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Here's my usual shtick of sampled 1:1 ports from non-SNES titles. Most of these were from the past few months (some even a few days ago lol).
For those that frequent where I do, you may have heard a handful of these already.
But regardless, have a listen anyway :p

Here's what's included (plus some commentary):

Re-Volt (N64) - Candy Jumping
- N64 song? Check. Banger? Check.

Mega Man Star Force - Cyber World
- Shoutout to Abdu for showing me this song, and thankfully it was easy to port.

Baba Is You - Fruit On Grass
- Probably the best song in the game, at least to me. Getting some of these samples right was pretty annoying lol.

Kero Blaster - Freeze Draft
- I've never played this game, but the soundtrack's pretty great.

Jak 2 - Krew Battle
- I found the samples for this recently and ported this last night lol. A pretty intense song.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - Lamiroir ~ Sound of a Landscape Artist
- One of my SF3 cover entries (and it got 2nd place :D).

Blast Corps - Ocean Breeze
- I ported this for an upcoming hack. It's a very charming song, because -- of course it is, it's an N64 song.

Sonic CD - Quartz Quadrant Past
- This song was the reason I started porting. There wasn't a sampled 1:1 version of this song and I thought it was a shame.

Bomberman 64 - Rainbow Palace
- Shoutout to Arobam for reminding me this song even existed. It's so euphoric...

Ristar - Splash Down
- I've also never played this game, however this is quite the banger.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Thwomp Cavern
- My favorite song from this game.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - We Won the Case! ~ Our Victory
- Nothing to say here, I just really like Ace Attorney lol.

Whether you listen to a handful, all of them, or even just one of these: I hope you enjoy listening :)
Claiming this.
Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone :D

Originally posted by Milon Luxy
I wonder how did you got the original samples from Baba Is You, if not by manually recording them. I know recording them is a huge pain to get them right on the port...

For the percussion, fortunately a lot of it was credited in the description of the soundtrack (a lot of freesound stuff). For the other samples: yeah, they were all sawtooth waves I had to generate and change manually until it sounded correct. It was a bit of a pain, but I'm very happy with the result.
I meant to claim this earlier but this request was trivial for me, so here it is.
I'm claiming this (and I was planning on porting this at some point anyway :)).
That top 3 was really close.

Originally, I started out porting something completely different before scrapping that and starting from scratch (and, man, was I in a rush...). That is to say, I couldn't have anticipated this outcome. Thanks to everyone who listened and voted! :D This was a lot of fun.
Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
Some question towards the leading lights porter: Is there any reason why the 0:28 is missing the voice?

I missed this earlier, so I'll respond now. The voice is missing because I ran out of space, and I couldn't find a suitable replacement for it within the time constraint (even less time for me since I had started the port after scrapping a different one, AND I didn't really have much time to do so in the first place). Since I couldn't really think of anything, the port ended up the way it did.
Hello, all. Just doing what I usually do: post some ports I've worked on in the past 4 or so months.
Here, have a listen.

Hyper Light Drifter - A Chorus Of Tongues
- Just a little excerpt of this serene tune. One of my favorites from the game.

Dune - Frequent
- Some sick tracker song I found a while ago. Barely got it to fit within the limitations.

Mario Party - Jungle Adventure
- What can I say? It's a classic N64 jam.

Mario Kart 64 - Kalimari Desert
- We need more MK64 ports.

Mario Kart DS - Options Menu
- Sifting through some games I haven't thought about in many years, I sort of ported this impulsively after listening to it. A chill, short tune.

4mat - Rain In Summer
- Another cool tracker song I stumbled upon on day. Ported for a Romhack Race level I did a few months ago.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Star Hill
- One of those songs that overwhelms me with nostalgia.

Deadly Premonition - Whistle Theme
- Ported an excerpt of this song for a hack (The Reconciliation of Ascension). Very charming.

Bomberman 64 - White Ice
- Probably the most catchy song in the game.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Yoob's Belly
- Weird and underrated song, tbh.

That's that. I hope you enjoyed listening :)
I might post a few of these to the music section later this year.
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