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Tip: The music in SMW's default castle/ghost house intros and boss battles can be changed by hex-editing. See $0584DB-$0584E2 in the ROM map.Not logged in.
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This block is not used in the original game, so the graphics are not correct. Here's a hexadecimal edition that corrects this:
org $0291F4	;; Fixes Side Bounce Turn Block
	db $40

Put it in an ".asm" file and apply with Asar.

In your AddmusicK folder, go to "asm/SNES/tweaks.asm". This file has the defines for all songs.
To modify the song of title screen, search for:
!Title = #$15

and replace the "15" with the song number you want. Save the file and run AMK.

Hello guys! One thing that bothers me about the old songs is the percussion played on channels #6 and #7. Because regardless of the note, the pitch is always the same.
So I found that if you put @19 or @20 after the first note, it will play as if it were on channel #0, #1, #2...

#6 @23	q7F v255 y10
[g+ @20 rg+g+>b<g+g+g+rg+g+rg+rg+r]9

Donkey Kong Country 3 - Pokey Pipes by andres.

Firstly, welcome to the SMW Central!
Well, you can access in the Overworld Editor #lm{ow} "Overworld -> Extra Options..." and mark the option "Disable event path fade effect...", this will correct the event reveal. The flash when the star appears, I don't know how to fix it.
But you can let the star tile already revealed and if you don't want the player to see the star already revealed, disable the option "Allow using Start to scroll on main overworld map.".

Originally posted by SimFan96
Originally posted by Qwerty13x
??? (name not yet known)
Video Link:

Unfortunately I still don't know the name of this port, but I did finally find the original music file!

The name of this song is "Mega Man Zero 3 - Cannon Ball".

You can write just this:
org $009CB8
	LDA #$0A
	STA $0100

After, apply the other patch.

This is because the level tileset #lm{gfxby} must be in "Rope 2". If the tileset is in "Castle, Rope or Ghost House" the No Yoshi Level Intro will be played.
To prevent this, you can access #lm{othprops} and check the option "Disable 'No Yoshi' Level Intro...".

Originally posted by Poison
World 2 Map (Mario Game (Draconif))

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 - Diverging Hearts

Hello! I have a suggestion. The overworld Map16 #lm{ow16xsel}, could have a button to edit the action of each tile. This would allow you to organize map16 the way you want.
Example: Make the water tile 3B become an exit tile, move the destruction tile A6 to tile 52, create more aquatic tiles, and various other things.

You can apply this patch, which allows some sprites including the Mega Mole to use the palette defined in the tweaker.

The sample level is configured by default to use the ExGFX8D.
To change this, open "Super GFX Bypass" #lm{sgfxby} and change slot AN2 to the ExGFX file you want.
I suggest you read this tutorial about ExGFX.

Open a clean ROM, in palette editor #lm{pal} click on the Phanto Mask and select the palettes you not want to export. Then click on the star #lm{expsha}, and save the file.
Now open the ROM you want to import the new palettes and click on the star #lm{impsha}, select the palette file.

Well, my suggestion is to have a button (when make posts) to insert username, that it displays the current username and color.
So the posts will always contain the person's current name.

I created this code and it seems to work well:
!EventNum = $03
!SlowSpeed = $03
!FastSpeed = $20

org $04EACC
	LDA $1495
	CPX #!EventNum
	BEQ +
	ADC #!FastSpeed
	BRA ++
	ADC #!SlowSpeed
	STA $1495

The "!EventNum" indicates the number of the event that will reveal slowest.
Apply it with Asar (Make a Backup of your ROM first!).

Name: Horizontal Pipe Exit SFX
Author: StackDino
Description: Allows play SFX when exiting horizontal pipes.

org $00D24E
	LDA $7D
You can use this code:
!XSpeed = $D0	;; Horizontal Speed.
!YSpeed = $D0	;; Vertical Speed.

org $0381D8
autoclean JSL BigBooBoss

	LDA #!XSpeed
	STA $B6,X
	LDA #!YSpeed

Use Trashkas to convert them to PIXI.

A suggestion: Could have an option to remap the original animated tiles. I remapped the ON/OFF from $DA to $AC. In the game it displays perfectly but not in lunar magic.

If this is not possible, could the editor to display the original animated tiles according to $05B93B?

The problem is because the Chain Chomp uses the same ram address as the Wiggler, so if you use both at the same time it will result in that. To fix it open the "chainchomp.asm" change "$7F9A7B" to "$7FA660" or to another freeram.

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