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Are you trying to change the block or add a new block? You might have the wrong MAP16 number in or you might ot be saving the information. Can you maybe post a screenshot of your blocktool window?
I put a pipe on my overworld to go from a submap to a main map. The pipe takes me where I want to go but once I go through I can't move anywhere. I checked and I have all of the paths layed out right. Does anyone have a solution?
Do you mean it happens when you exit the pipes? If so you forgot the exit tiles. They are the invisible tiles at the top and bottom of the pipes in the 16x16 editor. A lot of wierd stuff happens when you don't put them in.
I am trying to rip graphics from Super Mario All Stars and Kirby Super Star. Everything goes well until I open the 8x8 tile editor at which point I find that everything is a garbled mess! I opened yy-chr and figured out that it is set to be on the genesis setting. Everytime I switch it, it just keeps reverting back to the garbled graphics. I saved it and all. Can anyone help?
How do I make my title screen have something different than SUPER MARIO WORLD on it. I want to use the big letters, I know how to do it with the small letters.
Yes but not neccesarly the original mario level's, like the POKEY's in whiteyoshieggs pokey's adventure hack, or the words in the ever famous DW:TLC.
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