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Hola aun tines en paquede de Tessera Pack 1 donde viene el pidgit me lo puedes pasar
Yo los puedo comvertir a pixi como hize con este sprite
Una vez comveetidos te los paso
Originally posted by NintendoMarioBros4
Originally posted by Ragey
	;draw wrench tile
	LDA $157C,x	;direction into X

	LDA $00
	STA $0300,y

	LDA $01
	STA $0301,y

	STA $0302,y

	STA $0303,y

Prepend these strings with #! to fix the issue.

i add into the asm still giving me same error.
Hola a todos hoy les traigo 3 fantasticos sprites codificados y recreados por mi espero les gusten. #smrpg{y}

Thwomp gigante

Tambien biene con graficos estilo SMB3

Link de descarga

Blooper gigante

Link de descarga

Cañon de bob-ombs tirador

Es una version mejorada.

Link de descarga
Originally posted by Rykon-V73
It's the one from this thread. 2 things:
One is that the sprite doesn't work, because of:
Macro SubOffScreen not found
If I uncomment %SubOffscreen(), it works, but Mario can't jump on it.
Two is that I wished the sprite had the BOMB GFX, instead of the vanilla explosion. Perhaps a bit of code must be edited to add that.

Bueno yo lo hice fubcionar con un parche para interactuar con Mario
Y funciono a la perfecion corregi algunos herrores minimos y su comvercion a SA1 y funciona a la perfeccio.

Aca esta el video de muestra y funcionamiento.
SMB2 mount and grab


That the patch changes the physics of smw and custom sprites.

1. That it can be ridden.
- As an example the goomba instead of jumping on it and stun it that can be mounted.

2. Also that when grabbing a sprite and block change Mario's pose.

3. Also that when grabbing sprite there is a time delay.

4. Also that when grabbing a sprite it rises in front of Mario.

5. Also that when grabbing a sprite it generates a sfx.

As seen in Super Mario Bros 2.


Hi I am using a custom esprite that uses mode game 10.
Is there any way to change the color palettes of a sprite that uses mode 10.
But mode game 10 does not recognize other types of palette from the custom sprite, only bowser who carries his own unique palette.
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
What do you mean by mode 10? It's not a term that's commonly used. Could you show a picture of the window you're talking about?

If you're talking about PIXI's CFG editor, and you want to change the palette a sprite uses, sometimes it can't be done in the CFG editor because the palette settings are hardcoded in the ASM file. You can try looking there and see if there are defines you can edit.

If it's game mode 10, I'm sorry, the one that bowser uses in the final battle.
Is there some kind of patch or something to change the colors of the palette of my custom sprite that uses game mode 10.
How can I change Mario's pose, when he is in a frozen state?

STA $18BD = freeze
-pose = 0F (small) frozen
-pose = 4F (big) frozen

I would like to change to another pose when frozen, there will be some code to execute it

they help me
Originally posted by TheJank
I'm unsure of what you need help with.

Do you want to change how Mario looks when he is stunned? That being, do you want to change the graphics?

Or, and I assume that's the case, do you have a piece of code that stuns mario, and you want to change the pose for when that happens?

Exactly I want to change the pose when Mario is stunned, and if I want to change the pose whenever I want.
Is there any code to do it.
Originally posted by TheJank
Now, this would need some changes depending on how you want to implement it.
For example, if you're either using a Sprite that stuns the player, or maybe a UberASM that stuns the player, or if you're using an Asar Patch.
Because of that, a more clear explanation would be helpful.

if I'm using it for a sprite, but when it gets stunned I want to change Mario's pose to others.
There will be a way to force the pose change.
Originally posted by TheJank
Could you please tell me which sprite you're using?

That way I can tell you exactly how to change the code

This is the freezer sprite code
Originally posted by TheJank
Ok. Try this:

I highlighted the changes I made, so you can easily see them. (make sure to change XX to the pose you want!)

Let me know if this works, I didn't test it myself.

For some reason it doesn't change the pose, it stays with the 0F pose.

Originally posted by TheJank
Ohhh, ok, my bad for not reading the entire code lol.

The reason it doesn't work is because the sprite is killed after it touches Mario and stuns him, so it never runs the part that I added to the code.

I can think of 2 solutions:

1. You can do a Hex Edit on the address $00CCDB, changing 0F to whatever you need. Note that this will change Mario's pose everytime he gets stunned, on every level.

2. You can patch this via UberASM, in case you want the pose to change only on this level.

Either way, make sure to backup, always. In case I messed up somewhere, you wanna make sure this doesn't mess up your rom.
Also, undo the modifications that I made to the Sprite code. They're pointless.

Thank you very much, the 2 solutions work myt well.

It will look great on my Super Mario Bros 2 style hack.

Thanks a lot TheJank
Help me with the Flurry sprite.

What I would like is for the sprite to stop chasing or stop looking at Mario at all times, and just walk like a normal sprite and continue on its way.

Here is the code the Sprite.

Originally posted by Thomas
I believe deleting the code here should do what you want:

.OnGround		LDY #$00
			LDA $94
			CMP !E4,x
			LDA $95
			SBC !14E0,x
			BPL $01
			STA !157C,x

Leave the ".OnGround" part, though, so you should replace that chunk with just this:

Thank you very much Thomas, it worked although I made some more changes, so that it walks normally, the interaction with walls, and the fix to give the flip graphics.

Thank you very much for the help.

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How are you.
Could someone help me with this.

How do I get this kill sprite code to work on my 32x32 sprite.

Poro, it just runs as if it were a 16x16 sprite kill code routine.

There would be a way for the code to work in my 32x32 sprite, if this sprite kills any sprite that touches it.

This is the code to kill sprites.

Originally posted by Thomas
Probably has to do with the hitbox size you have set for the sprite.

SMW can't assume hitbox size from the graphics, you have to manually define it. The original game does it through the sprite's CFG file; if you open it in Pixi's CFG editor, you can change that setting here:

Change the sprite clipping value to one that more accurately reflects the size of your sprite (e.g. 23).

Thank you very much  Thomas

It works although it took me a while to find the
proper clipping. but I made it.

I also used this clipping routine that fit the sprite.

SMB2 shell

Sprite type.

A sprite that acts as a riding shell, which can also be grabbed for throwing.

Also when thrown the shell will kill the enemies, when it hits the wall it will turn into smoke.