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Ok, thanks for the help
I need to redo the Layer 2 event for 1B. How do I delete that whole event without deleting all the prior events?
I can help with testing. I've already pulled the bps file, and I'm playing some levels

>There's a weird issue with the dash mechanic where if you dash when you die you will re-enter the level dashing. It will be obvious that it happens if you hear the dash noice as you're dying. I put a comment on the patch page showing that this happens, but here's a link to a video of it happening to me

>For every level I would suggest not having the death blocks and normal blocks close to the same color. The player wont always know what's safe to wall jump on and what isn't

>Even though there's no visible timer I still died to the level timer

>Players will generally not like this version of the wall kick patch, b/c you can only bounce off the wall once and you have to bounce to the other wall before you can bounce again. I looked at the wall kick asm that's used in this hack, and version 1.1 allows for consecutive kicks from the same wall. Even in the description it mentions why it was changed.

>After playing through the hack I went back to watch your clear video. What I could tell from your clears was that you were able to complete obstacles because you have the builder's knowledge of the upcoming sections. Multiple jumps through out the whole game is blind, and most players will fail multiple times before understanding the obstacles. I don't think there needs to be an over abundance of indicators, but rather minimize the amount of blind jumps throughout the game.

Level 1

>When the player enters the level it's unclear where they have to go. Once you do the first wall jump the only thing in view is the top right pipe and platform. The player is forced to do a blind dash to the right, and hope they can progress. Look at Level 1 Intro.PNG and Level 1 intro 1st jump.PNG

>Since the first dash to the flying koopa is blind I would have a coin indicator to help line the player up for the dash. Most of my deaths pre-checkpoint was because I didn't know where to line myself up

>There's also a spawn issue with the red koopa at the beginning. As soon as the player enters the level the red koopa is already spawned, and is flying. If the player waits too long at the start the koopa wont be at it's proper position to make the jump to the kicking koopa

>There's a spawn issue with the kicking koopa and coinblock section. If the player wall slides in the top section after the first gray platform for too long the kicking koopa will start walking, and by the time you get to the coinblock the kicking koopa will be too close to the coinblock which will kill it when the player hits it. Look at Level 1 Kicking Koopa Spawn Issue for the location to create the spawning issue

>You can also bypass the whole kicking koopa coinblock section. I just landed on the gray platform, and rode it down. Once I got to a correct height I just dashed right, and wall jumped the whole section to the midway.

>In the second section there's a spawn issue with the kicking koopa where there is always a risk of throwing the shell at the koopa

>Because the turnblock under the mushroom is about 1 tile too low I can bypass getting the shell, and just spin jump off of the pirhana to hit the turnblock to get the mushroom

Level 2

>After the midway you can change Mario's direction to face left since that's where the movement takes the player

>After the midway the two saws that are meant for hitting the shell block and the coin blocks are already spawned at the midway. If the player doesn't immediately go after the midway the saws won't be in the right spot when you get to them

>There was multiple times that the final saw wouldn't spawn at all. Look at Level 2 final saw.PNG

Level 3

>Since it's almost impossible to know how to do the dash throwblock section it wouldn't hurt to have a message box

>In the lava lotus section I never spin jumped off of the lava lotus, I just dashed from one wall to the wall with the shell. My next comment is based upon the fact that I wasn't spinning off the lotus

>In the shell section after the lava lotus it's unclear if the player needs to grab the shell or not. It would help the player understand that they need to spin if there was blue coins instead of the yellow coins

Level 4

>It's slightly unclear where the player needs to activate the p-switch, so I would suggest a p-switch indicator so the player knows where to activate it

Level 5

>Both the background and the foreground is too dark, so it makes it pretty hard to see the munchers. Look at Level 5 Background

Level 6

>The player could always dash to the second goomba, and not know they wasted a dash until they get to the spiny section

>After the midway it's unclear at first if the player needs to go down or to the right

>For the last dash before the pipe a coin to help the player line up the dash would help out

Level 7

>Both the background and the foreground is too dark, so it makes it pretty hard to see the munchers. Look at Level 7 Background

>Even though bouncing on the fuzzy 3 times is a good trick the coin indicators wont really tell the player what's going on. This is also an issue because the line guide blends into the background too much

Level 8

>I would make the death blocks a darker color than the normal blocks. They're a little too close in color that might confuse players

Level 9

>After the midway I would have a blue coin to let the player know they need to spin off of the shell instead of grabbing it.

Level 10

>After the midway it's pretty blind to dash to the noteblocks. I would suggest a coin to help line the player up

Level 11

>On the vine section it's unclear weather nor not if the player needs to jump to the right over the vine or if they need to go left

Level 12

> In room 1 a lot of the jumps become blind because the camera scrolls. I would either lock the camera, or make this section only in 1 subscreen boundary to prevent this

I uploaded a zip file with all the screen shots that I took
i'll retest it when you're ready
I'll start testing the updated hack this weekend, and I should have any notes by the end of the weekend.
So I didn't have much problems from the gameplay, but this might be because it's no longer a blind play through for me. The only real things I saw was a few graphic issues, and a comment about the dashing patch. Having the ability to rejump off the same wall helped out with the play through.

>Because this is no longer a blind play through for me I recognize what the indicators mean, but the player might be confused by what each coin means. I would suggest having a different coin indicator for the dashing.

>Since you can't fix the issue with the auto dash after dying I would try to rebuild the sections where Mario starts on the ground so that there's a wall to prevent this. In the original testing I wasn't concerned with this in Level 1, because every time I redashed after death I either slid into the starting wall or the winged platform; so I thought you were aware of this issue. It only became a true issue in levels after that.

>For Level 4 I can provide a graphic that's usually used for p-switch indicators. It's just an outline of a p-switch

>In the switch palace there's multiple places of cutoff. It was mostly in the areas where a death block was next to a wall. In the first room there cutoff in the pit below the p-switch. This was also in the second room, and there was cutoff above and below the pipe.

>I'm not too concerned with the unlit candles in the final level, but that is something that always gets called out.

>After beating the game I went all the way to the end of the credits, and there's some issues with the palette especially on the final screen. This is most likely because somewhere you didn't click Enable custom palette for this level.

>In the level that has the blue block throw I still kind of wished there was a message box explanation for the intended strats. I kind of guessed, and felt I got lucky with the block throw. I find the tech interesting, and maybe other players would like it too if they're told what is needed from them.

Adding one more thing I forgot to mention, but this is only if you care to address it.

>The Wendy fight can become somewhat free, because there's nothing setting the rng patterns. All the player has to do is die, and they'll get predictable patterns. If you care to address this the easiest way is to use the Better RNG patch.
Since I gave notes on the first version I'll check out what's different
There was a bit of a shock from game play giving how dark Breach the Walls ended with how happy the next level was. There was also a bit of confusing once I got the the credits, b/c it made me think there was a missing level even though I already got the switch palace. This is the type of hack that feels like it needs a true final level giving how Beach the Walls ended. This might also be because I tested the first version, and I remembered how that version initially ended. This is by no means saying the hack is bad, nor that I didn't enjoy it; but just a random thought.

>L/R scrolling is enabled. I couldn’t find a setup that required the scrolling, so if this is not needed I would patch it out, b/c it could break some setups

>I only felt the Thwomp level was out of place on length compared to the rest of the hack though I still enjoyed the level.

>The trolls were also a lot better in this version, and I think every one got me at some point.

Breach the Walls
>The only thing that I see is that the lines for the ropes are hard to see, b/c they are the same color as the background. Even though the lightning strikes will allow the lines to be seen I would suggest to make them a lighter color maybe match them to the gray of the cement

>On the jump after the first rock I would suggest the bring down the muncher 1 block, b/c it felt like the height of the rock bounce was determining if I made it over or not

>I had multiple death in this level from the lava being close to the same color palette as the background. This was mostly with the horizontal lava, b/c there was no sparkle that the diagonal lava had

>The only super questionable thing I have in the second section is when the shell falls on the orange platform, because it’s impossible to to get that location before it disappears behind the platform, and you don’t really know you have to do the shell jump until a few jumps later. It might be unclear to the player that they have to wait on the platform long enough for it to sink to pick up the shell

Losing Your Way

>The final trick in the first section was the hardest to figure out how to line it up. Part of the issue is that there’s an offscreen bat, so after hitting the coin blocks getting to the bat and landing back on the skull raft was hard to line up

Thwomp Level

>This level doesn’t have a name on the OW

Gravity - Secret Exit

>The foreground and background are so close to the same palette it was hard to figure out if it Mario could horizontal wrap or not or if only the number platforms would wrap
I'll give it a look
The biggest issue with the levels is the graphics. There is a lot of missing corner tiles, or the wrong corner tile placed. Some of the levels had incomplete background palettes. I tried to point out all of the places I saw graphic issues, but I'm sure I missed some.

The music needs to be lowered. There's no magic number to use, so you need to play each level, and make sure the music isn't louder than Mario's jump sound. In each music file the volume is the number with the W in it.

The level length is longer than most hacks. I'm not too concerned with it since this is a 10 exit hack, but it's something to consider when making a longer hack.

I found some gameplay issues, and I couldn't play the green switch palace due to a tile not connected the levels together. This also created a hard lock in the game.

Most hacks that has Switch Palaces has a Special World, or some other way to make sure the player beaten the palaces. I didn't find anywhere in the game that rewarded the player for completing the Switch Palaces

I provided a Dropbox link to all of the screenshots and videos I took, and if I needed a picture or video I tell you which one to look at.


>L/R scrolling isn't disabled. If this is intended then that fine, but if it's not then it can lead to spawn issues

>The OW doesn't have locked levels. I could enter into any level without beating the previous level

>While it's not a complete graphics issue stacked munchers tends to get called out in moderation.


>There's cutoff around the Yellow Submarine level with the tree's and path. Look at OW Cuttoff.PNG

>After you get the secret exit for Yellow Submarine some of the trees is cut in half. Look at OW Trees Cuttoff.PNG

>Next to the Yellow Switch Palace there's cutoff where the cliff is showing some water. Look at OW Yellow Palace Cuttoff.PNG

>After beating Yellow Submarine there's tiles that cuts into the trees. Look at OW Yellow Submarine Cuttoff.PNG

Yoshi's House

>Music is too loud

Sunset Valley

>The wrong corner tile got placed, and this leads to cutoff. Look at Corner Tile Sunset Valley.PNG

>There's missing corner tiles in the foreground. Look at Missing Corner Sunset Valley.PNG

>There's cutoff where the water meets the pipes. I would just extend the pipes to the bottom of the screen since it wont change the player dying. Look at Pipe on Water Sunset Valley.PNG

>There's palette issues with the background. It looks like not every location in the palette editor, and this is causing color issues. Look at Background Sunset Valley.PNG

>There's a place where the stacked munchers cutts off part of the slope. Look at Muncher to Ground Cutt Off Sunset Valley.PNG

Silly Billy

>The music is too loud.

>The Bone should also be extended to the bottom of the screen to not create cutt off. Look at Bone to Lava Silly Billy.PNG

>There's corner cut off through out the level. Look at Corner Cuttoff Silly Billy.PNG

>To the left of the midway there's floating munchers. If you were to use these Map16 blocks 102, 103, 1E7, and 1E8 it would create the illusion of no floating munchers without changing how the obstacle plays out. These are the locations for the 4 blocks in the Map16 window, and you can find them by looking at the bottom left of the window to see the tile location. Look at Floating Muncher Silly Billy.PNG

>The wrong corner tile got placed. Look at Corner Tile Silly Billy.PNG

>After the midway there's no immediate reason why the player would hit the On/Off block, and they don't find out they need it until they're farther into the level. Look at On Off Block.mov

>The wall triangle isn't needed to complete the obstacle. Look at Wall Triangle.mov

>There's no top ground tile under the munchers in the section with the disco shell. Look at Disco Shell Section Silly Billy.PNG

>There's cutoff behind the pipe after the damage boosting section. Look at Pipe to Ground Silly Billy.PNG

>In the disco shell part you can bypass riding the disco shell by just doing some tricks to not make the disco shell spawn, and by damage boosting through the whole section. Look at Disco Shell Deboost.mov

Yellow Submarine

>I would suggest to make the lines for the ropes a light color, so that it doesn't blend into the background

>In this section it confusing on what the order of operations is, and I decided to do it this way; but I'm not sure if this is intended. Look at 1st Strat.mov

>I also bypassed the gray platform all together. Look at 2nd Strat.mov

Yellow Switch Palace

>Above the second noteblock there's a random tile above the muncher. The whole pillar can be moved down a tile. Look at Yellow Switch Palace Tile.PNG

>To the right of the first noteblock there's a tile that doesn't have a thick black line that makes it appear as an edge. Look at First Noteblock Yellow Switch Palace.PNG

>Under the munchers the ground isn't solid on the sides. I can go into the wall a bit. Look at Munchers Ground.mov

>At the end of the room there's a bunch of cutoff. The foreground doesn't extend far enough, under the pipe there isn't a proper corner for the foreground, the wall below the pipe doesn't have a proper edge. to the right of the pipe the tile is inverted which makes it not line up with the rest of the foreground, and there's a row of random dots below the pipe. Look at Pipe Yellow Switch Palace.PNG

>In the second room there's cutoff below the pipe. Look at 2nd Room Yellow Switch Palace.PNG

>The amount of cutoff in the second room is a lot. Most corner tiles are either inverted in graphics, or half of the block will be inverted.

>Anytime there's sprites in the room with the switch there will be a graphics error in the message. Also the text isn't spaced correctly, and it creates an overlapping issue. To fix this take the default message of a Switch Palace, and make sure to leave the section that has space before and after "Into" in the same location. That's where the game hardcodes the switch palace blocks to appear in the message. Look at Message Yellow Switch Palace.PNG

Great Big White Boo

>The opening trick is hard to execute at first. If the player immediately lands and goes for the shell jump they'll be to high, and kill the shells. Look at Shell Jump.mov

>I used the L/R scrolling to not deal with the bullets. Look at 1st Bullets.mov

>The left side of the midway is floating in the air. It can be moved to the right. Look at Midway Great Big White Boo.PNG

>The tiles under the wall running triangles don't have a solid bottom to not create cut off. Look at Triangles Great Big White Boo.PNG

>In the last section before the pipe you can damage boost on the spikes and bypass all of the drybones. Look at Drybones Damage Boost.mov

>In room 2 I used L/R scrolling to not deal with the bullets, and it made it where I didn't have to use the turn net. Look at L R Scroll 2nd Room.mov

>For the Boss fight there's a graphic error when you hit the On/Off block. Look at Boo Fight On/Off Graphic.PNG

>The player can cheat this boss by just staying at the top, and dropping the blocks on Boo. Look at Boo Fight.mov

Telefone Line

>There's cutoff where the top bone is, and a wrong corner tile on the bottom bone. Look at 1st Slope Telefone Line.PNG

>After you get the secret exit the game hard-locks, b/c the path to the Green Switch Palace isn't connected. Look at Telefone Hardlock.mov

>The game doesn't allow the player to save after completing the level

Chill Out Fortress

>Mario is about 1 tile from the pipe, so when you enter the level it doesn't look correct when entering the level

Dropbox Link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o7i0dytzbyghldx/AADLpGnEKKgvoeq9-V6mcTB1a?dl=0
No, problems, and I'll retest it when you're ready. Also the levels weren't bad, so I wouldn't call it garbage. I'm here to point out everything I can find, b/c you want me to point them out in testing; so you're not surprised during the release.
Any level that triggers an OW Event will count as an exit. The best way to know the exit count is to play all your levels, and then see what the title screen says as the final exit count. Since your level with the Bowser fight goes straight to standard credits it wont count towards the final exit count, but it's not uncommon for a creator to submit a hack with a miscount on exits. The moderators will always update the exit count if it's off.

There's no standards when it comes to how the creator wants to reward the player for getting the switch palaces. The most common is a special world, but I've seen hacks reward the player by having the switch palace blocks in the main levels to make jumps easier. You have the freedom to do what you want with them. If you go down the Special World route it's common to have a level that just checks to see if the player got the switch palaces by having the start of the level with the switch palace blocks

If you apply this code it will remove L/R scrolling, and it fixes a few other things

org $00CDF6

STZ $1401

org $00F2E2
db $80 ;No Powerups from Midways

org $03989F
db $EA,$EA,$EA,$EA ;will stop the bridge breaking in the Reznor fight

This is a link to that code as an .asm file. You need to insert it with Asar, which is a tool you can find on this site. If you haven't inserted a patch before there's tutorials on this site that will cover it
There's still misplaced tiles. Instead of doing screenshots of everyone that I found I opened the hack in Lunar Magic, and made screenshots with all the cutoff I could find. In each screenshot I circled where the misplaced tile was.

Besides the cutoff I also found some places that I could bypass the intended strats, and I also pointed out where I still thought the music was too loud.


>L/R scrolling is still enabled

Sunset Valley

>There's still corner cutoff. Look at Sunset Valley 1.png, Sunset Valley 2.png, Sunset Valley 3.png, Sunset Valley 4.png, Sunset Valley Map16.png

>Move the goal tape down one tile to not have this. Look at Sunset Valley Goal Tape.png

>In the opening section I can get on top of the On/Off block. Look at SunsetValleyVideo.mov

Silly Billy

>There's still corner cutoff. To fix this one make a copy of this tile and rotate it. Loot at Silly Billy 1.png, Silly Billy 2.png, Silly Billy 3.png, Silly Billy Map16.png

>In the section after the 2 goomba when Mario is on the winged block platform there's some lag happening. This is happening b/c there's too many sprites on screen, and this is most likely b/c the goombas don't get killed. Look at SillyBillyLag.mp4

>When I went into the pipe after the damage boosting section I got transferred to the water level in the Special World. If this isn't intended I had to do this to beat the level. Look at SillyBillyDamageBoost.mp4

Yellow Submarine

>The graphic for the line guided rope is disappearing after the vine. Look at Yellow Submarine Rope.png

Yellow Submarine Secret

>Music is too loud

>When you get to the first On/Off block it's already in the On position and the blocks to the right of it is the opposite blocks, so you don't have to activate them. Look at Yellow Submarine Secret OnOff.png

Yellow Switch Palace

>The graphic for the gray platform that's before the wiggler disappears. Look at Yellow Switch Palace Platform.png

>There's still cutoff. Look at Yellow Switch Palace1.png

Great Big White Boo

>Music is too loud

>The top tile to the right of the top throw block isn't solid. Look at Big White Boo Wall Tile.png

>There's another section that has a non-solid block under the On/Off switch which allowed me to bypass a section. Look at GreatBigWhiteBooBypass.mov

Telefone Line

>There's still cutoff. Look at Telefone Line 1.png, Telefone Line 2.png, Telefone Line 3.png, Telefone Line 4.png

>I would either extend the bone all the way to the bottom of the screen, or extend the ground 1 tile to the right. Look at Telefone Line Bone.png

>After the Midway I don't need the Pirhana Plant to get to the Number Platforms. Look at TelefoneLineMidway.mov

Green Switch Palace

>I was able to get the mushroom out of the winged block, and bypass a small section. Look at GreenSwitchMushroom.mov

>You can bring the bomb through the pipe, and this is what happens. Look at GreenSwitchPipe.mov

Chill Out Fortress

>There's still cutoff. Look at Chill Out Fortress 1.PNG, Chill Out Fortress 2.PNG, Chill Out Fortress 3.PNG,

>Music is too loud

Chill Out Fortress Secret

>There's cutoff. Look at Chill Out Fortress Secret.png

>After the midway there's enough ground to get flight. It took me awhile to figure out how to bypass the first section, but this is what I did. Look at ChillOutMidway.mov

Red Switch Palace

>The wall is missing after the p-switch. Look at Red Switch 1.png

Water Level

>There's cutoff. Look at Water Level 1.png

Larry Castle

>There's cutoff. Look at Larry Castle 1.png

Dropbox Link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8ydtwh7rhaaoi7h/AACFW_shUA7cEJl6faSOOvAVa?dl=0
When I tried to patch the bps file with Flips I get the "This patch is not intended for this ROM" error message.
I went to your profile page to pull the file, but it's a .rar file that I can't patch
Ahh I never messed with .rar files before
Based upon the new rom I only found 3 issues.

>In the intro screen there's a palette issue before the message appears

>In Big White Boo there's cutoff under the 3 koopa and the block to the left

>In the switch palace with the bomb there's a softlock in the On/Off section. Even though the player can wait out the timer a muncher can be place either to the left or right of the box, so the player doesn't have to wait out the timer
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