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Tip: Avoid "item babysitting". Do not force the player to drag P-Switches or springboards all around the level. This is not fun, nor does it make for interesting "puzzles".
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A 4-month wait time for a respond usually spells a lost cause, sadly.
Dreamcast from SEGA Hard Girls, most likely.
Krust Krab Training Video wins by a nose. Opposite Day is my second favourite, and my favourite in Season 1.
Very close tie between the nostalgia-fest Nintendo Wii and the more recent discovery of the PlayStation's brilliance. Game Boy Advance would take the bronze medal and is my favourite dedicated handheld.
Also doesn't hurt that all three machines feature Klonoa games...
If it's about Twitter, than you can forget it.
Originally posted by Pixel-Gon
Originally posted by ThePat545
atari jaguar because it was so amazing right guys


That console has a similar audience to the SEGA Dreamcast, being niche but loyal and devoted.
My memory is horrifically poor, but I'd say the DS and New Super Mario Bros. Sonic Rush and Mario Kart Wii were very early games for me as well, having been a "Nintendo kid".
metal shark player #smrpg{:P}
PS3 Sixaxis and Xbox One default, sorry. I just fucking revile those sodding things.
It's majorly hypocritical that Miyamoto-san quipped "A rushed game is forever bad", since he admitted to SMW being rushed (and in his own words, unfinished)toward the end of development. There are more examples, such as Sonic The Hedgehog 2 being praised to high heavens in spite of it's rough edges and cut corners, but I think everyone gets the point.
I could mention the many things that transpired while playing Super Mario 64, but I'll point a frustrating experience playing Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Mega Collection Plus PS2, PAL).
In Hill Top Zone Act 2, I managed to fall through the floor because I was standing on a lift and not touching any of the buttons.

Yeah... this game is not too polished.
I know this is just complete flamewar bait, but I am curious. By the way, mine are S3&K for the classics, Black Knight for the Adventure/ Dark Age era, and Unleashed (Wii / PS2) for the modern games.
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
Sonic Rush. I don't actually enjoy the classic Sonic games too much. I did complete Sonic Mania with all chaos emeralds because a friend told me "You HAVE to do it, it gets really amazing in the end!", but I did find myself getting very little enjoyment out of the game and felt more frustrations than fun. The two Sonic Rush games are probably the only 2D Sonic games that I can play nowadays and still enjoy (although I definitely like the first one a lot more than the second one).

As for 3D games, their quality is kinda all over the place, and from the ones I've played, I think Sonic Adventure was the only one I enjoyed consistently.

Oh yeah, also Sonic Battle. Can't believe I almost forgot to mention it. That game is so broken, but also so much fun. It's ridiculous how overpowered Emerl gets by the end of the game.

Rush and Black Knight are some of my most nostalgic games, I am indeed that young. I was born the same year the former came out (and by extension Shadow The Hedgehog).
Originally posted by Sayuri
Anyone who knows me knows that Sonic Forces is my favorite Sonic game. Shortened to the point, it's insanely fun for me to replay and do speedruns of. I never get tired of it.

As for spinoffs, I love Sonic and the Black Knight. Sonic with a sword is so badass and nobody gave it a chance!

To be honest, I would never call Black Knight a spin-off, just as Secret Rings and Shadow aren't.
Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy this game just fine. I don't outright dislike it like Yoshi's Island either for that game's bloat and excess of content.

I just find it kinda... barren? I haven't replayed it in years, and never find myself yearning to. I don't play too many 2D Mario games in general besides 6 Golden Coins and NSMBDS. I prefer 2D Sonic and 3D Mario as a whole.
IGN? I G N ? You're kidding, r-right? This is gonna end up strikingly corporate, isn't it.#smrpg{sad}.#smrpg{sad}.#smrpg{sad}.#smrpg{sad}.#smrpg{sad}.#smrpg{sad}.#smrpg{sad}
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