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When i try to patch a rom it shows a internal server error message..

Am i doing something wrong or what happened? I was using it for a long time without problems

Thanks :)
No i mean this one


The option to use a url of a patch is what i need

Mod edit: tool linked in this post contains a link to a clean SMW rom
Ohh wow i was sure this is a official smwcentral service..

They should have this in my opinion.

Thanks for clearing that up 🙏 im trying to report it to the right place
Please think about a new version of the official online patcher. Having the option to enter a URL of a patch makes it easier and so much faster.
Helloo and good day to you ✌️

I absolutely LOVE CoOp Hacks like that. I wish i could create my own levels with Lunar Magic but I don't know how to do it. I never used it before.

Im excited to play your demo :)
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