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Status: Unavailable
Difficulty: Easy - Kaizo Light

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Hacks Completed (6)
Super Nothing World by NewPointless (24/25 Exits)
Haunted Hill by Sleepy (19/19 Exits)
Super Mario in a New World by EvanEMV (10/10 Exits VERSION 1)
.EXE by EE_02.exe (4/4 Exits)
Super Muffin World by Sorrylag (7/8 Exits)
Mario - The Mysterious Gem by Mr. MS(28/28 Exits)

Just some Ys fan lol
Ok, I Played almost the entire hack because of a problem that you will discover farther on the "review", but let's start with the graphics.


At the first level of the Traditional Trail "Cleft of Creation", there is a single spike that might be hard to see because of its palette being yellow equal the bridge palette as well.

After that, at the last level of the Traditional Trail "Carmine Convent" you will find a white wood piece (I don't know its name) that by some reason I thought it was a platform, it might be already used in the original SMW but it is quite sketchy.

Other than that I didn't see any graphical problems.


The Hack Intuitively is fine as well and that is what I have to say about it.


The hack has some blind jumps and enemies.
At the Platforming Paradise the second stage has a silent bullet bill that appears to the player avoid.

I recommend that you use this patch to make every silent bullet bill disappear:

Later on at the Kaizo Killing Fields "Secret Level 1" right at the start you need to react at the same instant that level loads to jump in a parashooting goomba

Placing the parashooting goomba a little higher would make this jump easier.

At the third level of the Platforming Paradise at middle of the course you have to perform some jumps in porcupuffer, but it appears out of a sudden and it disappears in few seconds

Again, placing it higher might make the jumps easier.

The Final level of the Platforming Paradise also has a fast reaction moment, right at a checkpoint you have quickly jump, else, you fall together with the platform.

It may increase the difficult but it is hard to react fast.


The hack has just few parts with unnecessary precision.
The Final level of Traditional Trail has 3 doors that you need to make a run because of a P-Switch that you have pressed, but these doors have a really tight time to reach them.

Placing the switches a little closer to the door will make it less precise.

At the second secret level of Platforming paradise it has a little jump to a pipe that you have make a little jump or die to a spike.

Moving the platform a little closer will make it easier.

-Difficult Curve

The difficult curve is fine, there are just some levels that doesn't see to belong to its world.

-Unclear difficult

Pretty much the same as the difficult curve, levels that doesn't see to belong to its world.


The compatibility seems fine as well.

-Extra Feedback

Well remember at the start that I said that I didn't played it all, it is because of a impossible level, Kaizo Killing Fields "Secret Level 1" I didn't found a possible way to beat this level,
you need to fly to go through a space and make progress, but because of moving pipes and insta-killing blocks it is impossible to make a running start.

I even tried to make a wall-jump but when I jumped on the wall, it seems like there is no wall-jump frame.

At Traditional Trail "Secret Level 2" there is a cool gimmick of changing the level physics to water or athletic level, but it makes the level have no challenge when its physics is from a water level, it may add some fish but still.

The second level of Platforming Paradise has a part that you "need" to be small to cross a gap, but the level doesn't even give a indication of that.

Again, in the second level of Platforming Paradise, there will be a bullet shooter that doesn't even shoot.

If it is only there for graphical reasons it is fine, but if it is meant to shoot bullets open the "Add Sprites Window", select this and place on the bullet shooter

Again, at the Final level of the Platforming Paradise, on the part of the moving platforms you can clip through them causing your death.

Unfortunaly I don't have a solution to this :(

At last, in the Kaizo Killing Fields "Secret Level 2" there is a section of moving floor and ceiling, farther on this section you will find a shell that if the ceiling reaches it there is no way to get it anymore because it clipped through the ceiling.

Again, no solution :(

Well that is it, if you need something you can count on me ;)

Just some Ys fan lol
I use Snes9x. Also I fixed the images. By the way I forgot to say about a softlock in the first level of Traditional Trail, if you grab the switch path, press and get the muncher coins you will need to reset to get free of the softlock if you didn't use a savestate at the start.


Just some Ys fan lol
NameTo Break The Curse (Music Box Past) - The Messenger

Just some Ys fan lol
NameTo Break The Curse (Music Box Past) - The Messenger

Just some Ys fan lol
Like, if the entry is "anonymous", the only one that they will know that made the entry is the one who posted, but how will they know the partners?

Just some Ys fan lol
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Specify it in the post. That way, the person who compiles the BPSs knows the submitter's partner.

But I just saw everyone posts and it's just the BPS

Just some Ys fan lol
uhm, heya, I made this thread for you discuss what genres you think that should exist at SMW Hacking (lol, it's the title), but well have fun.

btw Metroidvania is the one that I think that should exist.

Actually there is one, it's Il Maniero Spectralle.

Just some Ys fan lol
Me adiciona ae véi #w{:<}

Just some Ys fan lol
Lunar Magic has a internal ripper, "it's Give me presents!"

Just some Ys fan lol
I have already beaten the GBA smw 100% and got 200+ lives on it

Just some Ys fan lol
Press F right now

I Lost #smw{T_T}

Just some Ys fan lol
Well, this was quite fun to play! But still I have to point out some sketchy parts so yee, get ready for a BIG wall of text with screenshots.

-Everything (Just because you didn't put said any specfic feedback that you would like)

When you start a New Game and goes to the part where the story will be told, the area where the message displays, has a weird grassland song

You can fix that just changing the level's song in the #lm{music} button

After going to the first OW you will notice a lot of cut-offs

The place who has the cut-offs is near the lake

In the first level you can reach an area who has 2 1-ups, which I didn't understand the purpose since the hack has retry system (?)

Later on you will find an Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro and a Venus Flower together, guess it would better to nerf a little this par

Later on (again) when you reach the checkpoint of the level you will see that there's a lot of fish on it

Don't know why you put then there but probably it's best to remove them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In the next level you find a Message Box that literally has nothing writen

I don't know why it's like that since you were able to edit the start message

Here on the end we have a cut-off

Then on the secret level we find these logs that, I guess shouldn't be used this way

Here it has ground tiles in the log

This might be not a problem, but finding a key on a level that doesn't has secret exit is quite sketchy

The next OW has cut-offs too

They are most located near the waterfall

Here we have more cut-offs

Near the last block

Same here

On the next section of the level we have this Boo that can be really bothersome when you don't have any power-up

[Misstook screenshot]
Here we have this 4 Block Boo that, because of the boo whell sometimes one of them don't appear

Anyway you can't pass with 3 Block Boos, so I guess it won't change much if you remove it

In the next level you will see this power-up, that because of the small space, you clip through the floor

Here the Chuck's Soccer Ball can't reach this platform

Moving the platform a bit closer to him can help

The next has some spinies falling of in the vine

Some indications could help

Here the vines cut-offs

I know this is for the level's difficult, but there might be some graphics for this part of the vine

This one you just put a coin up in the block and if hit the block from below it turns in to a invisible solid block

This one is a smwc tip, just put it a tile higher

The next OW has more cut-offs lmao

Mostly located in the waterfalls

The first level in this world has a sketchy palette and a weird quick-sand

Here the coins badly indicastes where to kick the shell, the lava palette is quite sketchy but still it's cool

On the secret level, right in the end after you feed the Yoshi, it stays really weird when it's big

Again more cut-offs lol

More cut-offs on these waterfalls

Here you just put a Message Box on a level with layer 3, so the layer 3 just disappears

Guess it will be best to remove it

This level it posses many parts that you can get softlocked

You should remove some of these because this level you must do everything perfectly

I don't know if this is the meant way to do this but I did this way

Here I guess you should nerf this because you must do this so perfectly

The final level has a really sketchy palette

Probably it would be better to change

This part I guess it's too difficult, this level is really Kaizo-like

After you beat the hack you are softlocked in the map and can't do anything (also the level doesn't count as an exit, and the waterfall is cut-offy)

That's it! Overall this was really fun to play, anything you can count on me!

Just some Ys fan lol
I gotta say, this hack was really great! But there's just few problems that I found

First of in the Title Screen, you can see few squares floating near the "W"

Here these decorations in the underground sections are quite weird

In the second level, if you let the beetles fall here, the game has a little slowdown

On the first secret level, if you die you can't reenter it, you just get softlocked on the "Mario Start" screen

Later on you find this vine, that just cuts the ground making it cut-offy

In the castle right at the start, there's a Chuck that will attack you really fast

Moving it a little far could let it better

That's it! When you release the next version just PM me! #smrpg{y}

Just some Ys fan lol
So, I have noticed that there's a new helper in the graphics section, and just would like to know the requirements to be a helper

Just some Ys fan lol
^ no, I have never said anything here
< don't know what to write
v has already posted something here
Gotta check it out

Just some Ys fan lol
Hey I found just a couple issues in the new version!

Here I recommend that you put some ground under the midway point because if the player is on the high platform he will probably jump on it

When you go through a pipe the HDMA appears for a while

Here's a blind jump

And here too (if I remember well it's blind jump, else it's probably that the platform is too far)

These "spikes" don't even seen to hurt probably changing their graphics could be better

Here's another blind jump lol

Here the biggest problem is that when the player goes there he can get hit by a fireball

Another blind jump

Here I guess the Angry Sun is a bit too low

There the platform is a little too far from the next platform

This level has a couple of blind jumps

(next ones I've already jumped)

Next level also features a blind jump

That's it! The biggest problem of the hack is the blindness, other than that great work!

Just some Ys fan lol
Finished it right now! And I found just couple things that you could check

When you dash you also shoot a fireball

When you get hit it plays the animation of Mario getting tiny

The spikes makes the "BG" cut-off

Here it would be probably better to change the conveyor graphics

If the player miss this orb he gets softlocked

I guess you should also put an alert that you can still walljump

Lastly when you enter this door and doesn't kill the shell he can kill you

One of the things that I miss on your hack is the use of check-points and healing itens, I can see that your hack is inspired in Mega Man so you can probably put some energy cans? Other than that great work #smrpg{y}

Just some Ys fan lol
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