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Hello! Are you looking for my older posts? Here you go, but I regret asking some things, especially my SMAS Song in 8-bit and my YouTuber Rival


I did it because GODDAMNIT!!! Two similar users are doing it too

I have made a new bonus level, while remaining the 100 star points one. However, when I change the song#lm{music} of either level 0 or 100, the song doesn't play. Am I doing something wrong?#tb{:?}

Layout created by Dominicentek
Yeah this is a dead project...

You have seen interesting meme ROM hacks. We had one remake of a Genesis bootleg in 2016. We had a whole game based on one Mario sprite on 2018. We had a Toad hack where it had like a MILLION of memes based on TV in 2019.

Now it's my turn, and THIS is the funniest of all.

Untitled Mario Meme ROM Hack

That is the name.

It is guaranteed that this will happen:

-Too much Simpsons references (It's my favorite TV show)
-Too much a e s t h e t i c songs
-Very interesting...backgrounds.
-Level 103 is a remake of the second level from the bootleg Super Mario World 64
-I am trying to make this look as corrupted (Not real as possible)
-Classic Vinesauce memes will return in mashup with NEW memes

These are the things I couldn't do:

-In level 24, I edited the desert song, but going to the pipe will make random music and SFX appear (Including the unused SMW2 sound and something that will make your ears bleed) with a very high chance of crashing your emulator.
-Could't do sampled songs. It either said that the sample was not found or that the Echo buffer exceeded my ARAM.

Anyways here are the screenshots:

I added a final boss inspired by the нет Genesis bootlegs. You won't believe who it is! (Not related to the Simpsons)

Anyone here who tries to guess with pictures will be DEAD

Warning: The project has been called off. The editor locked the ROM from editing somehow and I will have to call this off#smw{@_@}

Also it was hard to make new levels and publish it.
Originally posted by SMW S.N.N
What kind of hacking is this? The screenshot is the same as Simpson's, but did you update the modified version of Super Mario?

Oh, my God. This is very unique.

I'll be looking forward to the demo version, and this time you've made the better running extensions and graphics for Super Mario Brothers 3 in the screenshot below.

Looking at the modified version of Mario's picture, it's really flat, and it's a little big with my mouth.#w{:s} (Second picture)

Thank you for your reply.

I really wanted to put a P-Meter on my hack. I also put some physics like the SMB2 High Jump and the SM64 Triple Jump and Wall Kick.

Also, the derpy Mario image had some ExGFX problems where some black squares would be visible.

And this type of hack is actually a placeholder hack for a new hack where Mario travels back (Announcing soon.)

Is there a way to put a Mode 7 title screen? It should be similar to this animation:

Layout created by Dominicentek

Originally posted by Thomas
Sure, though it gets a bit awkward with the dual backgrounds you want.

The main issue is that Mode 7 only has two graphical layers: the scalable Mode 7 layer, and the sprite layer. This means that your base backgorund (the one not moving/scaling) would have to be created using sprite tiles rather than a normal background layer.

Past that though, the rest should be doable (it would just require learning the ASM required to do so).

OK, but at least either Layer 4 (as seen on Yoshi’s Island) or Block ExGFX is possible, right?

Layout created by Dominicentek

Actually, I don’t care anymore for achieving the impossible. What is important is that you make an interesting title screen. No need for Mode 7 title screen or SA-1/Super FX polygons. The real importance for the title screen is how interesting it looks

BTW how can the thread get closed?

Layout created by Dominicentek

I know there are like a TON of threads of the same error, but...

I try to do what I am told to do and then every time I follow the rules, Addmusick gives me a pathetic excuse just to not let me put the sampled song.

The song I am trying to put is the SMB1 Sampled 8-bit Overworld song

File: smb1_overworld/smb1_overworld.txt Line: 35:
The specified sample was not included in this song.

And here's my organization (Sorry if they are big. My screen resolution is 1800x1200):

Layout created by Dominicentek

Originally posted by Green Jerry
Did you move the "nes" folder to the music folder or to the samples folder? It must be in the samples folder for it to insert.

OMG! IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU!!!#smw{:peace:}

Now I need the sampled soundtracks of all the Mario games so I could add them to my new ROM Hack

Layout created by Dominicentek


I have been trying to put my favorite starman song and all SAMPLED, but when it plays, it only plays the tinks and the (cello?)

Also, the sampled song turns the level complete song into an underwater song...

Layout created by Dominicentek

Originally posted by Green Jerry
There are 2 ways to fix this:

1. Open the tweaks.asm file in the asm/SNES folder and change the !SwitchPalace define to the song that you want to use (Example: if you inserted the song in slot 29, you change the $12 to $29).

2. Open the Addmusic_list.txt file and replace the "12 originals/18 Switch Palace.txt" line (line 22) with the song that you want to use (Example: you want to replace the bonus theme with the special world theme, you change it to "12 originals/29 Special World.txt").

Are you sure this affects ONLY level 0 and 100? I already did for the Switch Palace and I want to put a different song only on Level 0 and 100

Layout created by Dominicentek

I have seen some hacks that have no title demo and instead they make the title screen to be pure BACKGROUND. Is there a way to do that?

Layout created by Dominicentek

Originally posted by Ninja Boy
If you choose to put him off camera you need to make sure to uncheck the "move camera to Mario's position" in the main/midway entrance window #lm{1door}

I can't reach pink color I can't see the check "move camera to Mario's position". Would you mind please give me screenshots?

Layout created by Dominicentek

Originally posted by Dominicentek
First of all, you need to install this patch, and then edit the title screen when you go to #lm{ow} and click on FILE. there will be TITLE SCREEN in the menu. click on LOAD TITLE SCREEN. Create your own image in it. Make sure there are no blank tiles or else it will display a hole in the title screen background.

Already installed this patch. I can't edit out the Super Mario World title screen GFX to a wallpaper or else the HUD, the text and GUI will display bits of background... Is there a way to apply ExGFX to the title screen text?

Layout created by Dominicentek
Name: SMAS-style saving system
Type: Patch
Description: This patch will enable the SMAS-style saving system every time you: Pause the game, Get a Game Over, Save your game, Possibly beat the game. With 4 options (4th one enabled on ending): Continue, Save and Continue, Save and Quit, and Quit.

This might be kind of hard but if it is, I am okay with UberASM if you can’t put it as a normal patch.

Originally posted by Ninja Boy
This is the camera button, Set FG/BG relative to player.

Also I haven't tried Batata Douce's method.

On the background it is supposed to be that confused face, but since the title screen palette messed it up,

Layout created by Dominicentek

Originally posted by Batata Douce
Ok, here is: Level C7
I created the level for you.

I must say, I almost laughed. You didn't need to extract the ExGFX...somehow.

Also how am I supposed to keep Mario alive? He just dies and adding a block won't help...

Layout created by Dominicentek

Originally posted by Batata Douce
Originally posted by LOLRyan2006 Mario Fan
Originally posted by Batata Douce
Ok, here is: Level C7
I created the level for you.

I must say, I almost laughed. You didn't need to extract the ExGFX...somehow.

Also how am I supposed to keep Mario alive? He just dies and adding a block won't help...

He dies? You have selected the option to import the tiles from the location that comes (#lm{16loc})?

Do you installed an custom title moves? You need to record Mario stopped.

Mario doesn't move thanks to a patch. Still, he dies...

Layout created by Dominicentek

Hello, this might sound dumb, but is there a way to edit instruments from original songs? I just want to do a Virtual Boy version of 11 Here We Go!. Below there is the .txt and the preliminary Virtual Boy-based meme level (Why white?):

By the way the hack is called "The Adventures of P-Mario"

Layout created by Dominicentek

I really want to do this. I want to be patient but no one replied to my previous thread. I am really anxious for the reply. Please reply. Thanks in advance.#smw{x_x}

Layout created by Dominicentek

Originally posted by Giftshaven
Yes, there's a way for you to change the instruments. If you're trying to change the instruments to a different instrument that's already loaded into SMW, you just need to change the numbers after the @ to select the instrument you want. This is a list of the instruments you can choose from. If you're trying to load in samples outside of SMW, you'll need the .txt set up so that it loads the sample, and then add it in as a new instrument. Here's a guide that tells you how to do that. You will need to change the number after the @ as well after adding the sample in as a new instrument.

But the real question is: Which of the red squares should I change?

mod edit: fixed table stretching

Layout created by Dominicentek
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LOLRyan2006 the Goombud's Profile - Posts by LOLRyan2006 the Goombud

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