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Oh, do you really want to see my older posts? Seeing them at your own risk

My older posts may contain:
- Really Bad Grammar
- Stupid Questions
- Stupid Answers
- C R I N G E


If you're curious what is the original question, here you go:
Originally posted by Dominicentek
Hi, I'm basically creating a palette for a level, but it has been saved for ALL levels in the game, so I totally screwed up the colors. Is there any way to reset them to default from unmodified ROM of Super Mario World?
See? I've warned you!

Originally posted by 2019 Dominicentek
It's so easy to make custom textures and then import them to Map16, but I can't find any save buttom for 8x8 tiles to be saved to ROM, causing your custom texture disappear. Please help

I'm using Lunar Magic.
Nope it didn't worked out.
Oh I just pressed F9 outside of 8x8 editor window...

But yeah! Thanks for help
So, I'm doing giant blocks for SMW hacks, and now I'm stuck with ? Block. Because the sprite for it is stored in slot 280 in 8x8 tile editor, I can't animate that. When I try to import the slot to the frame, then clicked OK, the number changed from 280 to 600. I don't know why. Please help me! Also sorry for my bad grammar
I've been recently ripping Tetris music from Dr. Mario and Tetris for SNES. I've downloaded spc file, and then converted it to .txt file and generated samples. But when I try to import the song to Super Mario World, "This specified sample was not included in the song" error keeps showing up.
Recently, I've been creating ON/OFF Blocks with "ON/OFF" animation trigger, so if it's on, the animation begins, and the animation contains only 1 frame and that's the ON/OFF Block turned on. The destination spot is at the ON/OFF Block turned off sprite, so it gets overlapped and it will display as state on. But if I turn the switch off, I've expected to the animation to disable, so it will show me the off state. But instead it shows random and glitched sprite. Can somebody help me?
Thank you :)
So basically, I have been creating a cave level where everything is white and background is black. Expect Mario has it's classic colors. But when Mario jumps into the water when being big, his foot turns white for some reason. The palette looks like this: Every color is white, outside of palette 8, where the Mario's colors are. I didn't changed anything about it. Then the very first column on the left (color 0 of every palette) is black. Can someone explains me what's happening?

Oops, I just figured out I just edited his foot sprite by complete accident.
But you can edit the AllGFX.bin file too. The AllGFX.bin file is basically all the GFX files squished together in one single file.
I've looked everywhere in the GFX files for this sprite. But I just found the beta ones in GFX01.bin and GFX17.bin

I really want to edit those for my hack. And if I disable the global animations in the #lm{aniset} list, it will also disable ? Block animations and also removes turn blocks for some reason.
Okay, I did checked all of the GFX files with YY-CHR... so, I've overlooked them.
You must place sprite 19 on the very first line of the level (when counting from the top) and the message will appear instantly when entering the level
I want to make those small boss fights like hammer bros fights in SMB3, but I don't know the way to force-enter the level. I mean entering the level without pressing any button.
I'm using Romi's spritetool.

So, when I try to insert some sprites, error will always pop up: can't open file .\sprites\`0
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Sounds like your sprite list (sprites.txt, list.txt or whatever you named it) is in the wrong format.

What text editor are you using? In Notepad++, you can try "Encoding --> Convert to UTF-8" to make sure it's in the right one.

Okay, I changed the format to UTF-8, but now it displays "spritelist contains invalid data". My spritelist contains:
85 smb_flagpole.cfg
A hack that plays exactly like SMB1 does. With completely new levels, but graphics are the same as in original SMB1. But one thing that will be different is Mario's physics and graphics. It will be too hard for me to recreate SMB1 physics to SMW.

I have to make slightly different Mario graphics in some cases, like walking, because Super Mario World has 2 frames of walking (1 of it is standing) and back and front facing Mario for spin jump animations. Also, I have problems with Big Mario, because in SMW, Mario's animations when being big are "constructed" from different way than in SMB1, so Mario sprites won't be the same.

World Progress:
World 1 - Done
World 2 - Done
World 3 - Done
World 4 - Done
World 5 - Done
World 6 - Work in Progress
World 7 - Not started yet
World 8 - Not started yet

World 6 Progress:
Level 1 - Work in Progress
Level 2 - Not started yet
Level 3 - Not started yet
Level 4 - Not started yet

Other Stuff
Mario's Graphics - Done
OST - Done
Decorations - Not started yet
Palettes - Done
Graphics - Done

Download Demo
Current Version: testbuild-2

So, I'm running out of ideas for levels for the hack. So I decided you can submit your OWN levels!
Originally posted by Dark Mario Bros
does it mean a SMB 16 bits but in the NES sprites style?

Yes it does
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