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A patch that lets you move the "Small Bonus Stars" to any part of the Status Bar.
I found 2 palette bugs in this sprite.

Bug 1 with Normal Messages or Message Box Expansion

When I use another palette row in this sprite it always changes to the color that is in the palette row E when Mario is walking to another screen (sometimes the sprite is flashing like a Bob-Omb in any palette row when I use Message Box Expansion)

Bug 2 with VWF Dialogues Patch

I set the sprite to palette F, but whenever I press UP to generate a message, the sprite always changes to palette row E temporarily, and only returns to palette F when the message ends. (I put random colors in the palette E)

How do I solve this?

Note: I made these 2 gifs in a clean SMW ROM
Originally posted by Black Goku
Did you edit something in the .asm file that had to do with the palettes? Because that may be the cause of the bug.

Nope. I downloaded and inserted the sprite several times and the glitch remains the same.
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