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I used the patch in the patch section, but it comes up glitchy in the game. Can anyone please help me?
How do I get a shy guy sprite? I only want it in one level not the whole game. Help is most appreciated.
I inserted it, but I can't find the graphics to make it look like a shy guy!
THANK YOU SOO MUCH! Do you happen to know where the Tweeter graphics are.
Okay, I know how to insert the brick via block tool and it works perfectly when I use it in game. I have been trying to find out how to make it look like the brick. I looked everywhere and the only answers I can get from people are something like use ExGFX. What ExGFX file do I use? Can someone plese help me?
So does it take the turn blocks place in the map16 or do I need a map16 page. I understand how to use ExGFX but this just comes with GFX files. What do I do after this?
I edited event 2 and when it happens you can hear the sound of a castle collapsing. How do I get rid of it.
thanks alot explodingchair!
I yy-chr to convert my turn block gfx into SMB3 bricks, but it looks odd. The top half of the block is normal with small squares on the outside and a big square in the middle. However the bottom half is a copy of the top instead of having large squares on the outside and a small square on the inside. It's probably hard to understand, but can someone please help me!?
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Thanks a lot for the help. Does anyone know how to fix the animation to make it correct.How do I not make the block flash
DAMMIT.. now if I give the block I inserted the SMB3 graphics, it acts like a powerup block instead of the brick.
Thank you flopping luigi. I'm so stupid :( I forgot to press F9 lol
When using ExGFX how many Ex graphics can you have in a hack. Is it limited to how many Map16 pages there are?
How do you make mario start in a different place on the overworld. For example in Super Demo World mario starts on the main map not a submap. Any help is appreciated.
Guys I'm still confused:(
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I want my blocks to look like the circled one on the toolbar. Also how do I get them to shine like they do in some ROM Hacks.
I used the pipe patch on my hack but when I try to use the pipes something weird happens. I try to go down but it just makes mario jump a little. Its like hes going in and coming out of the same direction instantly. Any Ideas? Also can someone help me on my GFX Prob thread?
I really need help! Please can you answer my question

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How do you make the blocks in the MAP16 look like the circled ones in the toolbar. Also can somebody please tell me how to make them flash with ExAnimation? Anything is appreciated.
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