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Tip: Avoid blind jumps. Make sure that the player has some indication of a jump being safe if the ground below cannot be seen.
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Those controls look super satisfying, and I LOVE the simple, clean aesthetic! Looks like there's a lot of potential for some tight, challening platforming. I can't wait to see the end result :O
I adore those cave effects, they'd be so useful in so many places! The speed-lines could be incredible for some fun Fast Autoscroll sections :P
This is my first of these sorts of events and I'm loving seeing everyone's work that they're showcasing, it's a lot of fun so far!
Probably shouldn't overly inflate this thread, hmm, alright, popping out
Originally posted by Deeke

(No outlines because it ended up muddying everything)

God this is so good, thank you!!!

Honestly, I love the detailing so much, I'm really impressed with how you depicted her blades!
God, I love these different seals so much - I can't believe I didn't see this requested, so i'm going to go ahead and request an Annoying Seal (ie the Annoying Dog from Undertale)
I'd love if you could please do your own personal depiction of my OC, Skiddi! Thank you!!
Are any of us?
I'm a sucker for a good Pokemon song, and I'm a real sucker for Hoenn trumpets, so this is fantastic! Definitely keen to use this in an early level in a hack at some point.
Originally posted by 1UPdudes

OH they're all so GOOD

Annoying Seal looks just as perfect as I'd hoped
This hack's found its way onto my list of most-anticipated-kaizo-hacks, after how fun Circadian was to play and how great these aesthetics continue to be! Can't wait to see more. Also, what a great hack name #smrpg{<3}
Looking forward to seeing how this goes! The screenshots of some of the changes you've done go a long way to making the hack look very appealing. Can't speak to the gameplay as I've never played the original, but I'm definitely looking forward to giving the final version of the game a solid play!
This has been a real treat to watch people play through on Twitch. Thank you for all your hard work, Jump team!
Been listening to your ports a lot lately, really excited to see these new ones (And from three excellent soundtracks from three excellent games!)

They sound really great and I'm super excited to hear that other stuff you implied you were working on #w{:>}
Thanks for the kind words folks! #smrpg{<3} This has been something I've been putting a fair bit of thought into, since I want my first outing to be at least worth playing and enjoying.

Originally posted by Katerpie
I'd also point out spots such as the one in the underwater level that would require tanking a hit. I feel the difficulty is also a bit inconsistent - it goes from a flat, SMB1-styled level to suddenly nearing the kaizo lite area, though I guess that's what you're intending after all.

There's no required hits in that water level, I'm not sure what you're referring to?
Otherwise, yeah, what your seeing in that set of screenshots is a mix of the main route's levels and some of the optional levels (the kaizo lite ones) that lead to the kaizo-proper route in the hack. The kaizo part of the hack is fairly hidden though, it's going to take some legitimate effort and searching to reach it, so nobody's going to accidentally stumble on levels beyond their skillset/difficulty tastes.

That said, in the main route, there's a lil bit of a curve to the difficulty in the platforming (one of the major things I'm hoping that testing will help keep smooth), but I'm avoiding any crazy kaizo-esque setups and tricks. That first screenshot is quite literally the first level, and intentionally has very sensible basic SMB1-esque platforming for the most part, since I want it to be a nice little intro/warmup to the game for friends and family who've not played a Mario game in years.

Overall, one of my main desires with the hack is to use it as a breadcrumb to get my non-SMW friends interested in this great community by showing them just a little of what we have to offer at a level that they might find approachable ^^

I thought I'd take the opportunity to share the overworld for World 1! I'm keeping with using the vanilla GFX for this, though

I'd love to talk about replacing that Ghost House with a fancier-lookin' one (its effectively the castle of the first world) if someone were willing to help me out with that. I know the area around the lake is a bit blocky, and I'm planning to possibly polish that up to make it look just a tad more natural, but yeah! This is all still baby steps for me, effectively just a playground to try things out at this stage, before I polish it into something for public play.
Originally posted by Romano338
About Kaizo, a difficulty rating by the players would help. Kaizo:Light is too broad and there are HUGE differences between Quickie World 2 and Responsible World.
The most accurate way to differentiate is to make people vote for the difficulty. It would still be relative to people's skill, but when you have 20 or 30 votes, it's still more accurate than one person, the creator, deciding what difficulty it is.
So you'd still have only one category, Kaizo:Light, but then you'd have actual differences between difficulties.

I personally think this isn't a bad idea- having people vote on difficulty and marking it as the average vote (with outliers excluded) would be an excellent system to have- perhaps in addition to a moderator-judged difficulty rating (akin to Critic Rating vs User Rating on stuff like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes)

That said, doing all this in addition to a seperate difficulty rating for the hardest section in the hack is obviously a bit of a tall order to ask, and would make a lot of informational clutter. It's certainly a tough balance.
Originally posted by Katerpie

I meant more in the sense of how it's mandatory for you to squeeze through the tight corridor above to get to the P-switch, which is something big Mario cannot do. No clue how generous you are with powerups, though.

Ah! Right, yes- there is a single opportunity to get a powerup significantly earlier in the level (there's no powerup retention between levels since this is built on the RHR baseROM), so a required hit may certainly be a possibility there in the current design. Perhaps I should add an alternate P-switch that requires big Mario #wario{._.}

Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Man you certainly got that VIP-like palette style going on there. I dig it!

Thanks!! I'm not sure how to take peoples' mixed thoughts on palette here, honestly, and what I should do to remedy them ^^'
I will say that the palette in the various purple/blue caves is intentionally a little higher contrast, but if that's an objectively bad decision, I can definitely look into making some changes to soften things up.

EDIT: Currently updating that Layer 2 cave level to try what was suggested by Counterfeit, will post in this message when I finish it


Do people reckon this fixes the issues with the caves?
I've said on its page, but I adore your Moonsetter port and would personally LOVE to see more ports of music from Homestuck, there's a huge wealth of options to choose from.
Originally posted by KennyJ
Originally posted by Atari2.0
The celeste port is OH MY GOD
I'm a sucker for celeste music of all kinds and this port is just so good. Makes me want to make a level just to use this single port. I'm actually probably gonna do that.

The Mirror Temple Remix that Maxodex also ported gave me a similar level-making inspiration kick.

I also appreciate the dancing images next to each song. :P

I can relate :P I made a level with the Mirror Temple Remix in it and loved it so much I literally doubled the length of the level and added a boss
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