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I'm trying to change the P-Switch's sound effect to the one from Super Mario Bros. 3 All-Stars from this pack:

In AddMusicK I replaced the "global songs" .txt file number 6, the pswitch one, to the one from the custom sound pack.

When I get in game, the P Switch song is the correct one, the one from SMB3 All-Stars, but there is a weird volume fade in and out. The volume starts at a normal loudness, then goes a bit quiet, then goes louder again etc. until the P-Switch duration is over.

Here is a video showcasing the issue:

I checked to see if all the samples were loaded with a "!" in the Addmusic_list.txt and they all are.

I am also using the SMB3 All-Stars fortress music during the level. This one works fine all throughout though.

I am using Higan emulator through RetroArch.

I managed to solve my issue after reasearching how music is stored in text files. My issue was actually in the text file I used. It contained some weird changes in volumes using the "qXX" code in the section where the music notes are written. I managed to correct the issue myself by editing the volume values of this code. The song now sounds like I want it to. :)
What Everdrive are you using?

When I got my FXPAK PRO, all I had to do was take all my .srm files and drop them in the "saves" folder on my microsd card.

Make sure your save files are named exactly like your roms. That might be your problem.
How would I go about adding MSU-1 sound effects such as jumping, spin jumping, etc.?

Also, when using a P-Switch, the p-switch music never stops looping. The level's normal music never comes back, unless for example you pick up a star.

The starman music ends correctly, but the p-switch doesn't. Any fix for this?
Nice work! I saw the Summer 2020 C3 Thread and the couple songs you ported from SMA2, but I was wondering if you would ever port the songs from levels/overworlds from SMA2?

Some have pretty different notes and have a really distinct feel to them. For example, the underground theme, the castle theme, valley of bowser, underwater theme, forest of illusion, star road, overworld, etc. all sound pretty different from the SNES version.

It would be cool to have those ported with snes instruments and not have them sound so distorted!
When exiting a level through a pipe and entering another level through a pipe, the sprites on screen are frozen for the duration of the pipe exit. I would like for a certain level for the sprites to not be frozen when exiting the pipe.

Is there an uberASM patch I could use to achieve that?

I also noticed that if I exit the first level through a door, the sprites won't be frozen on screen during the pipe exit into the next level.
In my rom, upon starting a level, the "MARIO START!" text doesn't appear. It is just a black screen and then the level loads. I have no idea how it stopped showing up, as I just noticed it doesn't.

How do I make the "MARIO START!" text show back up?

I am using sa-1 patch as well as the retry system, as far as significant patches go.

Thank you.

Solved my issue. The "MARIO START!" text was not appearing because I was entering my levels from the "Yoshi's House" tile. I moved myself to a normal level tile on the overworld and the "MARIO START!" text appeared.
Originally posted by Thomas
Yep, that's something specific to Yoshi's House (specifically, level 104). If you want to, you can change the level number Yoshi's House is assigned to by going into the overworld editor and navigating the menu to Overworld -> Change Special Message Levels.

It actually happened with all levels I would put at the "Yoshi's House" level tile.

I am using the original smw overworld as I haven't gotten to designing my overworld yet and I would just change the level number of the tile where Yoshi's House is to test my levels. None of the levels would show the "MARIO START!" text during the screen transition if they were put on the tile where Yoshi's House is (the levels weren't 104).

It seems to be linked to the Yoshi's House graphic tile that you put on the overworld rather than level 104.
I am trying to use this old port from 2007 in my hack:

However, I am running into some trouble with the song. When using a custom song for the P-Switch, the music chip from the snes crashes when the p-switch music ends.

The P-Switch music I am using is the song called "Toad's House" from the SMAS music pack available here:

The "Toad's House" song doesn't use custom samples.

The music chip doesn't crash with any other level songs when using a p-switch with the custom P-Switch song. It only crashes with this old port.

Using the vanilla P-Switch music from smw doesn't crash the music chip. It is only when using the old port and the custom p-switch music that the chip crashes.

AddmusicK also doesn't give me any errors when inserting the song.

Here is a clip showcasing the music chip crashing:

Any help would be appreciated. :)
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Disable the echo i.e. remove lines 40 and 41 in the Toad House music. The echo is one of the most common reasons to crash the music engine and while AMK usually fixes most issues (by checking how much space the music engine takes), it still has got that limitation within global songs.

Hello! Thank you for your response. I tested with the echo off in toad's house song and the music chip didn't crash. So the issue definitely is with echo.

Because I didn't want to change how the p-switch music sounded, I did some experiments. I found that adding the echo values from toad's house song to the old port, and then adding a command to disable echo (to not have the song sound different) also solved the issue! Here is what I added to the old port in the text file:
$ef $1f $4f $4f
$f1 $02 $32 $01

With this, I can have the p-switch music with echo and the old port in my hack. I'm pretty happy with that. :)

Note: What is weird is that the music chip would not crash when using Toad's House with echo enabled with level songs with much bigger insert size. It only crashed with this particular one... Maybe it has to do with the fact that the old port had no echo values defined, and the global p-switch song had echo?
Originally posted by LadiesMan217
Wanted to share some stuff I've been porting.

SMA2 songs of the original SMW ost
SMW Desert
SMW Forest
SMEW Forest (Early Sketch Sampled)
SMA4 Ghost House
Megaman X5 - Volcanic Inferno Burn Dinorex

With the exception of the MMX5 port, all the ports can be found in my Resources and Tools release thread.

Just letting you know that you forgot to include the SPC file for the SMA4 Ghost House music in the new ZIP archive. The txt file is there but not the spc.

Thank you for releasing these! Really awesome work. :)
Hello, I am looking for the two songs playing in this level:

The first one begins at 0:03 and the second one begins at 0:51.

Thank you!
Thank you to you both! Much appreciated :D
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