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Oh, god no. Why did you just link Xkas GUI for a freespace question? Spoilers: The freespace finding function doesn't actually work.

The third column contains the number of free bytes of space. For those patches, you'll probably want at least 500 or so bytes of space. I'd set the first one to $10C22E and the second one to $12ED08.

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Watched the finale yesterday. Spoiler tags, go!

Originally posted by WYE
season two

AFAIK, Korra is only a single season. And really,
they wrapped up all the storylines in the finale. Amon was unmasked and defeated, the revolution presumably petered out after losing its leader, Korra mastered airbending (still not sure how that worked) and became the fully realized avatar, Korra and Mako got together (I could barely stand to watch that scene it was so cliche), and everyone got their bending back.

I realize they ended the series the way they did with the pan up from the kiss as a callback to the end of ATLA, but I honestly would have preferred it if the last scene was Tarlok's sacrifice. Would have left a better taste in almost everyone's mouth.

On that note- The Legend of Korra: Pushing the limits of what can be shown on children's television:

-Terrorist attacks
-Animal abuse
-Whatever it is when bloodbenders pick people up and twist them around
-Attempted suicide (the scene with Korra standing on the cliff)
-Successful murder-suicide

Not saying that I didn't enjoy the series as a whole. I mean, damn. It was indeed really, really good. I personally liked it, but couldn't help *sigh*ing at a couple of cliche'd or poorly executed parts.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
Or Derpy. Or Pinkie Pie.

More seriously, I mind it interesting that you've got a male usercolor and like Fluttershy. All the Fluttershy fans I've met are girls, and all the girl bronies I've met are Fluttershy fans.

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Originally posted by AxemJinx
Originally posted by Noobish Noobsicle
Korra mastered airbending (still not sure how that worked)

Originally posted by Kaijyuu
Airbending out of nowhere was an ass pull.

Amon couldn't sever a connection that hadn't yet been established. Think of it this way: a freak electrical storm fries all of your electronics and appliances, but since your laptop wasn't plugged into the wall, you can still use it.

Come to think of it, what happened to all of Amon's chi-blockers? We see them in the first few episodes and then pretty much never hear about them again, perhaps because of Sato's technology. It's strange, though- I mean, I kind of expected Amon's ability to be rooted in chi-blocking rather than bloodbending, unless it's some combination of the two.

the asspull was not that amon didn't sever her connection to airbending, (my theory is that he has to individually remove each element, and didn't bother with air because he thought it didn't matter) the asspull was that all of a sudden, Korra kicks Amon's ass with AIR POWERZ even though she's never been able to move a sheet of paper with it before.

They could have pulled it off if they had actually showed Korra progressing in airbending, unbeknownst to Amon, throughout the series. But no. Eh, it was cool.

Originally posted by TheRPGLPer
EDIT: This is the best thread ever, nothing but a bunch of black spoiler posts.

Have you seen that one thread where Kieran reenabled HTML comments and it turned into a gigantic quote pyramid of nothing, all the messages were in the comments.

And then everyone in that thread got banned, IIRC.

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Let's do this.

hoohoo.spc - my god this is beautiful

Least Favorite:
Treetop Rock
Grape Garden
Pain the Universe
Where Cacti Grow
Theme of Gray
Gerudo Valley

So many good songs... so many porters I feel really guilty about having to vote down. #w{=(}

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Now with extra girl and extra hacker
I realize you've probably already tried this, but when I have this problem I solve it by rebooting my computer. Works every time, for me at least.

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First, the name is Noobish Noobsicle. Mind the space.

The first thing that comes to mind after that is that you'll have to relocate most of the code into real freespace instead of having it all run where the original code was like the patch is now. Perhaps not, though...

Commenting out lines 28-39 should make it so both options will show regardless of the file being completed, and free up a couple bytes of ram. I recommend you use that area to set the RAM address for the number of options in a list to 1 IF the file already has progress (check !FREERAM) and JSL into freespace and fiddle with the stripe image data so that CONTINUE is greyed out or something.

It's been a while since I looked at the patch and all these recommendations are made from me examining the code by itself, so tread lightly here.

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The easiest way to solve this problem seems to me to be switching the most downloaded box over to using downloads per period of time since submission instead of just straight downloads. Naturally, it would have some sort of filter to prevent hacks with one day and 3 downloads from being the top of the box.

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I can't speak for the SNES dev tool, but if it's MP5 code you're looking for, I wrote a simple homebrew rom to read in MP5 data, you could take that code and work with it if you wanted.

Download here, compile with xkas.

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Hey. I'm back!

For several years now, people have been bothering me about the Co-op sprite and stuff (mostly complaining that the IPS link on my site had 404'd, but whatever), and today I'd finally had enough, so I dug up the old project files and got reacquainted with the project. Except whoops I've forgotten how everything works.

I was, however, able to prod the patch back into working shape, so here ya go, have some source code:

The code is on Github because I kinda wanna make a collaborative effort out of moving this project along! I'd love to get the project to the point where it's actually stable enough and supports interaction with a broad enough range of sprites and objects that it could be used in an actual hack release. Of course, you could make the argument that it's there already, but I'd make a shifty face at you and back away slowly.

Anybody interested? I'll help out as much as I can, of course.

Mod edit: Trashed duplicated thread.
OP edit: Thank you mods!

Now with extra girl and extra hacker

Right next to the "Co-op Ponies" folder there was a "Co-op Luigi" folder. It's probably several months of development behind the Ponies version, but here it is, I literally just stripped the ROMs out of the folder and stuck it in a zip.

And yea, you can totally help if you want! Anyone can help if they want!

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
If you're going to look for bugs or do testing, do it on the Ponies version. In the ponies, version, P2 can swim, climb, runs the same speed as P1, can touch the falling grey platform, etc.

Like I said, the way it happened was that I forked the project for ponies and then just continued dev on the ponies branch.

No sprite should cause a crash when P2 touches it, but the ones that have no interactions are just because the interaction code hasn't been implemented yet-- there's a gigantic table for how P2 should interact with every single sprite in the game in sprites.asm, and a lot of sprites don't have any code there whatsoever.

I don't plan on supporting triangle blocks, capes, and yoshi, the former two because I can't scale the screen so one of the players would have to go off screen and that would be awkward, and the latter because Absolutely Freaking Not.

Edit: Also, at one point in dev the sprite did use the SMAS seperate luigi graphics, but I cut that out because it no longer fit in one data bank. Once we get luigi back at all, it would (probably) be pretty easy to just define a second freespace and make that work.

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Originally posted by Trollope
Nice work on the patch! I hope you're gonna implement split screen. If possible, here's a challenge. You can press the start button and select options to config if you want Vertical or Horizontal split screen. If not, then OK. Just implement split screen if that is possible. If not, OK.

Pretty sure the SNES hardware makes split-screen completely impossible. :/ Well. Hrm. Vertical split-screen, absolutely impossible, but horizontal is... technically doable, though it might be infeasible since you'd basically have to simulate twice as many sprites if P1 was sufficiently separated from P2.

Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Looks interesting. If the pony version is less buggy one could just change the GFX and global palettes if they want Mario and Luigi instead, right?


This is the full set of player graphics for all three ponies, minus the little extended 8x8 tiles. That's way fewer tiles than Mario uses, and I'm pretty sure I cut some corners in terms of arranging them so that tiles could be reused in ways that Mario's model didn't allow. That and, you know, there's no such thing as small ponies. Little ponies, yes, but not small ponies.

The biggest challenge in getting back to Mario and Luigi is that I completely made up my own numbering system in terms of player frames. Look into my notes, co-op.txt in the project root, and look at $0F3A-$0F46 in the RAM map and then List C -- The first step has to be transitioning away from that and toward the original $13E0 values. Then we need to fix up the DMA code to account for that. Basically there's no real middle ground between "ponies" and "luigi", and anybody who takes on that task is going to have a nonfunctional sprite for the entirety of the time between starting and finishing.

It'll probably be one of those things that I sit down and get up eight hours later and have it be done. Maybe. Not sure.

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A few days ago, I discovered that everybody had migrated to this wonderful little thing called asar since I left. I also discovered that asar actually has preprocessor conditionals, in addition to the beauty that is pushpc/pullpc.

*Inserts a different set of graphics*
*Inserts a different global palette*
*Changes a single byte from the patch file and reinserts*

You're welcome.

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The newest version is exactly where it's been all this time, on github.

...if you're unfamiliar with github and don't want to deal with version control software, there's a "Download Zip" button on the bottom of the right-hand column.

E: should have been more specific, the github is the link in the first post.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
I'd think it would be clear from that screenshot that Luigi is still using his SMW graphics?

I think it wouldn't be too hard to add the SMAS graphics, but this patch is already literally more than half a bank of code/data and the separate graphics would be totally uncompressed and absolutely enormous. I'll add it in as optional, but if anybody complains that it's too large I will cut them.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
Under what circumstances is the $010B hack inserted into ROMs? I would have sworn LM did it automatically, but this doesn't actually appear to be the case.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
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Noobish Noobsicle's Profile - Posts by Noobish Noobsicle

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