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Has anyone here attempted to do this? I'm new to porting and was hoping to port some music from Sega Genesis roms. I'm not sure what the best way to create custom instruments from this is though. My best guess is to treat it like a normal audio file and create a .wav for only the parts I want to sample. The thing i'm concerned about though is that this will reduce the quality or increase the file size too much.

Any tips?
Thanks everyone for the quick replies! There's a lot of information here for me to unpack, and being a complete noob in chiptune systems (and coding in general), I'm sure it will take a fair bit of reading to catch up on what was offered so far. I'll probably not have too much time to work on this project this week (too much schoolwork), but hopefully I can make some progress soon. I'll report back if I find anything interesting in the process.
Originally posted by Teyla
Here's the archive for use with VOPM. I'm not sure of the source, I think I found it on a Sonic Retro post?

So I downloaded that archive and also a VOPM plugin for FL studio (trial version, I've been messing around with it for a week and I'm pretty lost). I tried importing the OPM files from the plugin, but that doesn't seem to do anything as far as I can tell. It recognizes .opm files, but I'm not sure what I can even do with them. Plus the manual is in Japanese, lol.

Edit: BTW, the song I wanted to port is Sequence Start from Sub-terrania. It's really complex and I'm not sure whether it can even be reliably ported with only 8 channels. I managed to find a program that converts the .vgm file I ripped from the Sega emulator into MIDI. It seemed to work reasonably well, although there are a lot of weird audio glitches and of course I don't have the instrument library so the samples are all wrong.
Originally posted by Romano338

If anyone is bored and absolutely wants to make SMW music, I'm looking for musics from VVVVVV.
- Passion For Exploring
- Positive Force
- Pushing Onwards
- Pressure Cooker
- Predestined Fate

I won't mind the others either :p (even the sounds, like Path Complete)

I can't really find midi files of those, except here, but I don't really like the piano aspect of those.

For samples and stuff, pretty much what's most convenient (I guess with samples makes better possible quality, but I don't really know)

Thanks if anybody is interested!

I know a port of Pressure Cooker exists, by DantheVP. It was featured in the hack, Invictus, but I don't see it posted anywhere on this site.
Originally posted by Walgrey
Hello. This is my first post here. I'm not sure how making music works here, but I promise I'll eventually learn how.
In the meantime, if you want to help me with this port, that would be greatly appreciated.

Song: PlatinumQuest - Pianoforte
Sampled: Yes
Youtube: Link
MIDI: Link

I'd like this to sound close to the original yet still be fit for a title screen. If you're having difficulty with that, you could make it either a map theme, or a level theme.

Hi, I decided to take this on as a project because it seemed like an easy enough song (it's my first attempt at making an spc from a midi).

I uploaded to my profile my MML text and also a .spc file with the song mostly done. All the notes are there, but it's unsampled and no effects are added yet. Also a few timing issues to deal with, and a few parts needed to be transposed down because it won't let me go any higher with smw instruments. I might get back to it over the weekend, but for now, enjoy.

Edit: noob question for anyone here- what is the purpose of posting requests with the .spc file already included? What else needs to be done besides making the spc? I thought that was all you needed to do...
Originally posted by Schizott
I request The 2019 Aladdin A whole new world .txt file that I can use with AddmusicK to put in the game. i have in my files an uploaded midi you can use

I'd be willing to give it a shot if there is a midi file that can be ported without changing any notes. As this stands, I'd need to do serious editing on that midi because it has too many notes playing at the same time. There are 8 channels in it, however each channel in SMW can only play 1 note at a time. A channel can play multiple instruments as long as only 1 note is being played at a time, so chords require you to use multiple channels.
Here's my first SPC.

I'd say it turned out alright. Learning to mess with ADSR and other hex code to get the sound right was the hard part, and the piano sounds slightly off key for some reason, but that's weird since it's unsampled and I didn't change the tuning. Anyway, this is about as good as I can get it with my current knowledge. What do you guys think?
Thanks for the link. I just ripped the OPM data in a last ditch attempt to access the sound samples. I attempted to get the Vopm working for both the opm files I downloaded, and the ones I ripped myself from the emulator, and the ones from a VGM file I downloaded. I even tried playing them in FL studio and Deflemask. In each of these cases, it seemed like all the ripped samples are silent. I eventually was able to make one of the channels play a sound that seemed somewhat right.

I also used an app called VGM to MID to make some midi files from the game I wanted. I'm not sure how accurate this midi is compared to how the sound designers intended it (it sounds terrible), but the best way to explain it is that the composer (Jesper Kyd, later of Borderlands and Assassin's Creed fame) may have been using some mind-bending sound engineering and trickery. I can't really make sense of it. In spots I expected to find sound effects, there are just notes played really fast in a strange order which emulates the sounds I heard. I'm now wondering if the composer simply used one sample but in so many different ways that it sounded like multiple samples.

It seems like this will be a bigger project than I realized, unless I can find a sound engineer to help #smrpg{:D}
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