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hello everyone,

im making a castle level, where i would like the boss door to count as a midway.
the boss door will lead to a boss fight, and i would like for a death in the boss fight to retry the boss fight and not go back to the midway in the castle level.

i have read multiple messageboard posts on SMW central, and looked at various hacking tutorials on youtube, but tbh, nothing is working :(

i have the retry system patch installed, ive tried editing the retry table to the sublevel of the screen that my door is on (A). ive tried making a midway in the boss fight room, but everytime i die to the boss, it always sends me back to the castle level (101) midway instead of the boss fight (D3)

im sure this is a very noob thing, and is very easy, but i cant wrap my head around specifically what i need to edit


what ive gathered so far is i need to edit the retry_table.asm (with a value of 3) to allow the sublevel screen (A) in level 101 to act as a midway.

the door im wanting to edit is in level 101, on screen exit A.

i would like for this door to take me to level D3, but also allow the retry system to retry in D3 and not go back to level 101 when i die in D3.

im familiar with editing a screen exit to go to another level, that is not the issue. the issue is getting that door entry to act as a checkpoint, and also allow a retry in D3 and not go back to level 101.

im new to SMW rom hacking, and would appreciate as specific instructions as someone could give.
basic things like how to set the screen exits/entrances in LM to work with retry_table and simple steps in LM will be very much appreciated
hey ninja,
thank you for your reply!

yes, i did re-patch after editing the retry_table.

i have a feeling that the retry table is setup correctly to use the sublevel (A) as a multi-checkpoint in the retry patch, but perhaps its the entrance/exit settings in LM that im goofing up.

if the retry_table is setup correctly with the sublevel activated for multi-checkpoint, what is the next step to setup a door in LM?

in LM, am i supposed to set the screen exit (A) in level 101 to exit to D3, or am i supposed to set the screen exit in 101 as a secondary exit to D3 ??
yes i did try starting a new game to test the door, but no dice. it always kicks me back to the castle instead of retrying in the boos fight.

as a last ditch effort, i enabled multi checkpoints in all sublevels (by turning on value 03 for everything) in retry_table, saved the retry_table.asm and re-patched the ROM. but again, the game still retries at the castle stage and not in the boss fight.

ive even tried re-creating what another hack had done to achieve the same thing and it is just not happening :(

while this is discouraging, i am determined to figure this out!


where im at right now

-"use separate settings for midway entrance" is enabled in LM for level 101
-retry_table is multi-checkpoint enabled for all levels
-level 101 has a normal midway/tape at screen 5 with a midway entrance mario sprite standing on the gate (which works as normal)
-level 101 has a door at screen A
-screen A in 101 is set to go to level D3 with a secondary entrance mario sprite on the door
-level D3 has a mario sprite for level entrance
-i have created a new game/save file to test if secondary entrance will retry in D3, but it always brings me back to level 101


thank you for your help so far.
i know this is something simple im overlooking thats holding this back, but i cant figure what that simple step is.

is it the LM level settings/entrance?
could someone who has done this themselves give some insight into how they achieved this ??
hey MFG!

if you mean "where did i enable the multi-checkpoint option in the retry system"? that was editing retry_table.asm and changing the values of the sublevels from $00 to $03. i did this for all levels in the retry_table, but probably only needed to do this for just the 2 levels i was working with. after i edited retry_table, i re-patched with retry.asm.

if you mean "where did i place the door to exit into the boss fight after the regular midway in the main level"? that was in the main level (level 101). i had also tried placing a midway tape in the boss room (D3) but that would always send me back to the midway in the main level, and not the midway placed in D3.

do i need to place a hidden midway on top of the door in the main level?
i was under the impression i could use the door as the midway
heya ninja!

thank you for posting that code!

i have inserted the code you posted into a level that i want an orb to trigger the end credits for, but im having an issue

when i enter that code thru uberasm, it works, BUT it starts the credits right when i enter the level and not when i grab the orb

im sure this is something easy, but my question is
how would i have an orb activate that code? #smrpg{ohno}
Super Chill World -

Hey There,

This is my first kaizo hack, which I made in a couple weeks. This is geared towards the beginner kaizo player, with similar difficulty to Gracie World, Quickie World, & Akogare.

The difficulty is a gradual progression thru the 13 exits, and is beatable in about 12 hours for an experienced player.

Lots of custom music and various ASM patches (fast retry, no HUD, On/Off block) were used for this.
Compliments to all the people who ported the songs!

-Milon Luxy
-Dark Mario Bros
-Gamma V
-Unknown User
-Hooded Edge

Big shout out to everyone on the SMW Central forums for providing a majority of the troubleshooting to complete this. With a special thanks to NinjaBoy!

I hope you enjoy playing it #smrpg{y}
happy bornday, katerpie #smw{:TUP:}
oh wow, having an SMB3 editor whos UI is similar to LM would be incredibly helpful.
ive seen SMB3 Foundry, but this looks way more full featured instead of a level re-arranger that Foundry is.
being able to eventually put in custom NES music, add custom level backgrounds, and add new platform graphics will really bring some new life into SMB3.

very excited to see this editor get fleshed out and released. i cannot wait to see what people make with this!

aww, very cool. zelda classic was one of the first fanmade games i remember really getting into as well.
ive been playing these since purezc was a thing, and was always bummed that armageddon games never made the FF6 engine they were working on.

i love some of these zelda classic quests tho. links birthday DX, hero of dreams, that megaman remake, and the never finished but still most impressive use of zelda classic ive ever seen - Zodiac: Story of the Guardian

im looking forward to playing when it gets released!
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