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I've got a couple questions regarding pipes that I hope someone can help me with =D

I have a pipe set up to go from 106 to 1CA (the pipe in 1CA isn't exit enabled). From there another pipe in 1CA goes to a pipe back to 106. The second pipe on 106 is on the same screen as the first, but is in the upper portion of the level. Mario comes out of the pipe fine, but the issue I'm having is that before Mario emerges from the pipe, the screen starts down at the bottom of the level, and then scrolls up.

In short I'm wondering if there's anyway to make the scrolling of the screen start at the top of the level where Mario comes from the pipe, instead of at the bottom.

On another less important note, for some strange reason that I'm sure is fairly obvious that I'm just missing, why do pipes in different screens happen to be different colors. It seems only pipes change colors and not other tiles.

I appreciate any help =)
Thamk you Bokkun, yes that did help. I've looked through tutorials and the FAQ and whatnot and I couldn't seem to figure it out.

Thanks again for the help ;D
Sorry to post another question so soon after my first, but is there a way to make invisible blocks (or certain invisible blocks) activate by turtle shells or other throwable item collisions?

It wouldn't have to be the invisible coin block either, I've tried other invisible blocks like the note block, but no luck.

Again, any help appreciated =D
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