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[File Name] - [Author]

SMW: Return to Dinosaur Land - RAGB

SNES Professional ASM Development Kit - Dinesquick; Jay
BlockTool - Jonathan Wilson
SMW HDMA Kit - d4s
Sprite Tool - mikeyk

Custom Blocks:
Infobox - Pac/Lightvayne
Power-up Removing Block - BMF54123

EDIT: Huh, now that I see that other people are providing entire pages, I guess my post wasn't very helpful. Sorry.
Okay, so there's still something I don't understand. You wipe all the members and forums to "clean up the site," but now anyone can register again, with no restriction whatsoever. It will only be a matter of time before all those idiots register again and start causing problems. If you want to fix the site, you have to do something differently this time. You can't just expect us to "learn our lesson" and suddenly behave. It doesn't work like that.
Originally posted by
Now we have less banned users. Plus, the new site will have the capability to actually delete (not just ban) users.

Ah, I see. That's good to hear.
It's simple, but it's the best I could do.
The SimCity Theme was great! Thanks! Now I'd like to request "Friends 1" from Kirby's Dream Land 3. You can find it here.

I actually wasn't expecting Diddy, although, now that I think about it, he did appear on Mario Kart Double Dash.
I noticed that some hacks are already recieving one-sentence "reviews." This is kind of annoying. I thought the whole point of renaming "comments" as "reviews" a few months ago was to encourage mult-sentenced reviews, not unspecific comments like "I liked your hack." Could we have a rule stating that only descriptive reviews should be allowed in the hacks section? Good reviews are a useful way to decide which hack to play next.
Originally posted by Supertails
But I agree, people ask/answer questions and whatnot, something that should be done somewhere else for sure.

Yeah, asking questions in the review area is also annoying. Questions should be asked in the Hack Discussion forum.
Reviews done by experts? Great idea! Now that we've reached a sensible conclusion, this thread can be closed.
How long does it take you to finish making an SMW hack? (Demos dont count.) It took me exactly a year to make Return to Dinosaur Land, which has 47 levels and no ExGFX. (Of course, I wasnt working on it every day, but still...) By my estimates, it will take me two years total to finish my current hack, which does have ExGFX. Am I slow, or is this normal?
Ive never felt the need to use smilies, but those SMW ones really look cool! I think we should use them, if its possible.
Originally posted by Supertails
Also, some of it depends on how you make the levels themselves. If you make big levels with lots of secrets, it'll take a few days compared to smaller, SMB3-style levels.

That's a good point. I usually prefer SMB3-style levels, but for some reason, SMW object sets seem to encourage longer levels (with midway points and stuff), so my hacks end up having mostly long levels that take at least two days to make.
Does anyone here use Windows Vista, and would you recommend upgrading to it? I've herad mostly mixed reviews about it, but the most important thing for me, of course, is that Lunar Magic works on it. I'm still not sure if it does, since I've heard some XP programs won't work on Vista.


Macs are prettier. And their operating system Mac OS X is way better than Windows XP, even Vista. It comes with everything you could possibly want. Just plug in a camera and your photos will be transfered to your computer without installing any third-party software. Watch DVDs and videos downloaded on iTunes with the included remote control. Video-chat with your friends using the bulit-in webcam and included, pre-installed software.

Have you ever tried to install a webcam on a PC? I've tried to do it on my mom's PC, and it's absolutely hell. You have to install the camera's software, look for an empty USB port (or plug in a bulky USB hub if there aren't any more left), download and install AIM, and then look for a way to make the camera interact correctly with it. (I'm still having trouble with the camera's crappy microphone.) On my Mac, it was as simple as signing up for AIM. The webcam and microphone are already built-in. I didn't even have to download and install AIM's software because Macs already come with a program called iChat that's designed to work with AIM accounts and, more importantly, work seamlessly with the webcam.

The only thing Mac OS X isn't good for is hacking. But that's not a problems because now all new Macs can run both OS X and Windows (XP or Vista).

I have a Mac with both operating systems, and I use Windows XP for ROM Hacking and OS X for everything else.
Originally posted by Boingboingsplat
Oh. Who would want Vista on a Mac! O_o

Actually, as I said on my post, I have Windows on my Mac. It's nice if you prefer OS X but also need to use Windows for programs that aren't compatible with it, such as Lunar Magic.
Okay, so up until now I've used Google Pages (now called Google Sites) to host may hacks. I liked it because it's free and therefore anonymous (no credit card number/real identity attached to my site). However, I've grown tired of used web-based applications and would like to use Apple's iWeb.

With iWeb, my website hosting my hacks would be linked to my MobileMe account, which in turn is linked to my credit card and my real identity. Of course, visitors to the site would not see my real name, but, theoretically, Apple would be able to make the connection between my (somewhat less-than-legal) hacks and my real identity.

Does this make sense, or am I being too paranoid. I mean, it's not like I'm hosting actual ROMs anyway. Do any of you use paid hosting services, and if so, have you ever gotten in trouble for hosting hacks?
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