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Wait What?!

For the past 31 days, I have been running a SMW Collab hack on /v/. This collab is unlike the other tried on the board in a few ways. For one, it is timed. Level submission period is from December 6th, 2019 to January 5th, 2020. The goal with this project was to make fun and well designed levels, potentially reminiscent of that other imageboard SMW Collab from way back when. While it may raise some eyebrows and redflags first, I'm happy to answer any questions about it's production and whatnot. Once submission period closes, the rom will,be fully compiled, with an estimated release of early February. Currently, this Collab has 28 levels with 31 exits, though that count is expected to go up. I hope people enjoy this! It was very fun to put together and work with fellow Anons in a positive and productive way.

Of course, here are some screenshots before I go for now. Thanks!
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
Wow, it was a surprise seeing this here! I've seen bits and pieces of this and I'm very happy to see how successful it seems to have been. Best of luck with compiling and the rest of the hack. I'll certainly play the final thing

Thank you! It's not of the highest quality, and it's not the most well put together, but I am very proud of the endevour thus far. We have Anons who are making their first levels and those who have been making levels for over a Decade. The variety is pretty exetreme, but I think that's what gives this hack its own charm. We can't wait to fully release it!

Originally posted by Gregor
I've played parts of this before and it was pretty good. Keep up the good work!

Thank you!
Originally posted by Katerpie
That was unexpected. Reminds me of JUMP in a good way, although I assume you were subconsciously inspired by it (were you?).

I wish all of you the best of luck with finishing this boy; it's off to a great start!

Yes, I would say specifically JUMP, JUMP 1/2, and the Vip and Wall series were inspirations. All fantastic hacks. My goal is not to create imitation, but rather provide our own style too. There are levels in this hack that are Vanilla, and ones with tons of ExGFX and Custom Sprites. I hope you enjoy!
Originally posted by Magi
glad to see there are at least two levels with purple + green in them lol

That is correct, haha. I wanted to incorporate 4chan humor into this hack in a way that I think could be digestible to others. Some levels in this project reference text and images too (some of which have some colorful and nsfw context as you could imagine). The overall project though is fairly tasteful, so I hope people check it out regardless!
Originally posted by Miku
Always cool to see a collab hack! good luck with it and I look forward to seeing the final product!

Originally posted by kamekku14
So this is why how anons make a ROM hack together and release it for C3. That looks incredible!

Thank you both! I'm glad there has been such a warm reception to this project thus far. While I'm unsure how many more levels this will get (I was considering a 4-5 day extension via email but I feel it defeats the purpose of the project and is unlikely right now anyways) I'm super happy with the results thus far.
Originally posted by Ninja Boy
This looks really interesting I would love to play it once it's done.

Thank you! If all goes well, it will release in early February. After level submissions end, it's just testing and creating the final overworld.
Originally posted by Ultima
Originally posted by Magi
glad to see there are at least two levels with purple + green in them lol

OH FUCK, I forgot that meme was a 4chan thing and not specifically a SiiveGunner thing, so I didn't even notice that lmao

But yeah, it looks great; tad too vanilla for my tastes tho, but it looks nice enough that it would be fun to play and see what it's like

I gotta admit too tho, but I'm a bit curious to see how 4channers make a SMW level in general as well; after playing Pokemon Clover a while back, I now know that there's some surprisingly talented people on that community too, which makes me even more curious about this haha

While I couldn't tell you who it is specifically, based on what one fo the submiited Anons told me, you can expect a few levels by
a JUMP team member
to appear here too! While this hack ie Vanilla, there are a lot more Chocolate elements here that meet the eye later on too!
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
I have been watching the progress of this on V so I am looking roward to giving it a try.
I wonder just who has worked on this and if they'll come out of the shadows. #smrpg{sick}

Haha, thank you for showing your support!
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
For a project from an image board where users and threads are volatile, this is looking really polished and well-organized!

Either there's some SMWC users working on this undercover, or we have interesting insights in a different hacking "culture" too look forward to. Good luck finishing this!

Thank you! The community and organizing has been rather easy thus far, due to daily threads posted at consistant times.
Originally posted by aCrowned
Pretty sure there are a bunch of SMWC users who worked on this, though I am glad to see some new blood too. I was wondering if you would post this on this site for C3 after all.

i'm the baba is you anon, i just came back from vacation a day early, i may have time to make a bowser room if you still need those

baba level is still dead though

You'll see some cool stuff if you visit the thread. A Castle room would be extremely helpful right now too
Hi all. As an update, while submissions were supposed to close in an hour, I decided in the end to let it go until the last thread bumps, which could very well extend into tomorrow afternoon. I'm very proud of all the levels so far, as we're almost near 40 exits. There are a lot of surprises in store!
Originally posted by Sariel
This was one unexpected hack to me. Judging from the screenshots this looks like a hack with quite high quality and definitely some fun and unique levels again.

I wish you best of luck with compiling and can't wait to play the final version! #smw{:peace:}

Thank you! As far as I can tell the thread is still open, so there is a good chance we get about 40 exits with the final project.
While I was expecting the thread to bump by now to give a final level count, it's still active after almost 40 hours thankfully due to a lot of Anons helping others get their last minute levels in. As a result, it seems I'll,give information regarding release and the final count tomorrow. Sorry everyone!
Originally posted by Ninja Boy

Wooo more levels to play once it's out!

But really I doubt anyone is gonna complain that there's gonna be more game cause the thread didn't bump.

Sadly theres a good chance two promising levels will not make the cut, considering that despite being posted a few weeks ago, no download for them has serviced as of yet.
Originally posted by StrikeForcer
Originally posted by Vhack
Originally posted by Ninja Boy

Wooo more levels to play once it's out!

But really I doubt anyone is gonna complain that there's gonna be more game cause the thread didn't bump.

Sadly theres a good chance two promising levels will not make the cut, considering that despite being posted a few weeks ago, no download for them has serviced as of yet.

I would still suggest giving those two levels a chance. I do take it you gave notice on how to submit when the thread stops being active, correct?

Yes, but that is for level updates. Wholelly original level submisisons are locked when this thread dies (it's still going somehow)
Originally posted by Koopster
Is it okay that I pronounce your name like a duck?

I have to admit when I think of "collab by 4chan" I can only think of messy jokey crap by people who never touched Lunar Magic before, but these screenshots make it seem like everyone who's contributed has been pretty passionate about it. I am all for hacks with lots and lots of variety, so I'm sure this'll be very refreshing to play (if I'm around when it comes out).

There certainly are 1-2 levels like that in this too, along with some tjat are as 4channy as it gets (without compromisimg on level design, of course), but a majority of the hack is high quality.

Since last night 3 more levels were submitted!
And with that, the thread is closed and bumped! In the end, we mamaged to get over 40 levels and 45 exits in total. What is now occuring is around 3-4 weeks of beta testing, overworld building, and general QA. I can't wait to show the final version!
Due to the massive level influx. I've decided to share 2 more levels. I hope you had a great C3 everyone! See you next time at the release.
Thank you everyone for your support! We're still hard at work testing and debugging, and as far as I can tell a final release is only around 2 weeks away ;)
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