.
Also, this game is a vanilla game (when I say vanilla, I say no "ExGFX vanilla", because that's not vanilla) using lunarmagic 1.65 (I don't like 1.71). It will be a simple vanilla hack, but compared to Super Mario Ocean 1, I will use exanimations. A lot. Because it's awesome.
And I would try to make the game fun.

So, the story, well it's the same that in Super Mario Ocean, exept that I will use some cut scenes to make the story more detailed and more funny (vanilla cut scenes are possible). It is not the sequel of SMO1.
The story is: Bowser kidnapped the Princess (yeah, it's very original) and he go in a new world, with a ocean. So Mario follow him in the ocean. I can't say more about it (because there is nothing more to say about it).

I have one screenshot to show: The first world:

And a video trailer preview with stupid things at the end:

Video Preview (click here)

(The video say that the hack will be finished in November 2050 but I think the game will be finished before the ends of the holidays, or before the next C3).
Thanks everybody.

Originally posted by CreationProblematic
Oh, and at 0.32 what the... Shouldn't you swim there?

Yes, normally you should. But you don't.

Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
Originally posted by yogui
using lunarmagic 1.65 (I don't like 1.71)

(Insert very sad face here)

Yes, I use 1.65. because 1.71 have too many map16 and it as a BG2 and a BG3. I prefer to stay classic and do my hack on 1.65. But if I do a Super Mario Ocean 3 (one chance in a hundred that I do a SMO3), I will use 1.71.

Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
Also, two questions: Will this hack have as confusing of an overworld as SMO1? And will it be in English this time?

The Overworld will be less confusing... I think... and this time I'm gonna use submaps for some big islands. You will not stay only on the main overworld, unkike SMO1.
And yes, it will be in english. That's why I'm making a thread here. When I'm making cutscenes or writting in messages box, I wrote in a .txt the text in french and the text in english at the same time.

And I have not talked about this project on lunariville (the french lunarmagic community), only here on smwcentral. I want to keep it a secret (no I'm kidding, because almost all members of lnariville also are on smwcentral). :P

Originally posted by Spud Alpha
Oh, I guess I could say that the overworld looks too grid-like. As in, the islands look like they're in a grid, aligned and stuff.

Too grid-like? Well, maybe I gonna change the islands a little. :(
I finished the World 1. Or almost.
So there is some screenshoots from some of the levels from some world 1:



That's all for today.

And Yoshi will be in the game, but only in some levels.
Originally posted by VideoGuy
I'm not sure why you would possibly consider that a bad thing. I mean, you could just not use them.

Don't like it because with those new features you can do some amazing vanilla things too easily. I love difficulty. (But I don't like Kaizo games.)
And why using 1.71 without using the news features. It's better to use an old version without those things.
But I think the reason why I don't use 1.71 is that I'm pretty stupid. :P

Originally posted by VideoGuy
Either way, really nice graphics, considering it's all vanilla. The Layer 3 water level looked a bit boring, but the rest was pretty good.

Thank you. And for the levels you say it looked a bit boring, it's just a little part of the level. The complete level is not completely with layer 3 water and without land. Otherwise it would have been really boring.

And good night everybody.
Ouais, c'est un projet secret que seul smwcentral sera au courant, mais je posterais la version finale sur lunariville aussi. Meme avant.
Pfff, t'as même pas traduit le mot gimmick. D'ailleurs je sais pas si ce mot a un équivalent en français.
Et pour la traduction je la fait moi-même, mais je ferais quand même tester par des beta-testeur pour voir si ça a vraiment un sens.

(english again)
Well, if you don't like the Overworld, I'm gonna change it. I will post a pictures of the new world 1 when changed (but I haven't started yes).
And Gimmicks, yes! Or maybe yes. Some gimmicks. Ça veut dire quoi exactement gmimmick en français?

And an old video of an old level I made for an old contest that I gonna use in my hack besause this contest has been canceled and nobody played my levels I made for this contest, and since I like my levels I gonna use them in Super Mario Ocean 2, and this level is one of those levels. It's a short level but a great level. Oh, and to see the video you have to click on this long green text.
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