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20/12/2009 (10)
if everyone has a good C3 it is like a very good entertaining race so that nobody leaves their house
I'm nervous I don't know so much about smw central but I know that I will be able to achieve what you could because they are jeniales
every time i'm going to do something i think i can do well like you and i always like to be happy so the best team wins
you guys are amazing i don't like to brag but you are all fascinating the best team win good night
They are incredible the best teams that they have chosen to have many good days continue doing many good things and that people enjoy them good night
Hi Yesenia, I don't know how to use it, she also wants someone to show me how to do it online in the semicenter and to have more friends in the hemocenter, but I want many words now and well I hope to have many new things here
Amazing those levels they are doing I hope they do more please someday not someday I want my brother Daniel to put them
good morning teams we are here to message, see and listen in smw central good morning
wow amazing could you show me how it was
It is incredible I have not done a competition for a long time but with people who changed the lives of others it will be fantastic
Not bad, I give you a mountain of applause
it's amazing many people in central smw can you imagine you were in central smw personally many people could see