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Yesterday, I worked with ExGFX for the first time (I'm just getting started with ROM hacking) and most things went well but one tile wasn't visible, but acts fine. So, obviously the graphic was missing but why only for this one tile? It turns out, that it's the only one with a animation but I still don't know, what I made wrong. I put the graphics into the folder and inserted them to the ROM. Then I chose the files in each slot in the Super GFX Bypass dialog (including AN2). I opened the .map16 file and imported the .pal-file. Did I forgot something? I really need help.
Oh, I didn't know that. Thank you so much!
Do I need a file for this or do I have to do
it manually? Is there a toturial for this in the forum?
Okay, Thank you so much! I was close to giving up and you guys helped me out. Thanks!
So, I'm pretty new at ROM hacking and have a question. I don't need any help or something like this. Recently, I found out that most SM64hacks aren't playable on real console because the tools are older than the SD to N64 adapter thing. Can you play SMW hacks on real SNES? Even if using sampled music? #smw{o_O?}
I still remember my first hack I ever played. It was called ANOTHER MARIO WORLD by StiviBoy (No my username isn't inspired by his) and I didn't even know this was possible I saw screenshots and then tried to play the rar data on my bootleg system #smw{-_-2} (It didn't work). Then like a year later I figgered out what a .rar data is and played the hack. It was great! The hack just changed the levels, the overworld, the title screen (with included gfx) and the credits. But I was really impressed. Good old times...
Oh, okay. Thanks. So, I still have a question. I#m using ZSNES. Is this a problem? Because every other emulator runs kind of slowly. And once I used a Bootleg System (a Retro Arcade which is basically a rasberry with an emulator on it) to play a hack which added like wall jumps and this stuff and it didn't work. Was it because of the inaccuracy of the system?
Hey, I'm just getting started with rom hacking and I've got a super simple question which I couldn't find the answer in the inernet, though. How do you place foregound tiles (I mean fore-fore-ground tiles, so that Mario walks behind just like in the jungle theme the trees.) Do I need to say 'act as ###' or do I have to do any layer 2 stuff or something like this? I really need your help.
Thank you! I know, it's like SUPER basic but I have to learn it if I don't know it. Thank you so much (I love the series your profile is from!)
Okay, Thank you for the tipps!
Thank you, guys for all the tipps!
Hey guys, I need your help (yet again, I'm so sorry).
I'm currently working on a Yoshi's Island styled Level in my SMW hack, so I imported the ExGFX for the foreground and chose the slots. Obviously I want to have a Yoshi's Island styled Background as well, so I downloaded one from SMW CENTRAL, imported it and chose the slot. There are actually no problems with the slots but when importing one of the .pal files either the foreground or the background colors are messed up (not very surprising but still a problem). The foreground uses 5 and the background uses 2 pallets (the background uses two of those five). I could change the pallets, there would be enough (I actually couldn't because I don't know how to copy hole pallets and conservate them so they don't get change from another .pal file) but I don't want to mess up the color of the ?-blocks and the yoshi coins. Is there a way out? #smw{@_@}
I solved the problem. I just manually changed out the pallets, there were enough. (for anyone who has the same problem)
Thanks guys, I learned so much from you, that's awsome.
Hey Guys,
so I'm working on a space themed level and I want to have a low gravity effect like in Super Mario Land 2 for it. But I didn't found any asm patcches for this. I thought there might be a block like thing which I would have to place anywhere an it would push you up but there is none. Now that I think about it, I don't know a single hack with a low gravity level... I really need your help. (I don't want to change it in the hex editor, it is only supposed to be active for a few levels.)
Oh, nice. Thank you so much. I don't know how to use UberASM but I gues I'm going to learn it.
I thought it would be kind of lazy to only change the text in the credits at the end of the game so I decided to change the music. I found a really cool song, replaced the original and inserted the hole thing with AddmusicK. Sadly the song is spliced in two parts and starts playing when Mario and his friends arrive at yoshi's house. I could replace it as well but then there would be a short break and it would start from the beginning. There aren't so many other customizable things for the staff role I know about, so I thought I just put the credits in a auto scroll level (like in Another Super Mario World 2) but I didn't find a ASM patch to skip the credits and trigger an event. Is there a way to? Help! Please!
Hey, so recently I used HDMA gradients for the first time (I used the Effect Tool and inserted the code with the UberASM Tool.) And I'm in love, it looks great. But there is one problem, the gradients dissappear when using the message box. I guess it's using layer 3 or something, so I tried the VWF dialogues patch but it didn't the gradients didn't reappear and I don't want to use the sprite text box because there is a comment saying that it doesn't work with UberASM. Is there any way around this?
Thank you so much! I don't know too much about HDMA and asm and all that stuff, so I couldn't solve this problem myself. Also, I'm using Vanilla messages, I just thought VWF Dialogues could help. So, Thank you so much!
At the end of the level, there is this fade out thing. Is it possible to fix this in a simular way? It's only for a few second so, doesn't matter that much, but would be cool.
Okay, I'll try this. Thank you!
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