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Hello person who clicked on this thread,

This is my first hack. I started working on it two months ago after I began messing around with Lunar Magic the month prior. I had a lot of fun with it so I decided to use most of my free time to work on a Kaizo: Light hack, which I've recently named "Purgatory". I'm not sure what the story will be, but I guess the name implies the player should aim to escape it.

I'm aiming for about 15-20 exits. I have 6 exits that I'm currently happy with, so hopefully I don't wake up one day and hate them. Other than that, I have 3 half-done levels that I'm currently working on, as well as a couple secret exits. As for difficulty, I'm not sure how to gauge difficulty. I don't think it'll be too hard for most since I'm basically a kaizo newbie, but my aim is to create levels that -- I think -- are fun to play, while still being challenging.

Oh, and I suppose I should share some screenshots -- maybe even a video or two.


Vine Level
Forest Level
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
This looks great so far. Very polished and nicely designed. Not sure how I feel about the tree branches being used as ledges, but otherwise I don't see any issues so far (the tree branch thing is more of a personal qualm)

Thank you! As a fan of your work, I appreciate the comment. Hopefully I continue to be consistent in my designs.
Made some progress in the past few days. Here's a screenshot:

Also, because static images wouldn't do it justice:

I think I like how the title screen looks at the moment.
Originally posted by Nint
The title screen looks very cool and clean. I think you're doing a great work with palettes and colors in general #smw{:TUP:}

Thank you! I appreciate the kind words.

Originally posted by Katerpie
I actually like the title screen (and it doesn't look like a purgatory at all :p). It's clean.

Now that I watched the two videos (please give me a pass for not watching them earlier...), the vine level has one of the most clever ideas. Those yellow tiles that touch the ledges kinda bother me due to the invisible area also being solid, though I'm not sure if there's a better workaround.

Thank you! (And yes, there's a very good reason why the title screen doesn't look like purgatory :p) Also, considering the way the yellow ledge tiles work, I think it's consistent with its appearance.
Here's a little something I quickly made the other day:

Simple, but I like what I have so far.
Progress has slowed down for the past two weeks compared to earlier this summer -- making half-levels more often than full levels. But I still have to keep reminding myself that even slow progress is progress. :)

I do have some screenshots to share:

I've only designed kaizo levels. However, this topic interests me, so I thought I'd put my thoughts here too.

As I'm working on my first hack, I have discovered my design process isn't exactly the same every time I design a level -- although, it always starts with one of three questions: "How do I want the player to move?"; "How would I describe the space of the level?"; or "How does the the level sound?". Maybe I want the level to instill a sense of urgency in the player, or I want the level to look and feel claustrophobic. Heck, maybe I found a song in the music section here and thought of an entire level (which is something that has happened to me many times). Another way I come up with ideas is from other games that aren't SMW, sometimes not even Mario. I'm influenced by many different games that aren't even platformers, and yet the concepts in those games influenced my design (whether that be aesthetics or gimmicks).

After the initial idea, I think about the sprites I want to use. I, personally, am very particular about limiting the types of sprites I use. This is to keep everything in line with the theme of the level, as long as I can be creative with the obstacles and setups -- akin to a painter working on a piece with limited colors, or a musician writing a piece with a particular chord progression. For me, this information is enough to draft up a level -- or mess around in Lunar Magic until I create a set of obstacles that match what I'm going for. If it's fun and consistent, I keep it and revise it over time; if not, I scrap the level and try again.

Of course, the process of designing a level is much like any other creative process in that it differs from being to being. What truly matters is that you're patient with yourself and that you're having fun creating. After all, anything you create is something that comes from within yourself.
I don't have any screenshots to share, but I will say that I have 13/20 exits finished. Spent a lot of time redrawing some general graphics; fixed up some palettes and aesthetics; some levels and sections were cut, new ones were born. I have a good idea of what the remaining exits will be like; -- hell, I've had dreams of what will become the final level. I'm pretty confident I'll have the hack finished by the end of the year, but I'm also in no rush. Despite university kicking my butt, I'm happy with the progress I've made thus far.

Hopefully the next time I post here, I'll have a few screenshots to share :)
Hey, you clicked on this thread. Hi!

This is Purgatory, a kaizo: light hack I've been working on for the last 7-8 months (I think I started around May 2020). I was hoping to have it completed by the end of December, but it's best that I don't rush things. There will be 20 exits, 17 of which are complete. The rest are at least half-done, so hopefully I get those finished up soon. This being my first hack, my only goal was to create a collection of levels that I found to be fun to play. Mostly pure platforming, not much item abuse.

You might not be asking yourself: Does this hack have lore? Indeed it does.
In short: Mario has died. The afterlife welcomes him with a path to Paradise, beyond the apex of Mount Purgatory. And so he journeys on, scaling the mountain in hopes of escaping.

Enough lore, let's do some sight-seeing. Those who frequent the SMW Central Discord kaizo channel might have seen some of these over the past few months.

I've had a ton of fun making this hack and I hope to put this piece of myself out there pretty soon! (:
Hello, internet persons.
I've submitted my level for this KLDC, entitled "Filtration System". After listening to a few of brickblock369's ports, I envisioned this creation. So, shoutout to brickblock369; had I not found those ports, I would not have made this level (curse my creative process).

You can download the level here.

Also, a clear video:
Originally posted by Katerpie
I didn't get to play the level yet for reasons, but can't you just screen scroll to the left so the shell doesn't hit the switch block off screen at the end of the first room? Or is that out of the question?

If by screen scroll left you mean do a bit of maneuvering, it might be possible. Though, since you mentioned it, I updated the file to prevent that. Thanks ;)
I actually wanted to port this a while ago and started getting the samples ready for it (I'm still missing a few) but I haven't had the time to do so...
Eh, why not, right?

I started porting a few months ago and I've been having a ton of fun with it, so I've decided I'll share a few! I've shared a few of these on discord as I worked on them, but now they're a bit more polished. The N64 ports were among my favorites to work on.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - Investigation ~ Opening 2007
DRAX - When Strangers Meet!
Front Mission: Gun Hazard - Richard Millman
Front Mission: Gun Hazard - Transaction
Glover - Atlantis 3
Glover - Intro
Yoshi's Story - Yo Yo Yoshi
Claiming this.
Finally had time to finish this :D : Here ya go!
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