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Devotion: A Luigi Kaizo Adventure

This hack has 29 exits. A choco-nilla, kaizo-light rom hack with inspirations from GPW, GPW2, Invictus, Peachy Moat World, Riff World 2, Quickie World and more.

There is no plot.
Not anymore.

Kaizo-light, medium difficulty. Intended to be fun to speedrun.

This hack is complete! Testers and feedback greatly needed and appreciated.
Important feedback includes;
Level design
Ease of understanding
Consistency with regards to any potential jank

Updated to v1.2, World 2 added, adjustments to levels in World 1

Updated to 1.29, World 3 added, adjustments to levels in Worlds 1 & 2, fixed ips file compatibility problem

Updated to 1.59, World 4 & 5 added, Worlds 1-3 tentatively complete, including Switch Palace levels and Secret Exits
Free movement between all completed exits in the Overworld (all events are not completed)!

Updated to 1.89, World 6 added, Worlds 4 & 5 tentatively complete, including Switch Palace levels and Secret Exits
Adjustments made to some levels
All events completed for available levels (free movement still available)
Overworld graphical upgrade!

Updated to 1.9, Adjustments to levels in Worlds 2 and 4

Updated to 2.1, Major adjustments to levels in World 1, removed levels in World 2, added Commentary Rooms

Hack completed at version 1.07 World 6 completed, small edits to levels in Worlds 1, 2, and 4. Small edits to Overworld

Hack Updated to version 1.08. Fixed a graphical error in S2-1

Link to Patch

Very simple, I would like an Eerie that goes vertically instead of horizontally.
Preferably I would like to be able to set an extra bit to determine if it moves up or down.

Please & Thank You
Original Graphics, didn't know there was a new version(?)
Facing the player, preferably, but it honestly doesn't matter.
Wow that's a good idea! But nah I can use default sprites still.
I'm getting an error in pixi

"An error has been detected:
[pathway]/pixi_v1.2.14/sprites/eerie_vert.asm:131 (called from [pathway]/kaizo/pixi_v1.2.14/sprites/eerie_vert.asm:131): error: (E5094): Macro 'FinishOAMWrite' wasn't found. [%FinishOAMWrite()]"
That did it, thank you, James and thank you so much Larva. I really appreciate it.
Updated to 1.2
Adjustments to some levels in World 1.
World 2 added.
Graphical changes.

I have 1 tester, still open to more.
Originally posted by cangrejo
i tryed to patch the file and it seem to be broken or something, bc when i use flips it says the patch its not intended for this file . but i tried my clean smw rom with another patch and works perfect.

Thanks for letting me know!
I updated the whole project with a fix to the issue you laid out above, should work fine now.
Another update with some quality of life demo changes to the overworld! The hack is more than 2/3rd complete!
Likely the last update before I finish making all the levels.
Only the final level is not yet finished, big overhaul to the overworld, made it more lively and flavored, will make a thread in Kaizo Hacks WIP soon.
Link to Thread here

No Plot
No Exhibition
Just Luigi getting into it, my 2nd ever project, and I would like to get testers involved early, unlike my last hack.

I plan on releasing my levels for testing in 2 exit increments, replacing the previous levels in each new release

Update: 09/17/2022
Fixed Graphical issue in Dragon's Den
Added Saving Checkpoints and Start+Select

Latest Build here

Fast cycles
Tight jumps in specific sections
Swirl (Chocolate and Vanilla)

I need feedback on if some things are simply too tight to reasonably handle or if it's too hard to figure out/needs indication

I intend for the player to feel their way thru
Please and thank you!

Relevant information
Walljump and Dupe Glitch is patched
Framerule is patched
There is a timer
Tutorial level included
Smooth Powerup Transitions
Start+Select Enabled
Saves Checkpoints
Autosave with OverWorld Movement
This is an untitled Luigi kaizo

No Plot
No Exhibition
Just Luigi getting into it

Intermediate/Expert Kaizo Hack

Link for testers here


Checkpoint Save Feature!
Because I think we might need it :3

Swirl Flavor!
Chocolate and Vanilla levels

Expedited Shipping

I Can't Believe It's Not Vanilla Graphics!
99.9% Graphics pulled from Vanilla assets!

Shootin Ya Straight
No Secret Exits or Switch Palaces

Available Levels

First Batch
Mare Icarium
Dragon's Den

Coming Soon
Finished Levels in Bold Italics

Vorpal Swords
The River Styx II
Mutual Interest
The Next Level
Death Road
Atlantis Depths
Rapidfire Rescuer
Belle Peinture
It's Alright!
Wind effect, like layer 3 tides, but without the water


Basically as described above, layer 3 tides without the water (and doesn't have to have any relation with/usage of layer 3)

Preferably as a level type uberasm
Only works on Mario, not sprites
gnarly, that'll do it then
Timed ON/OFF Switch Block

Block ASM

Would it be possible to get a version of this that is a block and not a sprite?
Gulaschko got my back, nvm!
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