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Name: Skipsqueak

Type: Sprite

Description: Skipsqueaks constantly run on moving platforms going in the opposite direction, causing them to remain in one place. They also jump up periodically and are usually found in groups of two or more. Skipsqueaks can be defeated by using any form of attack, including a jump attack. When the extra bit is set it will become a Spiny Skipsqueak.
Request: SMB3 style Bob-omb
Type: Patch
Description: This patch allows SMW Bob-ombs to turn into SMB3 Bob-ombs when the extra bit is set to 1. Just like in the SMW hack (SMB1X).
Request: Blue and Yellow Net Koopas
Type: Sprite
Description: Much like the green & red koopa except the blue ones are slower than the green ones and the yellow ones are much faster than the red ones. The yellow ones however, will home in at the player much like the regular yellow koopas when the extra bit is set.
I'm having trouble with PIXI cause everytime I insert the sprites in my list. It's given this error:
Originally posted by PIXI Error
An error has been detected:
c:/users/jerm/desktop/pixi/sprites/yipiranha.asm:984: error: (E5131): No freespace found. (Requested size: 63488) [incbin piranhagfx.bin -> PiranhaGFX]
c:/users/jerm/desktop/pixi/sprites/yipiranha.asm:858: error: (E5060): Label 'PiranhaGFX' wasn't found. [LDA.w #PiranhaGFX]
c:/users/jerm/desktop/pixi/sprites/yipiranha.asm:863: error: (E5060): Label 'PiranhaGFX' wasn't found. [LDA #PiranhaGFX/$10000]

Can somebody help me with this?
Originally posted by Thomas
It likely means you need to expand your ROM. You can do so in LM through File -> Expand ROM.

Also make sure you're not inserting multiple copies of this sprite. That particular sprite is a dynamic sprite inserting uncompressed graphics, and graphics take up a *lot* of space, so inserting the sprite more than once will cause your ROM to quickly run out.

I tried, but still doesn't work. Besides sometimes it happens to be this:
Originally posted by Error Pixi 2
A bank border was crossed somewhere prior to this point.
Request Name: Better Classic Firebar
Type: Sprite
Description: Much like Akaginite's version but doesn't disappear when you leave the screen and fixes most bugs.
Name: SMB1 Piranha Plants
Type: Sprite
Description: Green Piranha Plants will go slow, while red ones are fast.
Name: SMB1 Piranha Plants

Type: Sprite

Origin Game: Super Mario Bros. 1

Description: The green ones go slower and the red ones go faster even when you're standing next to the pipe.
Originally posted by lion
Collision detection is a go as of a few days ago, and programming the rising and falling is the current task, the basic code is there, but making it work correctly is the main thing I'm focusing on. Motivation hasn't been the highest for now so I haven't been working on em. Sorry!

Gee, I wonder if you can make SMB1 style Piranha Plants?
Request Name: Crazee Dayzee
Type: Sprite
Tool: PIXI
Description: Crazee Dayzees are from Yoshi's Island. They come in white or yellow petals depending in its X position. When the extra bit is set it will become Bubble Dayzee in purple or blue.
Every time I die in a level which has no Yoshi intro. The game suddenly crashes. Do you have any ideas how to fix this?
Originally posted by Koopster
Not at all with the amount of details you gave.
What have you inserted in your ROM? What do you have going in the level in question? Are you sure the no yoshi intro is the direct cause of the crash? Have you tested it in other levels?

1. I don't even know.
2. I'm not sure yet
3. Yes.
4. Yes.
Originally posted by Ninja Boy
This is still not enough info seeing as the first 2 questions [What have you inserted] and [What do you have going on in the level] are probably the most important ones. The complete lack of information doesn't really tell us anything.
Have you inserted any patches, sprites, blocks, music, uberasm, hex edits anything at all.
And I'll just repeat this one. What do you have going on in the level right now.

What have I inserted? Addmusic that is. What do you have going on in the level. Testing it of course.
Originally posted by Katerpie
Did you by any chance insert music with an old AddMusic? I ask because depending on the tool, it's most likely to crash.
Are you sure you have no patches in your ROM? One of them could be crashing somehow.

No I used AddmusicK.
I'm having trouble with my hack. My hack works fine on ZSNES, but not snes9x. What should I do?
Originally posted by Koopster
Does your hack use old stuff? Particularly old tools, especially an Addmusic. Chances are that's the cause. Every resource we host nowadays should ensue compatibility with accurate emulators, but that wasn't the case many years back.

If that's not it - how does it not "work"? What issues do you encounter in Snes9x?

It's the 1.60 version
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gohkeenytp's Profile - Posts by gohkeenytp

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