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I'm working on my first hack. Things have been going relatively smoothly so far, most of the issues I've been running into I've been able to find the info I need to figure out the problem here without having to ask myself, but this problem I might need a little help with.

I added a custom song to play during a level clear. This is the song. It worked perfectly fine, but I was noticing a big hang on level clear after changing the song. I figured out I needed to replace the global stage clear song so it would be loaded into ARAM. Problem solved!

But now there's a new problem, the song sounded fine when I didn't put it in the global position, but now it sounds off, like one of the guitar sounds are missing and the drum sounds are most of what you hear. I'm not sure why this is. Is there something I need to edit in the song's txt file to make it work properly in the global position?

EDIT: NVM, I'm super blind, the instructions are literally in the description on the song page. Sorry.
Using the latest version of AddmusicK.

A number of songs including these two ( this and this ) include exclamation points. I assume that this is normal (while I can make basic changes by following instructions I don't know assembly so I don't know what this does).

However, when I try to add these songs I get errors that say, "Unrecognized Character "!"" with the line number they are on.

I found an old topic from just over a year ago and it was suggested to try redownloading Addmusick. I have redownloaded it and still have no luck.

I have no issue importing other songs into the rom. I already have a number of custom songs working just fine. It's only songs with exclamation points in the code.
Only one of the songs I had this problem with came with addmusick_sample_groups.txt and I have copied that into the main addmusick_sample_groups.txt file. The error still persists.

Only one song will show up in the log at any time. If I remove ASGORE.txt downtownspringfield.txt will throw the same error (but with a ton more lines).

Here is where I copied the text in the main Addmusic_sample groups.txt file.
Originally posted by KevinM
Did you change the header in the song to something other than "#amk 2"? If you did, change it back to that and it should insert just fine.

That did it. A tutorial I watched said to change any amk headers to #am4 so I've been doing that with all the songs. I didn't even think to mention it because I thought it was just a thing I was supposed to do. Thanks for the help everyone!
Kaizo Light hack I've been working on for a few months. This is my first hack after getting my feet wet in Maker 2.

The beta is finished and I've been watching Shoujo play it on stream and have already started on fixes and adjustments for v1.0. It has 13 levels with 16 exits.

Features instant retry, a choice between Mario and Luigi (using the separate Luigi patch so that his graphics are actually unique), and custom music.

Nets kill you but sprites pass right through. In game they stand out a bit more because they use the same animated yellow color on the palette as Dragon Coins.

I assume you're talking about the purplish pipes in the screen with the stained glass window background?
Mod edit: Spoilers are slurs. Read at your own discretion.

I understand why the OP is a bit vague. Calling names out directly tends to cause more problems.

I released my first hack a few days ago. I've kept my expectations tempered and have been taking any negative feedback as a learning experience (and I've already been compiling notes for a 1.1 release as a result so I WANT people to be honest).

However, I did stumble on a streamer who quickly resorted to ad hominem bs when talking about my hack. I try to have thick skin and I know it's my first hack so didn't let it bother me too much, but when it went from complaints about what was in the hack to, "Oh, this guy probably did this/added this mechanic because he was
." I was a little annoyed. Heck, if it had been a one time thing I still wouldn't have cared, but it got annoying when even perfectly valid criticism of the hack also included calling me a
like, "Oh, this
used the wrong corner tile here."

I can deal with someone calling me a
, but for some that might hurt a lot more, and I can't even imagine having people wildly speculating on what kinks I have like what Morsel was saying.

What's the solution? I don't know. What I can say, however, is for the most part the SMW community has been very welcoming and helpful, so hopefully the toxic bs is only a handful of bad actors. So far I've found most of the more well known and respected people of the community set a good example and that alone can go a long way.

I love this bee sprite.

Really though, I'm most excited to show off D4's level palette asm, even though it probably doesn't have much bearing on how the level will be judged. Def put more time into the ow than was needed to go along with it.

This level is still technically a wip although I feel like from here it will only be small tweaks if there are any needed.
Here's my entry:

The Bee's Knees

Edit: It's mentioned in the starting text box but I forgot to also note here that this level has 2 exits.

Edit #2: Clear Video
I assume the best place to submit a clear vid would be to edit it into my submission post?
77 entries. Wow. 8>
"Middle Wiggler" became a little meme when TW was playing this. Middle Wiggler sees all of our sins. They know what we did.
GG Everyone!
The fact that you have to scroll down past 27th place to even see scores below 80 points just shows how well everyone did and how stiff the competition was.

Even sitting at 29th place I can't not be happy with my level.
Fishin' Boo Ring looks positively evil. #smrpg{:D}

Palettes and graphics are sexy af.
Sins! PridePog

Interested in seeing this when released.

Lowkey hoping for a bee level. :)
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