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Q:Why can't Michael Jackson eat Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles?
A:Because he's dead.
Wake up. Alone. Cry.

Well, there is a film made after me and all.
Eyes that change colour depending on my mood, if I couldn't have that, probably a deep purple colour.
Windows 7 > Windows XP > *Infinity* > Windows Vista.

I currently have Windows 7 and I haven't had any complications with it at all, that, and it's shinier that Windows XP.
Why must I be cursed with the this colour? As another user described... "dog shit yellow."
Originally posted by Jirachi
Edit: Forgot to show off the quote box, heh...

I finally managed to finish my layout after a long, painful making process. The border was easy enough to code on my own, however I needed an ungodly amount of assistance through the making of the buttons on the right and bottom of this post. (They roll-over and link if you would care to take a look at them.) Regardless of everything, I'm really happy with how it came out and I will be using this for quite some time.

What do you think?
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
What do the scroll buttons do, though? Act like scroll bars if your text is long enough?

They don't, unfortunately. The layout is only capable of stretching as opposed to staying as a fixed size and scrolling like you mentioned. In my original plan for making this layout however, the buttons on the side were as you said, supposed to be scroll bars for long posts - I only realised that that would be impossible until after I made the border itself, so I just kept them for decoration.
Meh... No thank you.
Joined this godforsaken place.
Originally posted by Tom Servo
The color that sucks is bright, bright yellow.

I'd rather a nice yellow than the dogshit-green what I've got going on.
This is my second attempt at trying to leave, I hope it more successful than my first one (only three/four months). I grow evermore tired of this hell hole of a website, I'm sick of wasting my entire life here for a set of people whom I don't care about (and I hope they don't care about me either), and placing my life into something that is spiralling me deeper and deeper into depression. I'm tired of looking on in envy of all those 'successful' hackers, I'm tired of trying to sit here and pretend I fit in, and I'm so sick of certain members here who just appear to be stuck up their own arse until the point were it's not even funny anymore.

Regardless, I'm not going to try and sit here ranting to an audience whom clearly is not interested anymore, and I'll just try forget about my experiences as quickly as possible. I certainly hope this becomes old news within a few minutes, and I certainly hope all you arse-lick members out their are glad of my riddance (oh, how I'd love to read your comments underneath).

I'm just going to stop wasting my time (as I have been doing just actually looking at this website) writing this message, and finally log out of this detestable place of a forum. Fuck you all, and I hope you have a wonderful life dwindling your hours away on here.

See you later.

snn edit: fixed some spelling and grammar so that this post can hopefully be taken more seriously, even though it is simply a cry for help to begin with.
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