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Request: "Out of the Depths" from Duke Nukem II (D0S)

Bobby Prince made a great soundtrack for this PC-DOS game and while I'd love to see it all ported, this fast-paced track is my favourite (at least for what I have in mind for its use). #tb{:j}

YouTube: Link
Source/MIDI: Link
Port: Yes
Sampled: Yes?

The YouTube link is to how it sounded on-hardware, but I have provided a archival link that has the music source files from the game as well.
Port Request: "Out of the Depths" from Duke Nukem II (D0S)

Bobby Prince made a great metal-influenced soundtrack for this PC-DOS platformer/shooter and while I'd love to see it all ported, this particular fast-paced track is my one of my favourites.

Sampled: If it's feasible without samples that's cool with me, the PC-DOS era wasn't super high-fidelity or anything.

The YouTube link is to how it sounded on hardware of the time, but the other link is to archival/ripped music files (which is in IMF format) from the game as well.

Cheers #tb{:j}
Last year I released my first hack but the itch to create hasn't stopped so I pretty much started working on a new hack immediately. This second hack doesn't yet have a name or many levels yet and aesthetic-wise I'm focusing on vanilla edits and drawing custom graphics that stick with the vanilla style. Nevertheless, here's a few screenshots of the more complete levels:

- a desert level featuring a custom "Dry Rex" (think a Rex + a Dry Bones) I requested from  dtothefourth

- a vertical "green mountain" level that's a bit of a treacherous climb.

- a moody castle full of saws and spikes

- a cave with a "crystal" block that sticks to walls.

- a dank mushroom cave with animated spores and ground tendrils and toxic mushrooms.

There's lots I haven't shared with you all today and there's still lots to do but I'm looking forward to releasing it potentially this year. :D
Good stuff, I've seen a bit of this around looking forward to it's release. :)
Looking good so far, good luck with further creation. :D
Originally posted by Infinity
When will it be possible to play and what will be the name of your game? A very nice hack

Naming is hard #w{x(} so I have no ideas for a name yet, and it won't be in a playable state (or a state that I'm willing to give to people) for a least few months at least.
Thanks for this I was having a tough time thinking of names :D
Originally posted by NewPointless
It looks like it has some interesting ASM, very cool

Not that much (yet) actually, but there may be some things down the road. #wario{;)}
Originally posted by edgar
Woah, I saw some of your screenshots recently, how do you merge vanilla graphics so well with others? The palettes are beautiful, can't wait to it release!
Just a question, do you pretend to share the graphics with us later?

I've made several edits to vanilla graphics to "fix" things but to get the "Vanilla+" style I make a copy of a vanilla GFX bin to use as a base for an ExGFX, mainly to preserve tile layout for easy drop-in, and edit it as needed. For example, the mushroom one is an edit of normal ground (GFX14), where I've erased tiles I'll never use (hence all the [x]) edited the vanilla ground and drew new tiles as ideas came for them.

(mod edit: fixed tablestretch)
Great stuff! That Chaos Angel port is my favourite here #smrpg{<3}
Originally posted by idol
Originally posted by K.T.B.
I've never played a pit hack before

maybe this is just semantics, but this isn't a pit hack - it looks to be kaizo:light, which is very RTA viable compared to pit hacks lol

Yeah, this is very far from a pit hack, the tag available for Kaizo just lumps the two genres together. #w{x(}
Of Jumps and Platforms was very cool and this is looking great as well. :D
It goes without saying that this looks amazing, I am very looking forward to something that shakes up the kaizo scene with aesthetics this strong. #smrpg{<3}
Originally posted by le4che
The background on a title screen

What do you mean by this? Are you asking for the Twitch emoticon at actual 16x16 size or the size of a full background?
You can get my entry "Brutalism" here.
01. Lovers of Aether - Tutorial Session
I love this one, it is well made and good sampling and it vibes excellently with an ice cave.

02. Slippery Scary Subterranean
What a good port, very ethereal and otherworldly sounding, perhaps it would fit a ghost theme moreso an ice theme but there you go.

03. Dark Clouds
Well made, has a spooky vibe that's well-suited to this ghost cave.

04. FF6Cave
Instills a good amount of dread, if only the level wasn't as tame as it appears and could match that feeling a bit more. ;) Well done.

05. Frost
Good port, gives me some "mountain-climbing in a snowstorm" vibes which is close enough to an ice cave for me.

06. Crooked Ladder
A solid port and has those spooky vibes.

07. Labyrinth Road
Very atmospheric and almost industrial sounding, would be suited to a haunted factory perhaps. The guitar(?) in the second half is a bit strange though.

08. MinishFlames
Definitely evokes a sense of danger you'd have in a lava cave, but the port is rather short and gets repetitive.

09. Mega Man X4 - Magma Dragoon
This is quite energetic for the slow pace of the skull raft level, but that's Mega Man for you. Good port though.

10. Echoes on the Ice
Not a bad port, the song takes awhile to build and sometimes drops into near-silence meaning there's frequently points where it'd be just game audio. Unsure if it's suited to level music.

11. Romancing SaGa 2 - Heartful Tears
This port is quite a moody for an ice cave, and some of the samples are a bit loud which I found made them piercing.

12. Floe
The drum track was all I could hear, which undermined this otherwise solid port quite a bit.

13. Volcano's Heart
This port has a climatic feeling that doesn't quite fit this simple cave level, the drums are a bit overbearing.

14. Stay Frosty
I found a lot of the samples just didn't quite go together and it made the port feel a bit all over the place.

15. Busy Flare
Doesn't quite fit this slow-paced level and I found the instrumentation a bit, well, busy.

16. Lava Stage
The bass line is a lot to listen to on repeat, gave me NES Castlevania vibes, which feels a bit simplistic.

17. 180-60hoSPC
This is quite high energy for a slow skull raft volcano and some instruments felt blaring. Didn't vibe with me.
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