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Hi, I'm fairly new to posting here and just started my first attempt at a hack yesterday so I'm sorry if it's a noob question. I've got a pipe linking level 105 to 10C, and back to 105. I've got 2 message boxes in 105, and I'm trying to place another in 10C, but the message that shows up in 10C is the message 2 from 105, even though 10C-1 and 10C-2 in the overworld message editor are different from 105-2.

Is there something I'm doing wrong/a way to fix it, or is it a hard-coded thing that 2 messages per level includes other levels linked by pipes?
Ah that's a shame, makes sense though I guess. Thanks!
I'm trying to create custom title graphics, and I've created my own title text in photoshop. I've exported it as a 4-bit bitmap so I can then save this as a .bin GFX file in yy-chr but when I open it in yy-chr, everything is a nonsensical mess. I've tried every 4bpp graphic format and none of them produce meaningful 8x8 tiles.

The bitmap I created is 128x64, I don't know if this is right but I made it that so it fits the 128x128 grid in yy-chr. All the text fits the image perfectly. Is the size wrong, or if not then what could the reason be/what am I doing wrong?
Originally posted by Thomas
The SNES 4bpp format is a different from the standard bitmap format, so you can't just convert it like that. Instead, it's recommended you use SnesGFX or Lunar Magic's built-in converter to convert an image to SNES graphics.

I didn't even know LM had a BMP converter, but even if it didn't have to be activated, I probably still wouldn't have found it haha. I tried SnesGFX though and it worked great!

On a slightly different topic, are the original 8x8 tiles for the title text supposed to be jumbled like This? It makes replacing them with my tiles much harder since some of them are very tricky to spot among the mess. It also doesn't make much sense considering some of the other tiles are ordered nicely.
Worked great, thanks so much!
This worked great for replacing the background in one of my levels. However, I'm now trying to insert a background in another level and I'm constantly getting the "not enough available 8x8 tiles" message, even with very simple backgrounds. This happens even when trying to start inserting at page 100 or lower. Is there something I'm doing wrong or a way to work around this, or is the insertion really limited to ~1 custom BG per rom?
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
One thing you should be doing is checking in the "Convert and Paste Bitmap" dialog for the number of tiles your image is using. Compare "optimized 8x8 tiles" (the size of what you're inserting) with "available 8x8 tiles" (the space you have) to see if you're just barely over the limit or if the values are looking implausible altogether.

It seems I was just exceeding the tile limit. Seemed strange so I went back to the original images and there was a lot of weird pixel-level jaggedness. I guess that was forcing a lot of unique tiles even after optimization.

Out of curiosity, how many extra available tiles are usually gained by setting the insert start to page 100 compared to page 200? And are there any other ways at all to increase the available tile limit?
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Unless you get out really heavy machinery which might not even be compatible with newer LM versions (we had something years ago called the ExGFX Revolution patch which gave you 2 extra slots for some sacrifice elsewhere), those six slots are all you get. It's likely not worth the hassle trying to expand that - you'll probably have more success if you just optimize tiles and reduce colors manually before involving LM.

Yeah, for 2 slots it doesn't really seem worth it, I guess I'll just have to be more creative with constructing the backgrounds. Thanks!
I'm having this exact same issue, and redownloading AddmusicK didn't fix it. What's weirder is that when I try inserting via the command line instead, AddmusicK brings up even more errors about unrecognized characters, including various symbols and numbers.
I'm trying to create a custom block that spawns a sprite if Mario hits the block at full speed, and hurts him if Mario hits the block any slower. The "hurt Mario" function seems to work, but I can't get the "spawn sprite" function to work. I don't actually know what Mario's maximum X speed when running is, but I've tested different "greater than or equal to", "equal to", "less than" values and none of them seem to work; the block always hurts Mario even when hitting it at full speed. The only exception I could make was when making the block act as 25, and this caused Mario to go through the block without interaction when at full speed.

Here is the code, if there's something wrong with it then please let me know.
Block code
I don't know of any way to disable it inside Lunar Magic, but you can disable it through SMW Customizer. Open the program and enter your ROM name (make sure it's in the same folder), then go to Misc. Sprite Options. Scroll down and you'll find a "Blue koopas kick shells" option. Uncheck that, then go back to the main menu and hit save.

Word of warning: If you decide to change any other parameters too, know that the "Sprite that spawns when Yoshi eats enough red berries" option is glitched.
Originally posted by Neeberz
Thanks, both methods work but is there a way to make it jump inside the shell?

Not that I know of. If you can do without either the red or green shell-less koopa then you could just copy the blue koopa's graphics over to theirs in yy-chr, and use one of them. If you just want the blue color and don't care about the actual koopa shape then you could just copy the blue koopa colours over to the red/green koopa's colours in the palette editor (but be careful about it changing the colour of other items in the level).
I'm trying to create a secret exit path that goes from a level to the Castle via two pipes placed in the submap. The path from the level to pipe 1 activates as normal after activating the secret exit, but the path from pipe 2 to the Castle doesn't work no matter what I do. No direction can be moved in, all I can do is take the pipe back to pipe 1. The path is connected properly and all paths and levels are set for the correct events.
I already tried that and it didn't work. It's strange because pipe 1 still lets me move back to the level I came from, even without any "Enable direction" flags checked.
September 5th, 1997
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