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Olá, sou Anorakun!

Acompanhei o site mais por fora mesmo, mais para jogar hacks e só recentemente, me animei para criar uma hack, então vou participar mais dos fóruns para aprender algo novo.

Poderia pôr o meu nome na lista? \o
Estou criando uma fase de gelo, usando o modo 1E (Translucent Layer 1) e por algum motivo, a jumping piranha plant fica invisivel nesse level mode. Alguém tem alguma ideia de como consertar isto?
Ah sim. Entendi agora. Bom, não manjo muito de programação, então vou remover o background. Tava usando o fundo normal de caverna, mas enfim, vou usar o layer 3 (rocks). Valeu pela ajuda. \o
So, I'm a newbie trying to learn ASM and I'm having trouble finding the lines that makes the boss (Fry Guy) flip like crazy. I have tinkered a lot in the graphic routines and couldn't figure out.

The reason I want to change it is because of this "Death" boss that will be in my hack, and it's very odd how he flips a lot like crazy.
Originally posted by Teyla
Usability is incredibly important, and personally I feel something that is deemed unusable, even if it's 100% accurate, isn't fit for the section. To compare to other removals, we don't accept backgrounds that eat up all the BG and FG slots because it makes it literally impossible to use a foreground at all.

Yes, but there's some inconsistencies about the graphic section itself. So, I don't agree with this speeach of usability. I even saw hacks with "realistic" backgrounds and even If I find odd, I respect the decision of the author of using that kind of asset.

The background below, ripped by Ayami, uses a lot of EXGFX, and yet was accepted. Not that it shouldn't, but it contradicts what you say about using a lot of slots.

Also, there's this foreground that Zampari ripped. I find it very cool, but not so much practical. Very specific at best.

How about another example? This excellent rip from Brutapode89 uses a lot of graphics, and I find the perspective a little odd to be used in levels, but it was accepted. Only FG3 is free.

Also, the foreground that I ripped doesn't eat too much graphical slot. I don't understand your point. Yes, three palettes are a lot for a foreground, but, BG2, BG3 slots are free and there like 4 palette rows free.

And I avoid using more than three palettes in my backgrounds. I try at best, using one or two. It's not my fault, I work hard in optimizing what I post in this site.

And while I agree that my sample level wasn't that great, I don't understand the reason of rejection. I did everything that was asked : Map16, EXGFX, palette, palmask, and I even avoided to use the status bar colors. Maybe the sample level was terrible, but I can make a new one showing how this tileset works.

If the problem is the main ground of the tileset, I could make like the Halberd foreground, where Mario is above the ground itself, but that would cause some issues with the perspective.

Either way, it's a pick your poison situation. No matter how I ripped this, It would not be perfect in perspective. It's not my flaw.

I thought it would be cool to post this FG on this site, because there's so few graphics that are oriental-like here, and I wanted to help, bringing more diversity. It's the reason why I brought some Castlevania and Ganbare Goemon rips. Even if I don't use it, somebody will.

I did this rip with the most accuracy possible. And it isn't even complete. SEAWAR did a rip better than mine.

Also, saying that the graphics are ugly isn't helpful for a moderation log. I think that these assets are beautiful. So it's a subjetive point, not worth of bringing to the removal itself.

I'm very disappointed with the decision of removing the foreground itself. I could edit to make the perspective look better, but that wouldn't be a rip anymore.
And so, what I'm supposed to do? Fix it to Mario stand the ground like the Halberd graphics? Forget about posting it?

I'm not saying that the moderation didn't do its job, but that moderation log was very empty, compared to other rejections. Also, the point here, at least for me, isn't if was a decision of one moderator or more to reject my submission. My problem here is the removal log itself.

While others logs gave proper feedback, the log for the rejection of the assets that I ripped, was just like : "perspective bad. graphics ugly". What I would learn with this?

Sorry if I'm going to sound a bit harsh, but the impression that I had while reading the log : "Has he even tested the sample level that I sent? What a lazy removal log..."

I would understand If the rejection was about the confusing sample level that I sent with the archives.

But even if fixed the ground to be like the one from the Halberd tileset, it still would be wrong in perspective. Even if I fixed the bamboo too. Also, I'm still learning ExAnimation, that's why I didn't animate the lanterns. Also, for me, the curtains are decoration (with priority on). I wanted to be close to the original game with the behavior of the tileset.

When I posted this rip, CalHal came and talked about SEAWAR Mario World. I didn't even knew someone ripped this graphics already.

Also, I want to give a bit of context why this doesn't look like an usual castle. Kabuki Castle represents the Kabuki, a form of theatre in Japan. There are lanterns, giant Kabuki actors, the "curtains", parasols, taiko drums,fans, bamboo and etc. Maybe it looks odd, but there's some logic behind the graphics in the original game.

And I thought this would be a fine addition to SMW. The graphics are colorful, even it the perspective is odd at some parts. Could even fit a Switch palace (if you ignore other parts of the set) or an oriental-themed level.

That's fine if the mods want to rejection my submissions, but give me proper feedback, at least. If there's something you think that I should fix, just say. I'm open to the feedback in my graphic rips submission.

Some of the backgrounds I ripped, I had to remove colors, because it would consume too much colors, for example.
17/04 - 26 anos.
So, I was tinkering with the perspective. And, I fixed some things. If weren't for this topic, I wouldn't even touch this tileset again.

But still, I don't agree with the argument of "graphics hindering the player". If the graphics hinder the player, is the original game unplayable? No, it isn't. It sounds like a lame excuse to reject my rip.

First fix I did was with the bamboo itself. While not perfect, now it has a better hitbox and doesn't look confusing anymore.

The second fix I did to the blocks and the checkers pattern of the tileset. Somehow I ripped few pixels wrong in the first version. My bad. But these two are the only issues that I found with my rip.

Then I tried change the perspective of the ground. Didn't like it too much, tho.

So, I'm going to maintain the perspective of the ground like my old rip. Also, the taiko drum is fine. If I change its perspective, I would cause a much worse perspective error.

You could have pointed some inconsistencies and mistakes that I made with this rip, but yet all is resumed to "this graphic is too odd for the graphic sections", "perspective is bad".

And yet, I fixed some oddities in a few minutes.
Originally posted by Gloomy
I didn't know game companies were untouchable gods whose art must absolutely not be criticized.

But the point about the graphics isn't about being organized and being easy to insert? Nobody is saying that Konami made perfect graphics, but you're implying that I ripped very bad drawn assets, and that's not the case. I slept a lot in some details from my first FG rip, but still, I did my best to bring some gorgeous backgrounds to this section.

So basically the moderation is saying to me: "this pixel art is bad. rejected".

I made some mistakes with the mapping and some pixel art, yes. Like I said other times, I do have some guilty in this situation: the screenshots weren't great, the sample level was a mess and I made some mistakes while ripping. But the pixel art itself that I ripped isn't bad. I even fixed some mistakes that I made.

Halberd graphics look odd in perspective, and yet, it was accepted. I'm not questioning the quality of the assets, I think they are beautiful, like the other examples that I mentioned in this thread, but it has perspective issues like my rip, so I don't understand the point of rejection.

Why don't you let the users test the graphic and take their own conclusions? This rip isn't so bad like how y'all are saying

I want the moderation to give me another reason why my rip is so bad that it violates the Core values. Not only "perspective confusing" or "graphics is very ugly. ew".

The organization that I did with the rip was very good, even with the mistakes that I made. The palmask is correct. I avoided using important palettes like the status bar, I named correctly the GFX Slots. The only bad thing here about my rip was the sample level and screenshots, but that's easy to fix.

The palette itself is very colorful. It represents a Kabuki theatre like I said in other post. It isn't a janky mess like you're implying with curating the site to always have "GOOD RESOURCES". It has a purpose and logic behind it, even if yall don't like the assets.

Konami, in the Super Famicom / SNES made some very incredible pixel art. Just because you don't like the artstyle, doesn't mean that other people won't. You're assuming that every user will follow the same criteria you use to judge what a good graphic is, and that's not how the cookie crumbles.

The original Super Mario World has some odd graphics like the background of the Ghost Sunken Ship (giant logs, and very small windows, an issue with the scale itself), and yet, nobody bats an eye.

If you wanna bring to the topic of art direction, I can list even more example of odd graphics and also, backgrounds that I find beautiful. It would be an endless cycle and this discussion would go off the rails very quickly.

I expected the rejections based on mistakes that I MADE, not in "this doesn't fit the site. its ugly". It's not my flaw that Ganbare Goemon 2 uses that artstyle. It's my mistake the mapping of the graphics, the horrible sample level and bad screenshots.

I made my points very clear.

EDIT: Since the assets I ripped are so """confusing""", here's a video of them in use. It's from my hack. The level isn't even done, but here it is:

See? It's not very hard to use these assets. I also plan to give ExAnimation to these red lanterns later.

For a bit of context, I started in the hacking scene in 2009, but I lost interest mid 2011, because of my lack of experience with things like blocks and sprites. So, after all that time has passed, and after having played some great hacks (in this period that I was inactive), I tried to mess up around with the Lunar Magic. And thus, this hack was born.

There are some hacks that I played while I was inactive: Brutal Mario, The Second Reality Project series, Keytasthrope (Remake), Sicari Remastered, Luigi Misadventures 2 and few other hacks I don't remember very well.

Yeah, I didn't play too much mario hacks, but I played a lot of platforming games like Shovel Knight, Castlevania, Ganbare Goemon, Super Mario All Stars, Sonic (I still have to play Mania); Sparkster, Gargoyle's Quest, Actraiser, Mega Man classic and X, Magical'n Pop, DoReMi Fantasy, Earthworm Jim, Wario Land, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, Kid Dracula, Getsu Fuuma Den, Aladdin (SNES/MD), Magical Quest (Mickey), Metroid (and IGAvanias too) and a few others. My point here is that I LOVE platformers, but I never risked to do a SMW hack, that is, until this year...

A lot of things that I learned don't come only from the hacks that I played, but from kaizos that I saw other people streaming like Invictus, Not Dracula Castle, Grand Poo World 2 (I even watched it being played at Games Done Quick), Quickie World, Ryu World, Super DGR World. So while I came back recently, I also watched a lot of stuff related to SMW Hacking. It's amazing how the resources, hacks and tools have evolved with the passing of time.

My objective with this hack is to create a challenging game, not kaizo-like, but still rewarding. I want to pay homage to these platforms game that I played. Since this is my first hack (that I'm giving my all), I'm very open to suggestions and constructive critics.


Like I said, this is my first real attempt to make a fun challenging very hard hack. But before I talk about the hack and stuff about the level design, I would like to introduce my original characters:

This is Aeron, a goofy mage knight that is very powerful and well-intentioned, but also lazy, sassy and reckless. He loses his magic (also, his grimoire too) when is sent to a strange dimension,. He's attached to details and kinda methodic.

This is Natsumi, a serious hot-blooded shinobi. She always has to deal with all the mess that Aeron does. Act like a older sister figure to him. Carries a dagger that can freeze its enemies.

The story is very simple: Aeron and Natsumi are sent to a strange dimension and now must find a way to return back to their home, Windovastia. I'm not a great storytelling, so I'll be focusing on a more humorous and light narrative.


An adventure won't be complete with a nice looking map, right? Here is the current overworld of my hack.


This mysterious archipelago will make the protagonist confused, since he will have to turn around and try to find his way in this place. With a lot of icebergs in his way, it's very hard to traverse the ocean.

Submap 1: Mt. Mutsu

A japanese submap mixed with snow theme.

Submap 2: The Underworld

A mysterious place with evil energy lurking from it.


Here are some screenshots from the levels that I made and other things, as well. Do note that they will be updated as long as I make progress in my hack. Please take a look:

I didn't draw the player sprites (it will use 32 x 32 player patch), but that will take some time. For now, I will focus on the level design itself for now. Sorry for taking so long to make a player sprite, but I'll sure pay off. Cutscenes will be coming in a near future, so stay tuned!

Thanks for the reply, Darolac! I tinkered around with the $1602,x table, but I found a more efficient way of stopping it flipping. It's one simple line of code:

INC! 1570,x.

When I removed it from .noContact, he stopped flipping.

    LDA !1570,x                     ; \
    LSR #3                          ;  | animate
    AND #$01                        ;  |
    STA !1602,x                     ; /

So, since my question is solved, it would be nice if a moderator closes this thread. : >
Rudra no Hihou - The Spirit Chaser by SiameseTwins.

Not only is accurate to the original song, it's also one of the best battle themes that I listened in a SNES JRPG.

Shovel Knight - A Thousand Leagues Below (KMT Style) by Ultima

An incredible arrangement of one of the best themes in Shovel Knight.

Final Fantasy IV - The Phantom Forest by Nameless.

For this one, I think is so close to the original song.
Originally posted by 7 up
Originally posted by Anorakun

Sounds like something that was featured before.

Well, then I'll change it for another song.
Nice work, M.S. Can't wait to play the finished hack. Looks very promising, so far.
NameFinal Fantasy VI - Cyan's Theme
Sampled your choice
midi fileLink
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