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Does anyone know where the graphics for Mario's hand when punching Yoshi are? All the other hand graphics are in GFX00 but I can't seem to find those ones.
Originally posted by Batata Douce
Originally posted by Idunno
Does anyone know where the graphics for Mario's hand when punching Yoshi are? All the other hand graphics are in GFX00 but I can't seem to find those ones.

I know, they are in GFX00, at the end, is the hand before the arrow, and Mario is pointing, not punching.

Thank you!
In the overworld editor, it says that secret exit 1 activates the base event number + 1. So if my base event is 8, that means the secret exit activates event 9. What event am I supposed to use for the normal exit? I tried event A, but it doesn't activate in order in game (the secret exit is activated instead). Same problem with event 9 on the normal exit.
Originally posted by KevinM
The normal exit will activate what you call the base event, so in this case 8. The secret exits (1,2,3) will activate the base event + secret exit number.

I understand that part. The problem is that when I clear the level unlocked through the normal exit after getting the secret exit, it wont let me go to the next level.
Originally posted by Koopster
Did you set the "Direction to enable when normal exit is used" properly in the map?

And are you certain event 8 hasn't been activated by some other level previously?

Events don't need to be executed in order in-game, but that should be a given.

The level unlokcked by the normal exit works fine (sends me to the next level) if the secret exit isn't unlocked in the previous level.
Originally posted by Koopster
Originally posted by Koopster
And are you certain event 8 hasn't been activated by some other level previously?

Does the previous level activate event 8 through its secret exit by any chance?

I'm just gonna list the levels and their events:
1, event 8 (has a secret exit)
2, event A (is the secret exit from level 1)
3, event 9 (normal exit from level 1)

No other level activates event 8, clearing level 3 does nothing if level 2 is unlocked, but it works fine if it isn't. I believe the problem is the events assigned to the levels (it should be the other way around 2,9 and 3,A) but I'm not sure.
Originally posted by Koopster
Level 1's secret exit already activates event 9. You can't use it again in level 3.

Yeah, I was pretty sure that was the problem. I just wanted to make sure. Thank you
Track name: City 2 - Drawn to Life
Preferably sampled (unsampled is ok too)
Reference: (I don't know why the link isn't clickable)
I'm mostly new to custom sprites and stuff. I was wondering how to stop the ultimate noob sprite from spawning bob-ombs as they share the same graphics spot in the gfx file, so they look messed up. I believe this is the the code that spawns the bob-ombs
SPRITE_TO_GEN: 			; For generating random normal sprites, write the sprite numbers here.
db $0D,$0F,$10,$09

!RandTableSize = $03		; Size for above table, -1.
Originally posted by Katerpie
You want it to spawn enemies that aren't bob-ombs?

Remove $0D (corresponding to the sprite number of the bob-omb) from that line or replace it with another number.

I'll try that, thank you.
These are some screenshots for a hack I'm working on. For the moment, it's called "Glow", but I don't like that name. It's styled around Gameboy Color graphics. Obviously, it's unfinished. I just wanted to show some of it off. I'd like for it to be a difficult hack, but I'm not to good when it comes to difficult level design, so idk. The story is simple: all the colors were stolen and split accross 7 levels. You must beat each one to get the colors back.

Red Forest

Yellow Canyon

Green Lake

Purple Plains

Indigo City

A boss


EDIT: I made the first level and was hoping for some feedback. Does it seem too hard?
Originally posted by Lotica
Aesthetically, it looks pleasing. Overall, not bad so far. Hopefully the levels are good as well. I couldn't get a good idea on the level design from the shots unfortunately. Still, keep it up!
The levels aren't made yet. All that I made so far are the GFX, music, the tutorial level and overworld.
Originally posted by Minish Yoshi
Very cool style, Idunno!

This could turn out to be quite good if the levels you make achieve what you want.

As much as this graphical style is really nice, the level design of this hack is the most important. Some make sure your level design matches the quality of your graphics!

What kind of design philosophy do you plan to follow?

I plan to have the levels start off easy and work their way up in terms of difficulty. The levels would usually start by introducing the main mechanic of a level and working around it.
Originally posted by Counterfeit
If you feel the level seems too hard, the right thing to do would be to think about how hard you actually want the hack to be, and then rearrange the order in which levels you made appear in order to balance the difficulty curve. If you do want a hard hack, then it might already be good where it is.

I think the level is awesome. I admire in these style hacks, it is very easy to focus on the objective: it knows its purpose is to provide a challenge. There's definitely no boring or repetitive areas, and absolutely no hand-holding or tutorials. It feels retro in that regard. The player is expected to learn the ropes through live practice, and usually basic information on the mechanic is in the manual instead (readme or description in this case.) The wall jump is one such mechanic that would be best introduced in an area where your first try doesn't have a consequence for failure, so in that regard, only if you choose to keep Red Forest as your first sequential level, I would recommend squeezing a vertical corridor somewhere before the drop over lava so the player organically understands the mechanic.

I like the implementation of the retry system that doesn't waste time going back to the overworld, instead sending you back to the section start, and that lives have been dropped entirely.

It does indeed look like a 1st-generation GB game run on GBA or SGB, giving you a 4-color palette for layer 1 and another 4-palette color for sprites. The goal sphere takes on the layer 1 palette though - is this intended?

There is a small tutorial level that teaches you about wall jumps and the retry system before the first level, it's entirely optional. Also, the goal sphere is using the layer 1 palette as it's a "Color Orb", which is meant to be red. All levels end with the corresponding Color Orb.
Originally posted by LOLRyan2006 the Goombud
This looks like a good, colorful hack! But that indigo doesn’t look that indigo to me...

Thank you, and that Indigo color is mostly accurate. The darker parts of the tileset (the brick outlines and shading) are indigo, while the backgrounds are meant to be lighter to have some contrast with the foreground.
(Update, I added an overworld)
My first time participating!
VLDC 12 entry: Cumulonimbus Castle
This is my first time participating in a VLDC, so I don't expect to win. Here's my level: Cumulonimbus Castle. It's a somewhat challenging level that relies occasionally on spinjumps off of grinders and ball 'n chains.
EDIT: I changed a jump in the level and added some EXGFX to make it look more unique.
EDIT 2: Added an overworld because I felt like it.

Edit: here's a video of the level (I don't show where all the dragon coins are) The video is slightly outdated as I made a few modifications.

Here's the download:
Originally posted by Sariel
This looks like a pretty solid level. Palettes are alright and music choice is good and fitting imo.
The most difficult part perhaps is the jump at 1:00 in the video where you have to get up with the ball and chain. Even if a cape this seems quite difficult so maybe you wanna work on this again and make it a tad easier? This aside though as said this is quite solid design, so there's not much I could critisize.
Side-fact: Are you aware that grinders can be slide killed? You have a few setups where this would be possible (even if this shouldn't affect your score too much)

Thanks for your feedback. I was working on fixing a few things, mostly that jump, but I was unaware that grinders can be slide-killed. That wasn't obvious, but most things in smw can be killed like that so I really should have checked.
So I've been using this ( wall jump patch and noticed that it makes a really high pitch sound at times when you jump off a wall. I was wondering how to remove the jumping sound effect entirely.
I believe this is the code for the sound:
  LDA #!JumpSFX
		STA $1DFA|!addr
	+++	INC $1406|!addr
	  LDA #!WallSFX
		STA $1DF9|!addr
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