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Hi guys,
the last weeks I worked on a project called "SMW Kaizo World Leaderboard" where I took the data from all Kaizohacks on speedrun com and tried to rank the players in a leaderboard.
The goal of this is to publish this on a well known site (like SMWCentral) in order to get more players to speedrun hacks.

Here is the leaderboard with the explanation of the calculation next to it:

Please let me know what you think of this
Kaizo Kup Invitational 2022!

We, Speedgaming, are happy to announce our first international SMW Kaizo tournament, the Kaizo Kup! We have invited 8 of the best players in the world to compete in Titan Mario by orka_bln at the 17th of April 2022! All games will be streamed live with commentators on Twitch on a channel of Speedgaming. We invite everybody from the SMW community and beyond to watch and hype up this event!


Following players will compete:
- Calco2 (Chile, 4 WRs, Legend)
- CaptainCanuck87 (Canada, 18 WRs)
- chelbird (Germany, 16 WRs)
- Sahd10s (Mexico, 12 WRs)
- Sakaya (Austria, Winner of the last german SMW Kaizo tournament)
- stew_ (USA, 17 WRs)
- TheReaper (Brazil, 15 WRs)
- Wahnthac (USA, 8 WRs)


We will have a simple K.O.-system starting from quarterfinals to finals. Every game will be a best of three. A match is won when a player finishes the hack at least 2 seconds before his opponent. If both players finish the hack in this 2 seconds window, it will be counted as a draw an replayed. The reason for this is to compensate for possible early/late starts/finishes of the timer by the players.
Every match will be timed with Players can also have their own Livesplit Timers on, but the time in will be the official one.

The tournament will be at 17th of April. All games will happen one after another. Starting time will be around 15 GMT, an exact timetable will be discussed with all runners. We try to give everybody the possibility to not start too early/finish too late.
Every match will be broadcasted live on a Twitch channel of Speedgaming with commentators. It will have a similar look as the previous german SMW Kaizo tournaments (see


The current prizepool of the event are 100€ provided by chelbird. If you want to donate something to the prizepool, please join our discord ( and get in touch with our admins.
Commentators, Graphic Designers, Rom Hackers
We search for commentators, graphic designers and Rom hackers for this and future events! If you want to help us out in any way, join our discord ( and get in touch with our admins.


We will be fully transparent about all donations we receive. Up until 1000€, all donations will go directly to the prizepool, for donations beyond that we might consider giving a bit of the money to our helpers (commentators, graphic designers, Rom hackers). If the donor wants to stay anonymous, we will fully respect the wishes and not give information about the donor.


If you want to have the latest news about the event, help us with the event or just have questions about the event, join our discord:
We are happy to see you there!

I hope we will have a great event with exciting matches!
Watch it on starting at 13:30GMT!!!!

there were quite a lot KAizo tournaments in the past months (annual Climb the Tower event, The Kaizo Cup by Kamikaizo, Tim Danger's Shell tourney starts in december, RBMachock held multiple tournaments in the mexican community and my Kaizo Kup event in April and also now in September/October.

We organizers came together and thought, it would be great thing if we had a common location where we could see all the tourneys on one place with all information on it.

As primary SMW site, it would be perfect on SMWCentral. What do you think?
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