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Hello, I created this thread to ask some questions about sprite movement patterns I saw in some hacks or vanilla SMW and have no clue how to execute.

Some of these movement patterns include

-Following the player's X or Y position (disco shell/boo)
-Making a Wave/Sine motion (eerie/flying question block)
-Moving the sprite to a specific part of the screen
-Circle motion (chained Spike Ball)

If someone has got some resources for advanced sprite movement in general please let me know, I would really appreciate it.

These aren't all the options regarding movement that I would like to know about but they seem the easiest to code and I should git gud before asking crazy stuff.

Thank you all and have a good day
I suck at ASM and AMK
Hello, if anyone would be kind to accept my request here it is

Name Vigilante 8 - Main Menu [N64]
Type Port
Sampled Yes
Youtube Link:
I suck at ASM and AMK
Hello everybody,

I have another question regarding sprites but this time it's about animation.
I can only do an easy two-frame loop of a 16x16 sprite but I need some knowledge for a sprite I'm working on.

The things I need to know at this moment are:
-how do I make a loop that has as many frames as I want?
- how do I match action to a certain tile displayed (for example when tile $6B is displayed do this)

Some things I would like to know but are not necessary
-how do I animate 32/64 sprites (generally sprites that have a gfx loop)
-how do I make some frames move faster/slower (i could put the same tiles in the pointer to make it slower but maybe there is a fancier way?)
-how do I make a pointer go back and forth? (same thing I could just put the same tiles in reverse order But I suppose there's probably a more efficient way)

that is all, thank you and have a good day!
I suck at ASM and AMK
I'm afraid i didn't format my questions properly, especially for the last one.
when I meant 2 frame loop i meant an animation, I'm now aware that it can be confused with a gfx loop, i currently know the AND method to animate, but I'm afraid that it only works for two frame animations.

The last questions was about the table and the 1602,x pointer. for now i only know how to jump between two values of a table but i don't know how to increase the pointer and store 0 when it reaches a certain number or to decrease until it hits 0 sort of like a back and forth animation.
I suck at ASM and AMK
Originally posted by imamelia
Code like that might look something like this:
INC $1570,x
LDA $1570,x
CMP #$08
BCC .NoNextFrame
STZ $1570,x
INC $1602,x
LDA $1602,x
CMP #$03
BCC .NoNextFrame
STZ $1602,x

I can not thank you enough, I didn't even thought about using $1570 and instead used $14, I'm so dumb. My sprite animation finally works
I suck at ASM and AMK
Good morning all, I have this problem when using this sprite I made.
Spoiler CLDC.

the level turns into a slippery level and applying a slight modification to the sprite (the gold one) turns the level into a water level.

It seems to happen when Mario makes contact with a solid object (witch moves the sprite pointer and jumps to the code to make Mario jump)
but I have no idea what could be causing that.

I didn't see any particular changes in the debugging when the level turned slippery so I didn't think about it as it doesn't ruin the gameplay but this does, How can a thing like this affect these flags? I am pretty sure I didn't tweak those values at all.

Thank you for listening
I suck at ASM and AMK
Thank you, I solved the problem, it's strange I didn't see any change in the value before. I was indexing Mario's speed, that's what was causing it (7D,x)
I suck at ASM and AMK
Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a character select screen on uberasm using the dynamic z patch to change the graphics on the fly.

I keep getting this error and I don't know why
CharacterGFXSelect.asm:97: error: (E5032): A bank border was crossed somewhere prior to this point.

I'm also not sure if using the uber at level 101 will maintain the graphics when entering another level through a door or pipe (i don't want Mario's graphics to change every level).

Thank you for your time
I suck at ASM and AMK
Wow, I expected to get last place or something. As a first ever smwc contest entry not bad I must say. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, this contest was tons of fun and I can't wait to join the next one.
I suck at ASM and AMK
An ASM contest? Can't wait to get last place
I suck at ASM and AMK
Right below the middle, not gonna lie i expected to place a little bit higher, it was still a fun contest and i enjoyed it. Congratulation to the winners, especially dogemaster. He really deserved to be on the podium
I suck at ASM and AMK
Finally i'm top 10 in a contest :)

Thanks for all the feedback, I'm making an improved version (maybe i'll upload it to SMWC)
I suck at ASM and AMK
Hell yeah, from last to third place.
While most of the criticism was legitimate a couple of people reviewed the contest entries as how good/complex the asm is. I thought only the result mattered but my asm skills are only capable of making basic stuff so not a big deal at all, they're right after all.
As always i'm making an improved version, I'll upload it to my youtube once it's done. Can't wait for round 3!
I suck at ASM and AMK
First time making/improving a boss, I am actually scared of this one but I will definitely participate. Can't wait to see all the entries, I can't imagine what anon is capable of doing now!
I suck at ASM and AMK
I feel bad taking third place just for participating in all three rounds, I'm uploading an improved version of boost and dual soon.
Regarding the boss I'm too busy to improve it :( but I'll gladly hear all of your feedback!
I suck at ASM and AMK
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
How frequent should Mad Scientist be?

the more the merrier, I think one type of asm contest per year should be enough (one 24hasm, one asm LDC, etc)

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Do you think we should continue with public judging much like the music contests or should have had specialized judges similar to the other contests?

I think public judging shouldn't be discarded, I would approach this situation with the speedrunning community tactic of just adding another category with actual judges. For 24 hours or 72-hour asm contests, public judging should be ok but for month-long contests or LDCs I prefer real judges.

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Should we go with multiple rounds (idol styled) or with a single large round (*LDC styles)?

Multiple rounds hands down, I prefer having more variety than having slightly less janky products. you could make a month-long contest for those who want though

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Do you think we should have different types of ASM contests such as ASMLDC or 24hoASM/72hoASM alongside Mad Scientist?

absolutely! I think adding more contests for different kinds of challenges would be amazing. Those who want more time and make a finished product can do the main contest, meanwhile those who want a low effort, fun, and fast-paced contest can duke it out in a 24hASM. ASMLDC would be by far my favorite of the three, I can already imagine worldpeace easily take the win.

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
(To the participants) How much fun did you have?

I had TONS of fun, this is probably the most fun I had in a contest, the deadlines were just right for me and the themes were neither too specific nor too vague (maybe the boss round could've had all smwc bosses).

It was also a great learning experience. It was my first time trying windowing, color math, and bosses; I really can't thank you enough for this.

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Is there anything else you want to add?

If there are contests with real judges, I would like them to point out mistakes or opportunities to improve the contestant's code. I believe this contest can work as a learning tool for asmers of any skill level, instant feedback on a sprite or patch made in a time crunch could make them learn good habits lightspeed.

Even if nothing changes except making this contest an annual recurrence I will be happy. I cannot wait for the next one!
I suck at ASM and AMK
Best New ASMer (Winter 2020) - 2nd place

Thank you guys for second-best new ASMer, JamesD28 definitely deserved first place, I'm working on something big and this really means a lot. Happy holidays and happy new year everybody #smrpg{<3}
I suck at ASM and AMK
a glimmer of hope (V2)
PLEASE let me know if the patch doesen't work
the level has a normal exit and a secret exit
I suck at ASM and AMK