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How (and why) do you think of this stuff, I mean really...
Yesterday my Flash Player worked fine, however when I restarted my computer today, bang! Something's wrong. The Flash player on my browser is acting funny, it isn't actually broke as it manages to work for certain things, (mainly adverts) though when I go to Youtube for example, my browser suddenly freezes up. Here's what I'm talking about.

When I reinstalled the Flash Player, it decided to play this animation perfectly fine: click here.

However when I go to Youtube, (again, for example) it freezes up and forces me to shut down: click here.

I think it's something to do with my Shockwave Player, as when I disable it in Firefox the website doesn't freeze up - although the videos don't actually play, heh. The last piece of information that may be handy would be the operating system I'm on, which is: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium - hope that helps.

Please reply - Jirachi.
The New Year of 2010 is approaching us very quickly; in fact it’s only less than 24 hours away from where I live, time really does fly when you’re not having fun, huh. For the past hour I’ve just been lying back on my bed and reminiscing about what exactly has just happened, which of course is a decade coming to a close. At first glance I was glad of it; I pretty much didn’t care about it at all and thought to myself about what a dull, uneventful and miserable ten years these have been, though on second thought – miserable, yes, but to call it “uneventful” would be a little bit more than an understatement. When I looked back at it in more detail I was astounded on how much has actually happened. Of course, there have been catastrophic low points, the Tsunami, the World Trade Centre attacks, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Global Warming and Michael Jackson (R.I.P). Though there have also been high points, the iPod, the first black president, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook... SMWCentral for crying out loud! (And well... the weird bits in-between - George W. Bush, the Large Hadron Collider etc. But I don’t like to count them.) I’d like to look back and think to myself that this was a wonderful decade and a lot of great things have happened, though the reality is that it has been miserable, and a lot of things could have been better... Despite all these things, I am proud to have experienced a very important decade and one which has shook the world quite significantly - I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Though, enough of that, what I’d like to know is how has this decade been for you, has it been good, has it been bad, and what events have been the most important to you? It doesn’t matter if it’s something very small say family related, or something incredibly large that has affected the entire planet – however, say “SMWCentral” and I assure you, you will be shot. *cocks gun*

Please tell me your opinion on this, and have a happy new year.
*Cocks gun*
Brown hair for the win; though it's quite light and has some natural blondish streaks in it. I haven’t had a hair-cut for around two and a half years, so my hair’s actually down my back, heh.
Originally posted by Magmar
Congratulations to everyone!

I got a few votes, though not in the most pleasing catagorys. Better luck next year or something.
Nothing, I don't actually eat hot dogs at all, when I do I like them bare.
I'd be behind the bike shed having a smoke.
Originally posted by Tatrion
Originally posted by Raibys
*HAD* to live with someone on this forum for a week? Why, already I would do anything TO do that. Tatrion and Jirachi Raibys are two of the most awesome friends a person could ever have...and then I think most of you on the forum by now should know what's going on between me and Azure nobody D:!...

So yeah, any of those 3 I mentioned is certainly a no-brainer.

The first person to hit post 5000 in this thread should recieve a ban.
Photoshop: Because it's a powerful tool against my enimies if I have a picture of them.

Other than that, just the usual crap.
"Jesus"... everyone thinks I look like Jesus, what else can I say? ;_;
I am going to contribute to the impending flood of pointless posts that seem to be stacking up in this thread.

There's a lot of things I find annoying, nearly everything mentioned above in fact. I would have included some of those in my post, though so I'm not just repeating everything I'll try and mention some others.

<Jirachi> Quotes from the IRC, (which to be honest I don't even find funny anyway) posted in people's signatures or custom titles.

This, and everything it represents.

Also... that Paper-clip bastard that keeps popping up in Microsoft Word... Really.
No, I haven't. There isn't many British hackers here at all unfortunately, only... American ones.
I put mine on the left, it's annoying scrolling for the menu when someone decides to table-stretch with their posts. Does that answer your question..?
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