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Immediately under the "secondary movement routine" banner:

STZ $1504,x

And then under the "main movement routine" banner, after the Chase: label:

LDA $1504,x
BNE NotStarting
LDA #$2E
STA $1504,x

Untested, but it should work.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker

Might literally have been the easiest thing I've done for this entire project. Download is in the same place it's always been.

Originally posted by Shog
(except you like to do that of course)


Originally posted by Shog
I, as a person with no knowledge/minimum knowledge about ASM, could do to make the ASM Code be more stable/functional?

Wow, thanks!

If you wanna help but can't ASM to save your life, honestly you could just get a friend and play through it, and post here with a list of anything you find that's not right. There are a hell of a lot of tiny little bugs (and some, erm, larger ones) floating around that I'm perfectly aware of but have never gotten around to fixing because I'm always in the middle of something else, and I've never bothered to actually make a list of all the issues, so now that I'm actually in a place to do bugfixing, I don't really know where to start..!

Also, work music suggestions would be helpful. I've had Maroon 5's Sunday Morning on loop for the last four hours, and am beginning to consider switching it up.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker

I'm back.

LONG STORY SHORT: I'm working on this project again.

If you've never heard of it, this is literally NSMBWii style multiplayer in Super Mario World.

I was gonna record a video, but Snes9x decided to be a little shit, so no.

If you remember this project from the last time I posted it at a C3, I had changed Mario and Luigi to My Little Ponies? Yeah, I fixed that. Not only are they Mario and Luigi, you can chose to have either the SMW or SMAS graphics for Luigi.

And, of course, if you want the ponies anyway, you can re-enable them. #fim{:D}

So! Have some IPS patch downloads:

And have the source code, on GitHub where anyone can contribute to it:

This is by no means complete, and there are bugs. Feel free to yell at me about them, and I will fix them! Probably. Or just do it yourself, that's what GitHub is for. :P

Since this is sort of a last minute thing, there is no video, no screenshots, but I highly recommend just grabbing a second player and playing through Super Mario World again. You might actually find it fun again. #w{=)}

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
Aw, yes, I was looking for some people to actually make a good list of the bugs. Let me address a couple of things:

- This will never work with Yoshi. There's not enough space in SP1, plus yoshi interaction would probably literally double the size of the codebase >.<
- Flying and the purple triangles will never work, just because they're impractical with two players. What happens when one player runs up and the other doesn't? Where does the camera go, and what can the other player do? :/
- The thing with falling through the brown swinging platforms has to do with the fact that the actual platform's coordinates are calculated at runtime and stored in scratch ram that just happens to be untouched between frames, so when there are multiple platforms on screen, only one has its coordinates visible. It's fixable, but I don't know how easy it'll be.
- Carrying things is super duper sketchy at the moment. What really needs to happen is that I need to add another state to $14C8,x for "Carried by P2", since at the moment it's kind of a hodgepodge of stuff trying to make sprites follow P2 around.
- I have no idea what I did that broke the player's friction with the checkerboard platforms, they were working before and I don't know what happened..!
- I literally got slopes to properly work four hours before this release, so yeah they're a little rough around the edges. xD I'm relying on some code I hacked together four years ago, so if I can actually relearn how it's supposed to work, I think I can make something less anal about positioning!

Basically everything else is really simple fixes or just oversights on my part. I'll get right on them!

..though that might take a while, since I actually have a full time job being a real computer hacker and my time is sorta limited. I do want to move this project along though, it's too cool not to!

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
I remember you! :D Many thanks for doing the brave thing, somebody had to~

Try applying the asm version of the patch (there's a "Download Zip" button on the bottom of the right column in the source code link in the OP) on top of a clean ROM with your levels and ExGFX installed.

That should work, but if it doesn't... well. This patch is frigging huge and hijacks half a zillion places, some of which.. might be overwritten by some of LM's more complex patches? They shouldn't, but mrrr. Send me a PM if that doesn't work.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
Given the x/y coordinates of a block or its Map16 number (from 7E/7F:C800), how can I get its "Acts Like" setting? Either I'm blind or the ROM/RAM maps don't have much to say on the subject.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
I'm trying to set $9D to lock all sprites and animation for a time so an animation of mine can take place uninterrupted, but the code at $00CDE8 is resetting the timer every frame. In fact, $9D doesn't seem to be a timer at all, it just gets set to some random-ass value whenever Mario needs it, the code at $00CDE8 doesn't get run somehow until it's time to undo it.

Is there a good way to actually lock stuff for a set period of time? My hijack is effectively at GetGameMode, but it lets the game's code run first. But that's literally the entire game's code (interrupts notwithstanding) so it's... sort of like running stuff before GetGameMode too :P

This is for the co-op sprite, by the way, so extensive hijacks to redo massive parts of SMW's infrastructure are welcome!

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
Pretty sure no, because those are explicitly for Mario's animations, and that would require there actually be one of Mario's animations playing.

Though. Hm. Adding a new player animation for "everyone sit tight for a bit, I've got this" might work.

Now with extra girl and extra hacker
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Noobish Noobsicle's Profile - Posts by Noobish Noobsicle

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